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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Krasus-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Allin SynapseKrasus-EU590.0Not updated
2Felor ØmegaKrasus-EU589.2Not updated
3Lucý SynapseKrasus-EU589.1Not updated
4Tyrosine ØmegaKrasus-EU588.4Not updated
5Ulik SynapseKrasus-EU588.2Not updated
6Ytrezar SynapseKrasus-EU587.9Not updated
6Oliwia SynapseKrasus-EU587.9Not updated
6Yeahstyle SynapseKrasus-EU587.9Not updated
9Fëüërfrëï Os FofosKrasus-EU587.6Not updated
9Natsoune ØmegaKrasus-EU587.6Not updated
11Malganor Os FofosKrasus-EU587.5Not updated
12Conän EnÐ Øf LifeKrasus-EU587.2Not updated
12Jeckwecker Os FofosKrasus-EU587.2Not updated
14Narda SynapseKrasus-EU587.1Not updated
14Stéllà ØmegaKrasus-EU587.1Not updated
14Dante SynapseKrasus-EU587.1Not updated
14Zerstö ØmegaKrasus-EU587.1Not updated
14Vyrkung SynapseKrasus-EU587.1Not updated
14Taøisme SynapseKrasus-EU587.1Not updated
20Mîmîc Os FofosKrasus-EU586.8Not updated
20Kilortin SynapseKrasus-EU586.8Not updated
20Minoc Werra of SakinaKrasus-EU586.8Not updated
23Vàliance Werra of SakinaKrasus-EU586.7Not updated
23Voldoroc Os FofosKrasus-EU586.7Not updated
23Nurøphen ArtekÿsKrasus-EU586.7Not updated
23Incauming SynapseKrasus-EU586.7Not updated
23Hïsoka SynapseKrasus-EU586.7Not updated
23Iranùs SynapseKrasus-EU586.7Not updated
23Nokoda Werra of SakinaKrasus-EU586.7Not updated
30Medaemon SynapseKrasus-EU586.6Not updated
31Dounie SynapseKrasus-EU586.4Not updated
32Radoineta ArtekÿsKrasus-EU586.3Not updated
32Shockt SynapseKrasus-EU586.3Not updated
32Smashing SynapseKrasus-EU586.3Not updated
32Unthuwa SynapseKrasus-EU586.3Not updated
32Vany Os FofosKrasus-EU586.3Not updated
37Hïsøka SynapseKrasus-EU585.9Not updated
37Thundera Werra of SakinaKrasus-EU585.9Not updated
39Cizz Werra of SakinaKrasus-EU585.8Not updated
39Darkjill Werra of SakinaKrasus-EU585.8Not updated
39Aioush Divine HopeKrasus-EU585.8Not updated
42Ryuan Os FofosKrasus-EU585.6Not updated
42Chenshiyang Os FofosKrasus-EU585.6Not updated
44Harées Werra of SakinaKrasus-EU585.5Not updated
44Shulshen SynapseKrasus-EU585.5Not updated
44Gaahara SynapseKrasus-EU585.5Not updated
47Llouneya Os FofosKrasus-EU585.3Not updated
48Khaotik Os FofosKrasus-EU585.2Not updated
49Aelendril Os FofosKrasus-EU585.0Not updated
49Multispé ØmegaKrasus-EU585.0Not updated
51Warstaro SynapseKrasus-EU584.9Not updated
51Bouboou ØmegaKrasus-EU584.9Not updated
51Hastaina AngelsKrasus-EU584.9Not updated
54Lebang SynapseKrasus-EU584.8Not updated
54Lalwena Os FofosKrasus-EU584.8Not updated
54Normux ØmegaKrasus-EU584.8Not updated
57Demolon Divine HopeKrasus-EU584.7Not updated
58Clemence ArtekÿsKrasus-EU584.6Not updated
58Ëglantine Werra of SakinaKrasus-EU584.6Not updated
58Hynepsy les maitres du tempsKrasus-EU584.6Not updated
61Rakenor AngelsKrasus-EU584.4Not updated
61Alagand Os FofosKrasus-EU584.4Not updated
63Shteinär Divine HopeKrasus-EU584.3Not updated
64Adaonna Os FofosKrasus-EU584.2Not updated
65Zarkk SynapseKrasus-EU584.1Not updated
65Kaïrïe Os FofosKrasus-EU584.1Not updated
65Billkid Divine HopeKrasus-EU584.1Not updated
68Bachibasar prototypeKrasus-EU583.8Not updated
68Zuhll SynapseKrasus-EU583.8Not updated
70Galaxx ØmegaKrasus-EU583.7Not updated
70Mâlocrane Werra of SakinaKrasus-EU583.7Not updated
70Aléran Os FofosKrasus-EU583.7Not updated
73Panobamixsme SynapseKrasus-EU583.5Not updated
74Ahraquirhee SynapseKrasus-EU583.4Not updated
75Braxx ØmegaKrasus-EU583.3Not updated
76Exomils ArtekÿsKrasus-EU583.2Not updated
76Ïshka ØmegaKrasus-EU583.2Not updated
78Darkzan Werra of SakinaKrasus-EU583.1Not updated
79Îvy Werra of SakinaKrasus-EU582.9Not updated
80Nèmésìs Os FofosKrasus-EU582.8Not updated
80Galared Os FofosKrasus-EU582.8Not updated
80Fugji ØmegaKrasus-EU582.8Not updated
80Fürry ØmegaKrasus-EU582.8Not updated
84Mortisa supernaturalKrasus-EU582.7Not updated
85Epidémïe SynapseKrasus-EU582.5Not updated
85Fiildus Divine HopeKrasus-EU582.5Not updated
85Thôrensen Divine HopeKrasus-EU582.5Not updated
88Drïa Divine HopeKrasus-EU582.4Not updated
88Fynch ØmegaKrasus-EU582.4Not updated
88Gengiskhan SynapseKrasus-EU582.4Not updated
88Lakima feu sacréKrasus-EU582.4Not updated
92Bakukalak  Krasus-EU582.3Not updated
93Charcune The coctedKrasus-EU582.2Not updated
93Lingott SynapseKrasus-EU582.2Not updated
95Callmimaybi Werra of SakinaKrasus-EU582.1Not updated
96Afnör Divine HopeKrasus-EU581.9Not updated
96Océâne Divine HopeKrasus-EU581.9Not updated
98Tinounours Werra of SakinaKrasus-EU581.8Not updated
99Segfault prototypeKrasus-EU581.6Not updated
99Lunaïa ØmegaKrasus-EU581.6Not updated

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