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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Krag'jin-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Chrissek I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU590.2Not updated
2Ângeló I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU588.4Not updated
3Totenkill RøninKrag'jin-EU588.0Not updated
4Lazuri I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU587.5Not updated
4Kitø I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU587.5Not updated
4Hadod roOXxKrag'jin-EU587.5Not updated
7Vîrus roOXxKrag'jin-EU587.1Not updated
8Wolfram roOXxKrag'jin-EU586.9Not updated
9Rìvèn I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU586.8Not updated
10Pellicus I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU586.7Not updated
11Berno I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU586.4Not updated
12Orktus I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU586.3Not updated
12Minimaxine roOXxKrag'jin-EU586.3Not updated
12Legolizz noìrKrag'jin-EU586.3Not updated
12Clarysa noìrKrag'jin-EU586.3Not updated
12Xeryus CarrierKrag'jin-EU586.3Not updated
17Narwi roOXxKrag'jin-EU586.2Not updated
18Tuut I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU585.9Not updated
18Suraija I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU585.9Not updated
18Moonkia I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU585.9Not updated
21Romilly roOXxKrag'jin-EU585.7Not updated
21Vordrak I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU585.7Not updated
23Lunaría roOXxKrag'jin-EU585.6Not updated
24Titya noìrKrag'jin-EU585.4Not updated
24Greyraven The GateKrag'jin-EU585.4Not updated
24Antizombie I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU585.4Not updated
27Clord The GateKrag'jin-EU585.3Not updated
28Diggensäck noìrKrag'jin-EU585.2Not updated
28Shareefah I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU585.2Not updated
28Marjaelle I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU585.2Not updated
31Wendigor The GateKrag'jin-EU585.1Not updated
31Prozombie I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU585.1Not updated
33Kuntá I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU584.6Not updated
34Geilstheiler I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU584.5Not updated
35Bigblue noìrKrag'jin-EU584.4Not updated
35Perjon I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU584.4Not updated
35Caila I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU584.4Not updated
38Tesca noìrKrag'jin-EU584.2Not updated
38Elchkuh noìrKrag'jin-EU584.2Not updated
40Orphi noìrKrag'jin-EU584.1Not updated
40Morticián noìrKrag'jin-EU584.1Not updated
40Takì noìrKrag'jin-EU584.1Not updated
43Smuo noìrKrag'jin-EU584.0Not updated
43Xrem roOXxKrag'jin-EU584.0Not updated
45Mystíque roOXxKrag'jin-EU583.7Not updated
45Chîlly  Krag'jin-EU583.7Not updated
47Cazadoria noìrKrag'jin-EU583.6Not updated
48Triplehxh AchchazuKrag'jin-EU583.4Not updated
49Recklessness roOXxKrag'jin-EU583.3Not updated
49Anduin The GateKrag'jin-EU583.3Not updated
51Kâh roOXxKrag'jin-EU583.2Not updated
51Atair I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU583.2Not updated
53Ðanie noìrKrag'jin-EU583.1Not updated
54Surri The GateKrag'jin-EU582.8Not updated
54Dalore noìrKrag'jin-EU582.8Not updated
54Hugmepls Lôst SoulsKrag'jin-EU582.8Not updated
54Crexar I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU582.8Not updated
58Halodri The GateKrag'jin-EU582.7Not updated
59Dâgon The GateKrag'jin-EU582.4Not updated
60Ménaru noìrKrag'jin-EU582.1Not updated
61Bijb I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU581.9Not updated
61Fumaro noìrKrag'jin-EU581.9Not updated
63Xyle l wRong tuRn lKrag'jin-EU581.7Not updated
64Splendor The GateKrag'jin-EU581.6Not updated
65Har noìrKrag'jin-EU581.5Not updated
66Tharsonius The GateKrag'jin-EU581.4Not updated
67Dunmore noìrKrag'jin-EU581.3Not updated
67Xero RøninKrag'jin-EU581.3Not updated
69Bogota noìrKrag'jin-EU581.1Not updated
70Sraniya Lôst SoulsKrag'jin-EU580.5Not updated
71Scóre I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU580.4Not updated
71Landogar  Krag'jin-EU580.4Not updated
71Falconheart VinyamarKrag'jin-EU580.4Not updated
74Samír Lôst SoulsKrag'jin-EU580.3Not updated
74Dilore noìrKrag'jin-EU580.3Not updated
76Kirell Ex NihiloKrag'jin-EU579.8Not updated
76Skubula VinyamarKrag'jin-EU579.8Not updated
78Isuzú I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU579.5Not updated
79Tzutaka VírusKrag'jin-EU579.1Not updated
80Leli noìrKrag'jin-EU579.0Not updated
81Ghelcer The GateKrag'jin-EU578.9Not updated
81Harrihirsch I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU578.9Not updated
83Kriz The GateKrag'jin-EU578.6Not updated
84Estany BloodInBlootOutKrag'jin-EU578.4Not updated
85Phrixos Lôst SoulsKrag'jin-EU578.1Not updated
86Samuella BloodInBlootOutKrag'jin-EU577.8Not updated
87Deathvamp roOXxKrag'jin-EU577.5Not updated
87Hamsterlos Helden des LichtsKrag'jin-EU577.5Not updated
89Maders I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU577.4Not updated
90Kjaldor Lôst SoulsKrag'jin-EU577.3Not updated
90Zein noìrKrag'jin-EU577.3Not updated
92Gyda roOXxKrag'jin-EU577.2Not updated
92Kenzy noìrKrag'jin-EU577.2Not updated
94Droka The GateKrag'jin-EU577.1Not updated
94Dobbey Blood VengeanceKrag'jin-EU577.1Not updated
94Wêst manus iraeKrag'jin-EU577.1Not updated
94Lemke  Krag'jin-EU577.1Not updated
94Ramonâ  Krag'jin-EU577.1Not updated
99Knirodon  Krag'jin-EU576.9Not updated
100Sodon VinyamarKrag'jin-EU576.8Not updated

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