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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Korialstrasz-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Fortyfirealt Hearts of FIREKorialstrasz-US589.2Not updated
2Gilsham Hearts of FIREKorialstrasz-US588.4Not updated
3Chatma WipeKorialstrasz-US587.5Not updated
3Boramire  Korialstrasz-US587.5Not updated
3Endenwaith Knights of ValorKorialstrasz-US587.5Not updated
6Frostypaws  Korialstrasz-US587.1Not updated
7Evaliaria Hearts of FIREKorialstrasz-US586.4Not updated
8Rouen P A R A M O U N TKorialstrasz-US586.3Not updated
8Venarî  Korialstrasz-US586.3Not updated
10Malimar  Korialstrasz-US586.2Not updated
10Diencecht  Korialstrasz-US586.2Not updated
12Xtc  Korialstrasz-US586.1Not updated
13Imperator Hearts of FIREKorialstrasz-US585.2Not updated
14Mystïque P A R A M O U N TKorialstrasz-US585.0Not updated
14Jarexx Hearts of FIREKorialstrasz-US585.0Not updated
16Vasunova Premature IncinerationKorialstrasz-US584.9Not updated
17Iitroxic  Korialstrasz-US584.7Not updated
18Andriel  Korialstrasz-US584.5Not updated
18Kanael  Korialstrasz-US584.5Not updated
18Asbloodforms  Korialstrasz-US584.5Not updated
21Skribblet  Korialstrasz-US584.1Not updated
22Silvas  Korialstrasz-US583.7Not updated
23Topia Hearts of FIREKorialstrasz-US583.6Not updated
24Eyebris  Korialstrasz-US583.4Not updated
25Lechuga Hearts of FIREKorialstrasz-US583.3Not updated
25Suprskitz  Korialstrasz-US583.3Not updated
25Jozzart Renegades of FunkKorialstrasz-US583.3Not updated
28Tookii  Korialstrasz-US583.2Not updated
29Lockibalboa  Korialstrasz-US582.9Not updated
29Dannelche  Korialstrasz-US582.9Not updated
31Justdoittime  Korialstrasz-US582.8Not updated
32Dwonk WipeKorialstrasz-US582.6Not updated
33Hookshotz Brotherhood of the BunnyKorialstrasz-US582.4Not updated
33Ghanarg Premature IncinerationKorialstrasz-US582.4Not updated
35Chinglan Premature IncinerationKorialstrasz-US582.3Not updated
36Gazooten Hearts of FIREKorialstrasz-US582.1Not updated
37Kirisin Hearts of FIREKorialstrasz-US582.0Not updated
37Spinebreaker  Korialstrasz-US582.0Not updated
39Artvandeley  Korialstrasz-US581.9Not updated
39Agileßeast  Korialstrasz-US581.9Not updated
39Avaraelina Hearts of FIREKorialstrasz-US581.9Not updated
42Groben WipeKorialstrasz-US581.8Not updated
43Trixz  Korialstrasz-US581.7Not updated
44Misdrevius Righteous IndignationKorialstrasz-US581.5Not updated
44Gweneveve  Korialstrasz-US581.5Not updated
44Cygni Hearts of FIREKorialstrasz-US581.5Not updated
47Reija Hearts of FIREKorialstrasz-US581.2Not updated
48Deilinna Midnight ReverenceKorialstrasz-US581.1Not updated
48Mythenoos Righteous IndignationKorialstrasz-US581.1Not updated
48Rorion  Korialstrasz-US581.1Not updated
51Anytimenow P A R A M O U N TKorialstrasz-US581.0Not updated
52Invîctus Hearts of FIREKorialstrasz-US580.8Not updated
52Fynn Righteous IndignationKorialstrasz-US580.8Not updated
54Vaebear Righteous IndignationKorialstrasz-US580.7Not updated
54Aesedai  Korialstrasz-US580.7Not updated
54Mianceden Righteous IndignationKorialstrasz-US580.7Not updated
54Augee Ancient DefendersKorialstrasz-US580.7Not updated
58Alnova Hearts of FIREKorialstrasz-US580.5Not updated
59Brotus Ancient DefendersKorialstrasz-US580.4Not updated
59Måtu  Korialstrasz-US580.4Not updated
61Yevil Premature IncinerationKorialstrasz-US580.3Not updated
62Relaria  Korialstrasz-US580.1Not updated
63Lunatic  Korialstrasz-US580.0Not updated
64Hanlemer RUSTY NAILSKorialstrasz-US579.9Not updated
64Siin Premature IncinerationKorialstrasz-US579.9Not updated
66Icesicle Premature IncinerationKorialstrasz-US579.8Not updated
67Boilingman Hearts of FIREKorialstrasz-US579.7Not updated
67Terri Forces That BeKorialstrasz-US579.7Not updated
69Enfys  Korialstrasz-US579.6Not updated
70Pepelepue Ancient DefendersKorialstrasz-US579.5Not updated
71Evlshaman Ancient DefendersKorialstrasz-US579.4Not updated
71Progmere P A R A M O U N TKorialstrasz-US579.4Not updated
71Avelandea Premature IncinerationKorialstrasz-US579.4Not updated
74Beeitchh Premature IncinerationKorialstrasz-US579.3Not updated
75Atimekiller P A R A M O U N TKorialstrasz-US579.1Not updated
75Elementrees Ancient DefendersKorialstrasz-US579.1Not updated
75Beetlejuices ShatteredKorialstrasz-US579.1Not updated
75Koloii Righteous IndignationKorialstrasz-US579.1Not updated
79Derpburgler Premature IncinerationKorialstrasz-US579.0Not updated
80Bloodscent  Korialstrasz-US578.9Not updated
80Evanderia Hearts of FIREKorialstrasz-US578.9Not updated
80Litharian Hearts of FIREKorialstrasz-US578.9Not updated
83Allfalldown Hearts of FIREKorialstrasz-US578.6Not updated
84Phillygoat Ancient DefendersKorialstrasz-US578.5Not updated
84Sparxz  Korialstrasz-US578.5Not updated
86Bashal Guild InterruptedKorialstrasz-US578.3Not updated
87Thanatoss  Korialstrasz-US578.2Not updated
87Catform  Korialstrasz-US578.2Not updated
87Schnaps Rockstarz RebornKorialstrasz-US578.2Not updated
90Yojrn Ancient DefendersKorialstrasz-US578.1Not updated
90Rikiriki Righteous IndignationKorialstrasz-US578.1Not updated
90Picc Righteous IndignationKorialstrasz-US578.1Not updated
93Shavara P A R A M O U N TKorialstrasz-US578.0Not updated
94Fuzzykitten Hearts of FIREKorialstrasz-US577.9Not updated
94Julietastar Righteous IndignationKorialstrasz-US577.9Not updated
96Drpepperz Guild InterruptedKorialstrasz-US577.6Not updated
96Lumlums Balkan WarlordsKorialstrasz-US577.6Not updated
98Killumall Rockstarz RebornKorialstrasz-US577.5Not updated
98Ætherling Premature IncinerationKorialstrasz-US577.5Not updated
98Tawneestone Ancient DefendersKorialstrasz-US577.5Not updated

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