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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Korgath-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Ringtone Vox RadixKorgath-US593.4Not updated
2Willyho efeXKorgath-US590.4Not updated
3Spatans RuinKorgath-US590.2Not updated
4Burkessa War EnsembleKorgath-US590.0Not updated
4Fatkid DreadKorgath-US590.0Not updated
4Namix NightwatchKorgath-US590.0Not updated
7Worgen DreadKorgath-US589.9Not updated
8Aximand Draconic SavantKorgath-US589.8Not updated
9Machinegun Dark LegionKorgath-US589.6Not updated
10Lalluna Nox OriensKorgath-US589.5Not updated
10Nastyshammy AfterLifeKorgath-US589.5Not updated
12Megamangarr RuinKorgath-US589.4Not updated
13Xuien Re LapseKorgath-US589.2Not updated
14Bêtenoire  Korgath-US589.1Not updated
14Gfson ConvictionKorgath-US589.1Not updated
14Sakuura Nox OriensKorgath-US589.1Not updated
14Teneb ImpetusKorgath-US589.1Not updated
14Opidey Goldshire GangstersKorgath-US589.1Not updated
19Execute Vox RadixKorgath-US589.0Not updated
19Natoz Draconic SavantKorgath-US589.0Not updated
21Egregarian PrejudiceKorgath-US588.8Not updated
21Dan efeXKorgath-US588.8Not updated
21Valorie efeXKorgath-US588.8Not updated
21Moondel DreadKorgath-US588.8Not updated
21Rainukun ConvictionKorgath-US588.8Not updated
21Kibmonk ImpetusKorgath-US588.8Not updated
21Halo AbsoluteKorgath-US588.8Not updated
21Klondykke WiredKorgath-US588.8Not updated
21Mastasunday WiredKorgath-US588.8Not updated
21Pandice LightKorgath-US588.8Not updated
31Zzephyr efeXKorgath-US588.7Not updated
31Niflheimrr Nox OriensKorgath-US588.7Not updated
33Välmordas RuinKorgath-US588.6Not updated
33Fuski Draconic SavantKorgath-US588.6Not updated
33Mitsukei Draconic SavantKorgath-US588.6Not updated
36Berith LightKorgath-US588.4Not updated
36Lavaalamp ConvictionKorgath-US588.4Not updated
36Btmanin War EnsembleKorgath-US588.4Not updated
36Erioz DreadKorgath-US588.4Not updated
36Uegoo Goldshire GangstersKorgath-US588.4Not updated
36Llamo NightwatchKorgath-US588.4Not updated
36Tolstyj LightKorgath-US588.4Not updated
36Shear Re LapseKorgath-US588.4Not updated
44Lincks Re LapseKorgath-US588.3Not updated
44Jester efeXKorgath-US588.3Not updated
44Anabell efeXKorgath-US588.3Not updated
44Laureli Nox OriensKorgath-US588.3Not updated
44Gòthik Nox OriensKorgath-US588.3Not updated
44Silvía RuinKorgath-US588.3Not updated
44Fënnëc Nox OriensKorgath-US588.3Not updated
44Fishfood efeXKorgath-US588.3Not updated
44Shriekmaw Vox RadixKorgath-US588.3Not updated
53Doíb Vox RadixKorgath-US588.2Not updated
53Woag Vox RadixKorgath-US588.2Not updated
53Ciraxis efeXKorgath-US588.2Not updated
53Tremn ConvictionKorgath-US588.2Not updated
53Merciful DidacticKorgath-US588.2Not updated
53Hasted ConvictionKorgath-US588.2Not updated
53Bromicide DreadKorgath-US588.2Not updated
60Pazazz efeXKorgath-US588.0Not updated
60Fajitá ReparationsKorgath-US588.0Not updated
60Nady LightKorgath-US588.0Not updated
60Ludowick War EnsembleKorgath-US588.0Not updated
60ßlinkz WiredKorgath-US588.0Not updated
65Elsi Vox RadixKorgath-US587.9Not updated
65Bumbuhclot AstrictusKorgath-US587.9Not updated
65Glïtterstorm Vox RadixKorgath-US587.9Not updated
65Kagemarou Vox RadixKorgath-US587.9Not updated
65Hermìone Vox RadixKorgath-US587.9Not updated
65Rias  Korgath-US587.9Not updated
65Narc Draconic SavantKorgath-US587.9Not updated
65Eleonas Draconic SavantKorgath-US587.9Not updated
65Dööm Draconic SavantKorgath-US587.9Not updated
65Blackstabath efeXKorgath-US587.9Not updated
65Freezetrap Vox RadixKorgath-US587.9Not updated
65Aryeo efeXKorgath-US587.9Not updated
65Catiline Draconic SavantKorgath-US587.9Not updated
65Aid DreadKorgath-US587.9Not updated
65Vipergrip ConvictionKorgath-US587.9Not updated
65Gnomeburt DreadKorgath-US587.9Not updated
65Zellybear efeXKorgath-US587.9Not updated
65Hato AfterLifeKorgath-US587.9Not updated
65Raphaêl  Korgath-US587.9Not updated
65Doggit Nox OriensKorgath-US587.9Not updated
65Cheese War EnsembleKorgath-US587.9Not updated
65Innovation efeXKorgath-US587.9Not updated
65Raphael ImpetusKorgath-US587.9Not updated
65Gameova RuinKorgath-US587.9Not updated
65Zyvix Nox OriensKorgath-US587.9Not updated
65Grègor WiredKorgath-US587.9Not updated
65Kibofosho ImpetusKorgath-US587.9Not updated
65Bawk Draconic SavantKorgath-US587.9Not updated
65Pràystàtion Draconic SavantKorgath-US587.9Not updated
65Scârface DreadKorgath-US587.9Not updated
95Pheres ConvictionKorgath-US587.8Not updated
96Logue Group AKorgath-US587.6Not updated
96Tenebrae WorldstarKorgath-US587.6Not updated
96Goosetracker LightKorgath-US587.6Not updated
96Phonii Re LapseKorgath-US587.6Not updated
96Jiyen Re LapseKorgath-US587.6Not updated

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