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Kirin Tor-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Olos Arcanis ObscurantisKirin Tor-EU589.1
2Valtà One Leap To HeavenKirin Tor-EU589.0
3Asthenie Arcanis ObscurantisKirin Tor-EU588.6
4Manamana One Leap To HeavenKirin Tor-EU588.3
4Pîwïe One Leap To HeavenKirin Tor-EU588.3
4Lawshot One Leap To HeavenKirin Tor-EU588.3
4Tørbak One Leap To HeavenKirin Tor-EU588.3
4Wîsk One Leap To HeavenKirin Tor-EU588.3
9Vinceleouf One Leap To HeavenKirin Tor-EU588.2
9Lyw One Leap To HeavenKirin Tor-EU588.2
9Nâmnah One Leap To HeavenKirin Tor-EU588.2
12Anatariel EpsilonKirin Tor-EU587.9
12Årctic One Leap To HeavenKirin Tor-EU587.9
14Zérathis One Leap To HeavenKirin Tor-EU587.6
15Mistah One Leap To HeavenKirin Tor-EU587.5
16Mynt One Leap To HeavenKirin Tor-EU587.3
16Veyre EpsilonKirin Tor-EU587.3
16Scroogle EpsilonKirin Tor-EU587.3
19Janemba BerserkersKirin Tor-EU587.1
19Gulfric KwAKirin Tor-EU587.1
19Kiweex One Leap To HeavenKirin Tor-EU587.1
22Tëmëh One Leap To HeavenKirin Tor-EU586.9
23Crowlan EpsilonKirin Tor-EU586.8
23Yue Arcanis ObscurantisKirin Tor-EU586.8
23Zärkan Arcanis ObscurantisKirin Tor-EU586.8
23Aurkann EpsilonKirin Tor-EU586.8
23Esuna Arcanis ObscurantisKirin Tor-EU586.8
28Mãyã BerserkersKirin Tor-EU586.7
28Nhøs BerserkersKirin Tor-EU586.7
30Slïmane One Leap To HeavenKirin Tor-EU586.6
30Ifagwe Arcanis ObscurantisKirin Tor-EU586.6
32Haydèn EpsilonKirin Tor-EU586.5
32Thoukik EpsilonKirin Tor-EU586.5
34Amanoob One Leap To HeavenKirin Tor-EU586.4
34Wyrime EpsilonKirin Tor-EU586.4
36Argantyr KwAKirin Tor-EU586.3
36Mikhaila KwAKirin Tor-EU586.3
36Galarum Heroes of the HordeKirin Tor-EU586.3
36Hériale EpsilonKirin Tor-EU586.3
40Fangdo Arcanis ObscurantisKirin Tor-EU586.2
40Morteris One Leap To HeavenKirin Tor-EU586.2
42Kerra EpsilonKirin Tor-EU586.1
42Fendrir EpsilonKirin Tor-EU586.1
42Drix Arcanis ObscurantisKirin Tor-EU586.1
45Uhjn Arcanis ObscurantisKirin Tor-EU585.9
45Fitzraven NemoriaKirin Tor-EU585.9
45Iwan EpsilonKirin Tor-EU585.9
45Belephèbe EpsilonKirin Tor-EU585.9
45Fùfü EpsilonKirin Tor-EU585.9
50Khÿrà One Leap To HeavenKirin Tor-EU585.8
50Satguiel BerserkersKirin Tor-EU585.8
50Lyushan Arcanis ObscurantisKirin Tor-EU585.8
53Yanhua Heaven DreamKirin Tor-EU585.7
53Rejswka One Leap To HeavenKirin Tor-EU585.7
53Fraiseßanane KwAKirin Tor-EU585.7
56Diviniana EpsilonKirin Tor-EU585.5
56Elhana Arcanis ObscurantisKirin Tor-EU585.5
58Neobz One Leap To HeavenKirin Tor-EU585.4
58Grrîmm KwAKirin Tor-EU585.4
58Aalbah KwAKirin Tor-EU585.4
61Helldz KwAKirin Tor-EU585.1
61Kâmille EpsilonKirin Tor-EU585.1
61Admajorem AscensionKirin Tor-EU585.1
64Vadoria EpsilonKirin Tor-EU585.0
64Avendil EpsilonKirin Tor-EU585.0
66Dunkelzhan Heroes of the HordeKirin Tor-EU584.9
66Alïyah EpsilonKirin Tor-EU584.9
66Zavos ParadøxeKirin Tor-EU584.9
66Elenddra EpsilonKirin Tor-EU584.9
66Tshah The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU584.9
71Angrön Heaven DreamKirin Tor-EU584.8
71Mià BerserkersKirin Tor-EU584.8
73Pàpÿ RushKirin Tor-EU584.7
74Ulthu InsanisKirin Tor-EU584.6
75Shizukya KwAKirin Tor-EU584.5
75Æýó KwAKirin Tor-EU584.5
75Alcapawn  Kirin Tor-EU584.5
75Dreamnitro EpsilonKirin Tor-EU584.5
79Ludnaa One Leap To HeavenKirin Tor-EU584.4
79Xavazion RushKirin Tor-EU584.4
79Farsane KwAKirin Tor-EU584.4
79Tylem Heaven DreamKirin Tor-EU584.4
83Gorjy KwAKirin Tor-EU584.3
83Kelevra Arcanis ObscurantisKirin Tor-EU584.3
83Hansaplastus Arcanis ObscurantisKirin Tor-EU584.3
83Caøba ParadøxeKirin Tor-EU584.3
87Dénerya Arcanis ObscurantisKirin Tor-EU584.2
87Katharios RushKirin Tor-EU584.2
87Naestran OxymoreKirin Tor-EU584.2
90Bicou RushKirin Tor-EU584.1
90Lyreth KwAKirin Tor-EU584.1
90Pallinà KwAKirin Tor-EU584.1
90Námnah One Leap To HeavenKirin Tor-EU584.1
94Pamaz ParadøxeKirin Tor-EU584.0
95Khyrä One Leap To HeavenKirin Tor-EU583.9
96Iglou One Leap To HeavenKirin Tor-EU583.8
96Tylïa Heaven DreamKirin Tor-EU583.8
98Bütcher ParadøxeKirin Tor-EU583.7
98Zântetsuken One Leap To HeavenKirin Tor-EU583.7
98Bàmako KwAKirin Tor-EU583.7

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