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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Kirin Tor-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Nuraa DoomsdayKirin Tor-US588.3
2Devet MissunderstoodKirin Tor-US587.9
3Omadon The Order of VengeånceKirin Tor-US587.6
4Deathbysushi MissunderstoodKirin Tor-US587.2
5Xantia Dealt With ItKirin Tor-US587.1
6Cazeril DoomsdayKirin Tor-US586.8
6Bearaena Dealt With ItKirin Tor-US586.8Not updated
6Frôstbite Darkness WithinKirin Tor-US586.8
9Puntardlier MissunderstoodKirin Tor-US586.7
10Zerah MissunderstoodKirin Tor-US586.4
11Osuzu MissunderstoodKirin Tor-US586.2
11Syrennissa MissunderstoodKirin Tor-US586.2
13Cykrus Dealt With ItKirin Tor-US586.0
14Tabitha Dealt With ItKirin Tor-US585.9
14Weevah MissunderstoodKirin Tor-US585.9
16Diffuse DoomsdayKirin Tor-US585.6
16Bodilok The Order of VengeånceKirin Tor-US585.6
16Missfit MissunderstoodKirin Tor-US585.6
16Hassasin The Order of VengeånceKirin Tor-US585.6
20Hellxhound  Kirin Tor-US585.5Not updated
21Ndel MissunderstoodKirin Tor-US585.4
21Paramourne DoomsdayKirin Tor-US585.4
21Gadberry MissunderstoodKirin Tor-US585.4
24Etheliel Dealt With ItKirin Tor-US585.2
24Misshap MissunderstoodKirin Tor-US585.2
26Gutless Flames of SalvationKirin Tor-US585.1
26Vaalkia DoomsdayKirin Tor-US585.1
28Kulvair Firehammer ClanKirin Tor-US585.0
29Anzu DoomsdayKirin Tor-US584.8
29Gryllus DoomsdayKirin Tor-US584.8
29Haikaru MissunderstoodKirin Tor-US584.8
29Gee DoomsdayKirin Tor-US584.8
33Omnious Dealt With ItKirin Tor-US584.6
33Calipto Dealt With ItKirin Tor-US584.6
33Vederah MissunderstoodKirin Tor-US584.6
36Keifralex MissunderstoodKirin Tor-US584.5
36Swain Flames of SalvationKirin Tor-US584.5Not updated
38Tsuneki DoomsdayKirin Tor-US584.4
38Gular Lost TwilightKirin Tor-US584.4
38Sapu Firehammer ClanKirin Tor-US584.4
41Kongfupanda Dealt With ItKirin Tor-US584.3
42Tsulong Dealt With ItKirin Tor-US584.2
42Juggalorydah UMFKirin Tor-US584.2Not updated
42Foopy MissunderstoodKirin Tor-US584.2
45Ravikadosh Flames of SalvationKirin Tor-US584.1Not updated
45Acteon DoomsdayKirin Tor-US584.1
45Monoxboogie Firehammer ClanKirin Tor-US584.1
45Renacer MissunderstoodKirin Tor-US584.1
45Foopie MissunderstoodKirin Tor-US584.1
45Homshabom The Order of VengeånceKirin Tor-US584.1
51Sakuráchan The Order of VengeånceKirin Tor-US584.0
52Bordisho TBSGKirin Tor-US583.9
53Mychelle DoomsdayKirin Tor-US583.8
54Khari Lost TwilightKirin Tor-US583.7
54Zulrea TBSGKirin Tor-US583.7
54Elementalist MissunderstoodKirin Tor-US583.7
54Gorathdark Lost TwilightKirin Tor-US583.7
54Mumrit DoomsdayKirin Tor-US583.7
59Marthelois Lost TwilightKirin Tor-US583.6
59Hellreiser MissunderstoodKirin Tor-US583.6
61Moonglory Lost TwilightKirin Tor-US583.3
62Ultrus Malfurions RaidersKirin Tor-US583.2
62Shivea MissunderstoodKirin Tor-US583.2
64Silverlock Lost TwilightKirin Tor-US583.0
65Sayöri Flames of SalvationKirin Tor-US582.9
65Christìan Alpha ImperiaKirin Tor-US582.9
67Kungpao DoomsdayKirin Tor-US582.8
68Yowl TBSGKirin Tor-US582.7
68Jesslynn DoomsdayKirin Tor-US582.7
68Trelane UnbrokenKirin Tor-US582.7Not updated
68Moondan Lost TwilightKirin Tor-US582.7
72Ticktacktick Firehammer ClanKirin Tor-US582.5
72Knìghthound DoomsdayKirin Tor-US582.5
74Sixsigma DoomsdayKirin Tor-US582.4
74Nylsaar Dealt With ItKirin Tor-US582.4
74Aoeina Dealt With ItKirin Tor-US582.4
74Rulo DoomsdayKirin Tor-US582.4
78Parthenos  Kirin Tor-US582.3
79Mistakin Flames of SalvationKirin Tor-US582.2Not updated
80Frostydope  Kirin Tor-US582.1Not updated
81Goblit TBSGKirin Tor-US582.0
81Blackeiy Searing ShadowsKirin Tor-US582.0
81Disaevio Alpha ImperiaKirin Tor-US582.0
81Kenastrasza TBSGKirin Tor-US582.0
85Kamn Flames of SalvationKirin Tor-US581.7Not updated
86Zentran Flames of SalvationKirin Tor-US581.6Not updated
86Pivets TBSGKirin Tor-US581.6
86Gurnie No Trauma HereKirin Tor-US581.6Not updated
86Drlightwell Flames of SalvationKirin Tor-US581.6Not updated
86Dradeth  Kirin Tor-US581.6Not updated
86Baiine TBSGKirin Tor-US581.6
86Silveraura Lost TwilightKirin Tor-US581.6
86Archimango Firehammer ClanKirin Tor-US581.6
94Rahken DoomsdayKirin Tor-US581.5
94Fathr Firehammer ClanKirin Tor-US581.5
94Valseer TBSGKirin Tor-US581.5
94Zentropa Flames of SalvationKirin Tor-US581.5Not updated
98Manxome Lost TwilightKirin Tor-US581.2
98Birdo Flames of SalvationKirin Tor-US581.2Not updated
98Pandemicc Flames of SalvationKirin Tor-US581.2Not updated

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