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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Kil'jaeden-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Mâriâ FinitasKil'jaeden-EU589.2Not updated
2Ziyal StrandstürmerKil'jaeden-EU588.4
2Kubax Arven en AskeKil'jaeden-EU588.4
4Yinxa FinitasKil'jaeden-EU588.0Not updated
5Zorgoth Deprived ChildrenKil'jaeden-EU587.9Not updated
6Leftor FinitasKil'jaeden-EU587.6Not updated
7Ianeel StrandstürmerKil'jaeden-EU587.5
7Ithilvorniel Arven en AskeKil'jaeden-EU587.5
9Atomreaktor Arven en AskeKil'jaeden-EU587.2
9Erster Arven en AskeKil'jaeden-EU587.2
11Yablyabl Arven en AskeKil'jaeden-EU587.1
12Amariane FinitasKil'jaeden-EU586.8Not updated
12Quêênx FinitasKil'jaeden-EU586.8
14Milek FinitasKil'jaeden-EU586.7Not updated
14Mazè FinitasKil'jaeden-EU586.7Not updated
14Sunshîne Arven en AskeKil'jaeden-EU586.7
14Eldion FinitasKil'jaeden-EU586.7Not updated
18Tallynus FinitasKil'jaeden-EU586.4Not updated
19Winterherz Arven en AskeKil'jaeden-EU586.2
20Byali FinitasKil'jaeden-EU586.1
21Peritatas FinitasKil'jaeden-EU586.0Not updated
22Snü Arven en AskeKil'jaeden-EU585.9
22Börti FinitasKil'jaeden-EU585.9Not updated
24Aileen FinitasKil'jaeden-EU585.8Not updated
25Prinçe FinitasKil'jaeden-EU585.5Not updated
25Modin FinitasKil'jaeden-EU585.5Not updated
27Ktina Arven en AskeKil'jaeden-EU585.4
28Ithãx FourTwentyKil'jaeden-EU585.2Not updated
28Aremion StrandstürmerKil'jaeden-EU585.2
28Oaramis Arven en AskeKil'jaeden-EU585.2
31Noreka FinitasKil'jaeden-EU585.1Not updated
32Bartornado  Kil'jaeden-EU585.0Not updated
32Inday CrusadersKil'jaeden-EU585.0Not updated
32Erato  Kil'jaeden-EU585.0Not updated
35Tenta StrandstürmerKil'jaeden-EU584.9
36Bürtrutan StrandstürmerKil'jaeden-EU584.8
37Manta Arven en AskeKil'jaeden-EU584.7
37Myrabelle FinitasKil'jaeden-EU584.7Not updated
37Junichi PlainCrazyKil'jaeden-EU584.7Not updated
40Stellâ Arven en AskeKil'jaeden-EU584.6
40Drhomie StrandstürmerKil'jaeden-EU584.6
40Omsok InvictaKil'jaeden-EU584.6
43Obessa PfannkuchenKil'jaeden-EU584.4
43Vipi European Hell SquadKil'jaeden-EU584.4
43Methodenmann StrandstürmerKil'jaeden-EU584.4
46Taleira FinitasKil'jaeden-EU584.2
47Egá Arven en AskeKil'jaeden-EU584.1
48Kicco InvictaKil'jaeden-EU583.7Not updated
49Zalariel FinitasKil'jaeden-EU583.4Not updated
50Shivi Swords of FireKil'jaeden-EU583.3
50Reiya  Kil'jaeden-EU583.3Not updated
52Tidús Swords of FireKil'jaeden-EU583.2
52Wiscôsi InvictaKil'jaeden-EU583.2Not updated
52Bonebraker Raven FeatherKil'jaeden-EU583.2
55Madraso Krieger des TiwazKil'jaeden-EU583.1
56Taskana Arven en AskeKil'jaeden-EU582.9
56Aspiration FinitasKil'jaeden-EU582.9
56Manuva Swords of FireKil'jaeden-EU582.9
59Tanè StrandstürmerKil'jaeden-EU582.8
60Tildang Swords of FireKil'jaeden-EU582.5
60Powerofdoom Elimination of ErrorKil'jaeden-EU582.5
62Critbamtot A Dying WishKil'jaeden-EU582.4Not updated
62Newagatoo Elimination of ErrorKil'jaeden-EU582.4Not updated
62Rasgun European Hell SquadKil'jaeden-EU582.4
62Avengær A Dying WishKil'jaeden-EU582.4Not updated
66Slyther CalimieroKil'jaeden-EU582.3Not updated
67Lanayu FinitasKil'jaeden-EU582.2Not updated
68Lorley Arven en AskeKil'jaeden-EU582.0
68Aspi FinitasKil'jaeden-EU582.0
70Sérial PlainCrazyKil'jaeden-EU581.9Not updated
71Atlaua StrandstürmerKil'jaeden-EU581.7
71Skizzler Devil InsideKil'jaeden-EU581.7Not updated
71Tova Swords of FireKil'jaeden-EU581.7
74Goldspatz FinitasKil'jaeden-EU581.6
74Jojomonia FinitasKil'jaeden-EU581.6Not updated
76Ajune Arven en AskeKil'jaeden-EU581.5Not updated
77Lulin Silver LegionKil'jaeden-EU581.4
78Lydîa A Dying WishKil'jaeden-EU581.2
78Stamata DIE BRUTKil'jaeden-EU581.2Not updated
80Lellih DIE BRUTKil'jaeden-EU581.1
80Mjôllnir Swords of FireKil'jaeden-EU581.1
80Glamien Raven FeatherKil'jaeden-EU581.1
80Chírogue Swords of FireKil'jaeden-EU581.1
80Kaida DrachentanzKil'jaeden-EU581.1
85Azusâ Arven en AskeKil'jaeden-EU580.9
86Bussi The Dark Side Of ToastKil'jaeden-EU580.8Not updated
87Tanyankâ Elimination of ErrorKil'jaeden-EU580.7Not updated
87Tonnìx Arven en AskeKil'jaeden-EU580.7
87Haerry Elimination of ErrorKil'jaeden-EU580.7Not updated
90Besiktas FinitasKil'jaeden-EU580.6Not updated
91Chûckýy StrandstürmerKil'jaeden-EU580.5
92Miriá Swords of FireKil'jaeden-EU580.3
92Katü Devil InsideKil'jaeden-EU580.3Not updated
94Sólaris StrandstürmerKil'jaeden-EU580.2
95Iledia Arven en AskeKil'jaeden-EU580.0
96Hulkmoor DIE BRUTKil'jaeden-EU579.8Not updated
97Fellrakete Swords of FireKil'jaeden-EU579.7
97Malyna European Hell SquadKil'jaeden-EU579.7
97Seryna Arven en AskeKil'jaeden-EU579.7
100Bêko DiVerseKil'jaeden-EU579.6Not updated

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