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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Khadgar-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Notsoglorius Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US589.1Not updated
2Ktang SunderedKhadgar-US588.8Not updated
3Naqi Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US588.6Not updated
3Kirbynator Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US588.6Not updated
5Snapping Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US588.4Not updated
5Peilke Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US588.4Not updated
7Selina Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US588.0Not updated
7Zaedra SunderedKhadgar-US588.0Not updated
9Archer Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US587.9Not updated
9Eratub Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US587.9Not updated
9Geraith RemnantKhadgar-US587.9Not updated
9Gonzo Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US587.9Not updated
9Rozgrez Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US587.9Not updated
9Essex Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US587.9Not updated
15Pallyssan Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US587.6Not updated
16Theocles Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US587.5Not updated
16Paikona Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US587.5Not updated
16Paikon Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US587.5Not updated
16Bahuk Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US587.5Not updated
16Captjaneway Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US587.5Not updated
21Cutezac Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US587.1Not updated
21Shukaku RemnantKhadgar-US587.1Not updated
21Fettena ApatheiaKhadgar-US587.1Not updated
21Noon Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US587.1Not updated
21Durtymando Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US587.1Not updated
26Rend Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US586.8Not updated
27Rngenius Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US586.7Not updated
27Raspberry Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US586.7Not updated
29shuji Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US586.5Not updated
30Eratard Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US586.3Not updated
31Edelydia FatalKhadgar-US586.2Not updated
32Disengaged HavocKhadgar-US586.1Not updated
33Houdiny HavocKhadgar-US586.0Not updated
34Jaxen HavocKhadgar-US585.9Not updated
34Aliborat HavocKhadgar-US585.9Not updated
34Kiil HavocKhadgar-US585.9Not updated
34Trull HavocKhadgar-US585.9Not updated
38Fuzzlessly Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US585.5Not updated
38Fuzzles Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US585.5Not updated
38Zexexe RemnantKhadgar-US585.5Not updated
41Ormar HavocKhadgar-US585.4Not updated
42Mallowfluff ApatheiaKhadgar-US585.2Not updated
42Lokkan SunderedKhadgar-US585.2Not updated
44Mizumi ApatheiaKhadgar-US585.1Not updated
45Windstone RemnantKhadgar-US585.0Not updated
45Snoutimus HavocKhadgar-US585.0Not updated
47Lymbo VisceralKhadgar-US584.8Not updated
48Atreeyu RemnantKhadgar-US584.6Not updated
49Totemtots RemnantKhadgar-US584.5Not updated
49Zoobee  Khadgar-US584.5Not updated
51Ragano FallenKhadgar-US584.4Not updated
52Deatharrow SunderedKhadgar-US584.3Not updated
53Itsibitsyvix StormwrathKhadgar-US584.2Not updated
53Sodirty Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US584.2Not updated
55Liebe Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US584.1Not updated
55Tanzinite Age of ReasonKhadgar-US584.1Not updated
55Kirbb SunderedKhadgar-US584.1Not updated
58Vetta RemnantKhadgar-US584.0Not updated
58Velamon FallenKhadgar-US584.0Not updated
58Cathrissia Age of ReasonKhadgar-US584.0Not updated
61Rngesus Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US583.9Not updated
62Fireflyte Age of ReasonKhadgar-US583.7Not updated
62Azuremoon StormwrathKhadgar-US583.7Not updated
62Iskrå Age of ReasonKhadgar-US583.7Not updated
62Zutar SunderedKhadgar-US583.7Not updated
66Rngspot Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US583.6Not updated
66Moomama FallenKhadgar-US583.6Not updated
68Rexboy DrakkenKhadgar-US583.3Not updated
68Lornegreene StormwrathKhadgar-US583.3Not updated
68Orelia FallenKhadgar-US583.3Not updated
71Racte RemnantKhadgar-US583.2Not updated
71Ballaecis VisceralKhadgar-US583.2Not updated
71Tweetz StormwrathKhadgar-US583.2Not updated
71Cortinos StormwrathKhadgar-US583.2Not updated
75Glorfindël BG Death DealersKhadgar-US583.1Not updated
76Keiraknight StormwrathKhadgar-US582.9Not updated
77Childplease SunderedKhadgar-US582.8Not updated
77Sunbringër Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US582.8Not updated
77Raah FallenKhadgar-US582.8Not updated
77Mana ApatheiaKhadgar-US582.8Not updated
77Naqii Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US582.8Not updated
82Scarna HavocKhadgar-US582.5Not updated
83Invìsy Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US582.4Not updated
84Unktwo BG Death DealersKhadgar-US582.3Not updated
84Naqqii Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US582.3Not updated
86Ruthless RemnantKhadgar-US582.1Not updated
86Mithorium Age of ReasonKhadgar-US582.1Not updated
88Sheynah SunderedKhadgar-US582.0Not updated
88Kirbster SunderedKhadgar-US582.0Not updated
90Darrtael RemnantKhadgar-US581.9Not updated
90Fatheals FallenKhadgar-US581.9Not updated
92Shroomi RemnantKhadgar-US581.8Not updated
92Riesenstern Age of ReasonKhadgar-US581.8Not updated
94Elwood HavocKhadgar-US581.7Not updated
94Kaotic  Khadgar-US581.7Not updated
94Bertette VisceralKhadgar-US581.7Not updated
97Breezha Age of ReasonKhadgar-US581.6Not updated
97Joriana Age of ReasonKhadgar-US581.6Not updated
99Illidine  Khadgar-US581.5Not updated
99Seifeir House StarkKhadgar-US581.5Not updated

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