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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Kazzak-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Dexsan EnvyKazzak-EU593.8Not updated
2Dex  Kazzak-EU592.0Not updated
3Antinator AmbuscadeKazzak-EU591.5Not updated
4Visc Last ResortKazzak-EU591.2Not updated
5Idu AmbuscadeKazzak-EU591.1Not updated
6Divaih Mayhem ControlKazzak-EU591.0Not updated
7Ynr DuloKazzak-EU590.8Not updated
7Onevision PerceptionKazzak-EU590.8Not updated
9Aventpopx FangKazzak-EU590.7Not updated
10Rasuid PendulumKazzak-EU590.4Not updated
10Gizzlyy PwnanzaKazzak-EU590.4Not updated
12Dezlak House of PrideKazzak-EU590.2Not updated
12Ganthak  Kazzak-EU590.2Not updated
14Ursok Santa MariaKazzak-EU590.0Not updated
14Dârk House of PrideKazzak-EU590.0Not updated
14Maretulol SPARKSKazzak-EU590.0Not updated
17Mioneechan EnvyKazzak-EU589.9Not updated
17Mcfliber VanguardKazzak-EU589.9Not updated
17Lisp Rock Paper ScissorsKazzak-EU589.9Not updated
20Greph  Kazzak-EU589.8Not updated
20Mcown VanguardKazzak-EU589.8Not updated
20Feyd PwnanzaKazzak-EU589.8Not updated
20Devraj FangKazzak-EU589.8Not updated
20Millennium EcologyKazzak-EU589.8Not updated
20Bluoom Norrlands GuldKazzak-EU589.8Not updated
20Zoyt CerebralKazzak-EU589.8Not updated
27Sariss CerebralKazzak-EU589.6Not updated
27Tikq EcologyKazzak-EU589.6Not updated
27Catbury HibilityKazzak-EU589.6Not updated
30Zeronie Santa MariaKazzak-EU589.5Not updated
30Dendran  Kazzak-EU589.5Not updated
30Drekaern Once AgainKazzak-EU589.5Not updated
30Mïthrill PendulumKazzak-EU589.5Not updated
30Lethria All BlueKazzak-EU589.5Not updated
30Élashaman  Kazzak-EU589.5Not updated
30Calarnus CerebralKazzak-EU589.5Not updated
30Kritaenfemma Last ResortKazzak-EU589.5Not updated
30Bobbyperu PwnanzaKazzak-EU589.5Not updated
39Moozw VanguardKazzak-EU589.4Not updated
39Slidd PerceptionKazzak-EU589.4Not updated
39Pawcikmkii EcologyKazzak-EU589.4Not updated
39Tready SPARKSKazzak-EU589.4Not updated
43Môngo CerebralKazzak-EU589.3Not updated
44Shibb  Kazzak-EU589.2Not updated
44Hillstorm Burning TriangleKazzak-EU589.2Not updated
44Magroseh Last ResortKazzak-EU589.2Not updated
44Shadowblast R e v o l u t i o nKazzak-EU589.2Not updated
44Trinsaa Perfect Circle EUKazzak-EU589.2Not updated
44Paladiom XeonKazzak-EU589.2Not updated
44Corruptéd NeSKazzak-EU589.2Not updated
44Archfrenzy Progress DeniedKazzak-EU589.2Not updated
44Pingpriest EnvyKazzak-EU589.2Not updated
44Praada Bandit LoungeKazzak-EU589.2Not updated
44Zubejda CoalescenceKazzak-EU589.2Not updated
44Tuttí PerceptionKazzak-EU589.2Not updated
56Kungfufala XeonKazzak-EU589.1Not updated
56Herpington ApexKazzak-EU589.1Not updated
56Galandra  Kazzak-EU589.1Not updated
56Miufire SPARKSKazzak-EU589.1Not updated
56Pingwing EnvyKazzak-EU589.1Not updated
56Gontier VanguardKazzak-EU589.1Not updated
56Fnxyolo  Kazzak-EU589.1Not updated
56Bachio Order of SargerasKazzak-EU589.1Not updated
56Zeroniexo Santa MariaKazzak-EU589.1Not updated
56Traumuots Juoda BaltaKazzak-EU589.1Not updated
56Aristocat EnvyKazzak-EU589.1Not updated
56Azril PwnanzaKazzak-EU589.1Not updated
56Frostblight Order of SargerasKazzak-EU589.1Not updated
69Enuck vargflockenKazzak-EU589.0Not updated
69Deepack Last ResortKazzak-EU589.0Not updated
69Eveny EnvyKazzak-EU589.0Not updated
69Dragilion VanguardKazzak-EU589.0Not updated
69Smîrk  Kazzak-EU589.0Not updated
69Quickzorous CerebralKazzak-EU589.0Not updated
69Bexak Perfect Circle EUKazzak-EU589.0Not updated
69Arzanot VanguardKazzak-EU589.0Not updated
69Bashaan FangKazzak-EU589.0Not updated
69Joeydemaio PendulumKazzak-EU589.0Not updated
69Zachsmash EcologyKazzak-EU589.0Not updated
69Destroyêr Minions of MithrilKazzak-EU589.0Not updated
69Wrexit VanguardKazzak-EU589.0Not updated
69Mctank VanguardKazzak-EU589.0Not updated
69Lifire SPARKSKazzak-EU589.0Not updated
69Hogger FangKazzak-EU589.0Not updated
69Brunsh FangKazzak-EU589.0Not updated
69Raídén PwnanzaKazzak-EU589.0Not updated
69Dunderz PwnanzaKazzak-EU589.0Not updated
69Thygor  Kazzak-EU589.0Not updated
89Nowish  Kazzak-EU588.9Not updated
89Dexpal EnvyKazzak-EU588.9Not updated
91Pnks The ForsakenKazzak-EU588.8Not updated
91Tazingó Progress DeniedKazzak-EU588.8Not updated
91Gullden CerebralKazzak-EU588.8Not updated
91Crabby CerebralKazzak-EU588.8Not updated
91Corruption VanguardKazzak-EU588.8Not updated
91Cybergreen Mental InsanityKazzak-EU588.8Not updated
91Takleef Panda ExpressKazzak-EU588.8Not updated
91Døõm DREAM VaraminKazzak-EU588.8Not updated
91Sleya Mental InsanityKazzak-EU588.8Not updated
91Loki EnvyKazzak-EU588.8Not updated

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