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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Kargath-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Katrienne InsurrectionKargath-US589.5Not updated
2Phormzy Fatal UnionKargath-US589.4Not updated
3Shizza BloodswornKargath-US589.2Not updated
4Cliftonix System FailureKargath-US588.8Not updated
4Silvara InsurrectionKargath-US588.8Not updated
4Key BloodswornKargath-US588.8Not updated
7Threetrees Shadow and LightKargath-US588.4Not updated
8Alps System FailureKargath-US588.0Not updated
8Clambag Shadow and LightKargath-US588.0Not updated
8Babamarin Collateral DamageKargath-US588.0Not updated
8Athalus BloodswornKargath-US588.0Not updated
8Crummock Shadow and LightKargath-US588.0Not updated
8Modnarii Tears of VengeanceKargath-US588.0Not updated
14Siccarius Electric SheepKargath-US587.9Not updated
15Sáz System FailureKargath-US587.6Not updated
15Myrthedara Shadow and LightKargath-US587.6Not updated
15Dredknot Shadow and LightKargath-US587.6Not updated
18Demick Electric SheepKargath-US587.5Not updated
18Sgtmercy InsurrectionKargath-US587.5Not updated
18Michello Shadow and LightKargath-US587.5Not updated
18Taoshen TBTKargath-US587.5Not updated
18Fourqto InsurrectionKargath-US587.5Not updated
23Triggershamy Shadow and LightKargath-US587.2Not updated
24Cheezburger Fatal UnionKargath-US587.1Not updated
24Sindar InsurrectionKargath-US587.1Not updated
24Mugruith InsurrectionKargath-US587.1Not updated
24Archetype Fatal UnionKargath-US587.1Not updated
24Darkfookinu Electric SheepKargath-US587.1Not updated
24Aero InsurrectionKargath-US587.1Not updated
24Bonesjackson Fatal UnionKargath-US587.1Not updated
24Dibbler Electric SheepKargath-US587.1Not updated
24Ihba Shadow and LightKargath-US587.1Not updated
33Dnulso BloodswornKargath-US586.9Not updated
34Woaden Electric SheepKargath-US586.8Not updated
34Alphaz Shadow and LightKargath-US586.8Not updated
34Subxyero InsurrectionKargath-US586.8Not updated
34Waymar Electric SheepKargath-US586.8Not updated
34Ethrundil Electric SheepKargath-US586.8Not updated
34Medok TBTKargath-US586.8Not updated
34Kholi BloodswornKargath-US586.8Not updated
41Kuze BloodswornKargath-US586.7Not updated
41Danny Fatal UnionKargath-US586.7Not updated
41Taesuck InsurrectionKargath-US586.7Not updated
41Armestice InsurrectionKargath-US586.7Not updated
41Dekkaar Wolf Pack of OneKargath-US586.7Not updated
41Soloh Shadow and LightKargath-US586.7Not updated
41Khelso AntithesisKargath-US586.7Not updated
41Adelynne System FailureKargath-US586.7Not updated
41Shaffer Electric SheepKargath-US586.7Not updated
50Dinosaur Fatal UnionKargath-US586.4Not updated
50Ellorìa Fatal UnionKargath-US586.4Not updated
50Solou Shadow and LightKargath-US586.4Not updated
50Carir Fatal UnionKargath-US586.4Not updated
50Dexxor ElectrotunedKargath-US586.4Not updated
50Wrathidius BloodswornKargath-US586.4Not updated
50Silentdawn InsurrectionKargath-US586.4Not updated
57Phiona System FailureKargath-US586.3Not updated
57Akorah Electric SheepKargath-US586.3Not updated
57Invoked Shadow and LightKargath-US586.3Not updated
57Triggerpalsy Shadow and LightKargath-US586.3Not updated
57Sicwiz System FailureKargath-US586.3Not updated
57Yrazuul Electric SheepKargath-US586.3Not updated
63Malmfu System FailureKargath-US586.0Not updated
63Ndianagnomes Shadow and LightKargath-US586.0Not updated
63Blyrmasia Shadow and LightKargath-US586.0Not updated
63Tritus Shadow and LightKargath-US586.0Not updated
63Watch Fatal UnionKargath-US586.0Not updated
63Shadowsbane Electric SheepKargath-US586.0Not updated
63Lockcher Shadow and LightKargath-US586.0Not updated
63Enchantrix Electric SheepKargath-US586.0Not updated
71Nefairius InsurrectionKargath-US585.9Not updated
71Beteljuice Corruptors of InnocenceKargath-US585.9Not updated
71Schriko That GuildKargath-US585.9Not updated
71Sawako ElectrotunedKargath-US585.9Not updated
71Kandra Shadow and LightKargath-US585.9Not updated
71Coolskyy Electric SheepKargath-US585.9Not updated
71Triggerlock Shadow and LightKargath-US585.9Not updated
71Demonlight Shadow and LightKargath-US585.9Not updated
71Stickfigure That GuildKargath-US585.9Not updated
80Voltâge System FailureKargath-US585.6Not updated
80Gënious System FailureKargath-US585.6Not updated
80Megathrawn BloodswornKargath-US585.6Not updated
83Intrigue Electric SheepKargath-US585.5Not updated
83Malvenue TBTKargath-US585.5Not updated
83Clandbrown Fatal UnionKargath-US585.5Not updated
83Shipoopy  Kargath-US585.5Not updated
87Forgez InsurrectionKargath-US585.4Not updated
87Gratimus That GuildKargath-US585.4Not updated
87Cursedrage ElectrotunedKargath-US585.4Not updated
90Brightblayde InsurrectionKargath-US585.3Not updated
91Aquos InsurrectionKargath-US585.2Not updated
91Dårkside ElectrotunedKargath-US585.2Not updated
91Sanctity Shadow and LightKargath-US585.2Not updated
91Thin Fatal UnionKargath-US585.2Not updated
91Shanthi That GuildKargath-US585.2Not updated
96Aprilmoon BloodswornKargath-US585.1Not updated
96Konji BloodswornKargath-US585.1Not updated
96Munificence System FailureKargath-US585.1Not updated
96Pelisse System FailureKargath-US585.1Not updated
100Infections System FailureKargath-US585.0Not updated

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