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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Jaedenar-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Tom Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU590.8
2Shárkie ClaymoreJaedenar-EU589.8Not updated
3Dolte ClaymoreJaedenar-EU588.6Not updated
4Dharia Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU588.3
5Orcmeal Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU588.2
5Earthbind ClaymoreJaedenar-EU588.2
7Lungi ClaymoreJaedenar-EU588.0Not updated
8Sharentic ClaymoreJaedenar-EU587.5Not updated
8Noobee ClaymoreJaedenar-EU587.5Not updated
8Kilroyz Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU587.5
8Tippy ClaymoreJaedenar-EU587.5Not updated
8Myrela ClaymoreJaedenar-EU587.5Not updated
8Theuntamed ClaymoreJaedenar-EU587.5Not updated
8Reptilik ClaymoreJaedenar-EU587.5Not updated
15Slobberwolf Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU587.2
16Azgarat Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU587.1
16Annatar Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU587.1
16Askade ClaymoreJaedenar-EU587.1Not updated
16Zarubi ClaymoreJaedenar-EU587.1Not updated
16Moridin ClaymoreJaedenar-EU587.1Not updated
16Kananxx Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU587.1
22Haidin ClaymoreJaedenar-EU586.8Not updated
23Gumi ClaymoreJaedenar-EU586.7Not updated
23Sáya ClaymoreJaedenar-EU586.7Not updated
25Reapu Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU586.6
26Johnylock ClaymoreJaedenar-EU586.4Not updated
26Dziadzia Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU586.4
26Smelldamagic ClaymoreJaedenar-EU586.4Not updated
29Magition ClaymoreJaedenar-EU586.3Not updated
29Lungí ClaymoreJaedenar-EU586.3Not updated
31Huntzyou Do you even bankJaedenar-EU586.2
32Ramox Guild of RamoxJaedenar-EU586.0
32Dramaqûeen ClaymoreJaedenar-EU586.0Not updated
32Sackyz ClaymoreJaedenar-EU586.0Not updated
35Zengir Guild of RamoxJaedenar-EU585.9
35Boboit ClaymoreJaedenar-EU585.9Not updated
37Liisä Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU585.8
38Dahlie Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU585.6
38Coctails Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU585.6
40Ramoxis Guild of RamoxJaedenar-EU585.5
41Sinestraza  Jaedenar-EU585.3Not updated
42Zugzug Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU585.2
42Panderoo Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU585.2
44Donkeyman ClaymoreJaedenar-EU585.0Not updated
45Bloodwraith DeathchargeJaedenar-EU584.9Not updated
46Ireapu Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU584.8
47Ellie ProfoundJaedenar-EU584.4
48Thermalt Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU584.2Not updated
49Kaliss  Jaedenar-EU584.1Not updated
50Martialart ProfoundJaedenar-EU583.9
51Entropi ClaymoreJaedenar-EU583.8Not updated
52Oesta ClaymoreJaedenar-EU583.7Not updated
52Flyttkartong Guild of RamoxJaedenar-EU583.7
54Maztor ClaymoreJaedenar-EU583.4Not updated
55Béwbz Guild of RamoxJaedenar-EU583.1
55Xflame ClaymoreJaedenar-EU583.1Not updated
57Sacrificed ClaymoreJaedenar-EU583.0Not updated
58Adhaara Collateral DamageJaedenar-EU582.9Not updated
59Kathaarian Guild of RamoxJaedenar-EU582.7
60Taaylorswift Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU582.5
60Vyxe BladeJaedenar-EU582.5Not updated
62Zíppo ClaymoreJaedenar-EU582.4Not updated
62Patapoliisi ClaymoreJaedenar-EU582.4Not updated
64Willferal ClaymoreJaedenar-EU582.3Not updated
65Ðarkuses ClaymoreJaedenar-EU582.1Not updated
66Intregal ClaymoreJaedenar-EU582.0Not updated
66Pipakos Guild of RamoxJaedenar-EU582.0
66Rínah ClaymoreJaedenar-EU582.0Not updated
66Soulswap Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU582.0Not updated
70Ðragøñslâÿêr Guild of RamoxJaedenar-EU581.9
71Dinolove ClaymoreJaedenar-EU581.8Not updated
72Yozury Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU581.6Not updated
72Shamiga Collateral DamageJaedenar-EU581.6Not updated
74Dotfearbye Last BastionJaedenar-EU581.5Not updated
75Sadasless ClaymoreJaedenar-EU581.1Not updated
75Kontorslampa Collateral DamageJaedenar-EU581.1Not updated
77Joxe ClaymoreJaedenar-EU581.0Not updated
78Sevcon ClaymoreJaedenar-EU580.9Not updated
79Merelycrazy ClaymoreJaedenar-EU580.8Not updated
79Exrad Disciples of HonorJaedenar-EU580.8Not updated
81Youhan ClaymoreJaedenar-EU580.6Not updated
82Ofdoom ClaymoreJaedenar-EU580.3Not updated
82Sherass Collateral DamageJaedenar-EU580.3Not updated
82Frôstie ClaymoreJaedenar-EU580.3Not updated
82Stigjuan Guild of RamoxJaedenar-EU580.3
86Klix Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU580.2Not updated
86Mogush ClaymoreJaedenar-EU580.2Not updated
86Fifita Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU580.2Not updated
89Bigchill DeathchargeJaedenar-EU580.1Not updated
90Lizzo ClaymoreJaedenar-EU580.0Not updated
91Dreamgreen Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU579.5Not updated
92Muxxerz Guild of RamoxJaedenar-EU579.2Not updated
93Linamaja Norrlands GuldJaedenar-EU579.1
94Krisiun Guild of RamoxJaedenar-EU579.0
95Golrok ClaymoreJaedenar-EU578.9Not updated
96Soptunna Guild of RamoxJaedenar-EU578.7
97Lux Guild of RamoxJaedenar-EU578.6
98Algra Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU578.5Not updated
98Sliqué Guild of RamoxJaedenar-EU578.5
100Ricious FullmoonJaedenar-EU578.0Not updated

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