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Illidan-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Acidskeets Topped OffIllidan-US589.5
2Zenlogic Topped OffIllidan-US589.0
3Tracerzz Topped OffIllidan-US588.6
4Rorlor Topped OffIllidan-US588.3
5Caleb Topped OffIllidan-US588.2
5Vertexx Topped OffIllidan-US588.2
5Coachmcguirk Topped OffIllidan-US588.2
5Hunger Topped OffIllidan-US588.2
9Fatowlberrt Topped OffIllidan-US587.9
9Xephyr Topped OffIllidan-US587.9
9Window Topped OffIllidan-US587.9
9Thorlok Topped OffIllidan-US587.9
9Angers Topped OffIllidan-US587.9
14Steeldrago Topped OffIllidan-US587.5
14Karnyge Topped OffIllidan-US587.5
14Trickzy Topped OffIllidan-US587.5
14Krodac Topped OffIllidan-US587.5
14Lipah Topped OffIllidan-US587.5
19Lilloom Topped OffIllidan-US587.4
20Durantye Topped OffIllidan-US587.1
21Crispier Topped OffIllidan-US586.8
21Fethullah Topped OffIllidan-US586.8
23Coachmcgurk Topped OffIllidan-US586.7
24Iceblazeit Topped OffIllidan-US586.4
25Tracerz Topped OffIllidan-US586.0
26Nimisha Topped OffIllidan-US585.9
27Bicepius Topped OffIllidan-US585.5
27Furi Topped OffIllidan-US585.5
27Sploshh Topped OffIllidan-US585.5
30Adamtasia Topped OffIllidan-US585.4
31Fossil Topped OffIllidan-US585.3
32Mia Topped OffIllidan-US585.1
33Edbighead Topped OffIllidan-US584.7
34Gwub Topped OffIllidan-US584.4
35Titans Topped OffIllidan-US584.3Not updated
36Ntanewmethod Topped OffIllidan-US583.8
37Thoroko Topped OffIllidan-US583.6
38Protichi Topped OffIllidan-US583.1
39Sokuu Topped OffIllidan-US582.6
40Spiicie Topped OffIllidan-US582.5
41Cheebe Topped OffIllidan-US582.3
42Tidez Topped OffIllidan-US582.2
43Asterixx Topped OffIllidan-US581.8
44Untz Topped OffIllidan-US581.6
45Asterixxjr Topped OffIllidan-US581.4
46Carmament Topped OffIllidan-US580.8
47Psychopath Topped OffIllidan-US580.6
48Sergyy Topped OffIllidan-US580.4
49Gurmick Topped OffIllidan-US580.1
50Saracens Topped OffIllidan-US579.5
50Bigdtracerz Topped OffIllidan-US579.5
52Brotex Topped OffIllidan-US578.9
53Protege Topped OffIllidan-US578.6
54Dmob Topped OffIllidan-US578.2
55Roxy Topped OffIllidan-US578.1
56Kaylub Topped OffIllidan-US577.8
57Leepa Topped OffIllidan-US577.5
58Datboww Topped OffIllidan-US577.3Not updated
59Loomiz Topped OffIllidan-US577.2
60Ranmachan Topped OffIllidan-US577.0
61Steeleclipse Topped OffIllidan-US576.9
61Bradwesley Topped OffIllidan-US576.9
63Icefordring Topped OffIllidan-US576.4
64Zäeon Topped OffIllidan-US576.3
65Tathamet Topped OffIllidan-US575.6Not updated
66Doglogs Topped OffIllidan-US575.1
67Crodac Topped OffIllidan-US574.7
68Brodak Topped OffIllidan-US574.3
68Scratlantis Topped OffIllidan-US574.3
70Razlopp Topped OffIllidan-US574.2
70Sergylee Topped OffIllidan-US574.2
72Görthall Topped OffIllidan-US574.1
73Floberl Topped OffIllidan-US573.6Not updated
74Icepunchy Topped OffIllidan-US573.1
75Ghawndar Topped OffIllidan-US572.8
76Datsergy Topped OffIllidan-US572.7
76Cronlee Topped OffIllidan-US572.7
78Fethshaman Topped OffIllidan-US572.5Not updated
78Asterixzz Topped OffIllidan-US572.5Not updated
80Nottracerz Topped OffIllidan-US572.4
81Bearlyfamous Topped OffIllidan-US572.1
82Tidesduh Topped OffIllidan-US571.6Not updated
83Grimäldus Topped OffIllidan-US571.4
84Gliggles Topped OffIllidan-US571.2
85Zytona Topped OffIllidan-US570.6
86Skye Topped OffIllidan-US570.0
87Blizzinator Topped OffIllidan-US569.6
88Triation Topped OffIllidan-US569.3
89Flobert Topped OffIllidan-US569.1Not updated
90Mis Topped OffIllidan-US568.8Not updated
91Sarakenoi Topped OffIllidan-US568.5Not updated
92Shouki Topped OffIllidan-US568.3
92Sequencez Topped OffIllidan-US568.3
94Nordrethel Topped OffIllidan-US568.2
95Juiceyjay Topped OffIllidan-US567.7
96Adlumz Topped OffIllidan-US567.2
97Gilzeg Topped OffIllidan-US566.9
97Adrasteìus Topped OffIllidan-US566.9
99Trapstâr Topped OffIllidan-US565.6Not updated
100Epixx Topped OffIllidan-US564.7

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