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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Illidan-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Cruelslayer Shake MiracleIllidan-US590.4Not updated
2Velenthas Shake MiracleIllidan-US590.0Not updated
2Paytorez Shake MiracleIllidan-US590.0Not updated
4Syblade Shake MiracleIllidan-US589.2Not updated
5Sagermette Shake MiracleIllidan-US589.0Not updated
5Rringgo Shake MiracleIllidan-US589.0Not updated
7Doflamingoll Shake MiracleIllidan-US588.3Not updated
8Yaphy Shake MiracleIllidan-US588.2Not updated
8Starfãll Shake MiracleIllidan-US588.2Not updated
10Eclairqian Shake MiracleIllidan-US587.9Not updated
10Lyc Shake MiracleIllidan-US587.9Not updated
10Moscorpion Shake MiracleIllidan-US587.9Not updated
10Shamansama Shake MiracleIllidan-US587.9Not updated
14Hanbaoo Shake MiracleIllidan-US587.5Not updated
14Bosstony Shake MiracleIllidan-US587.5Not updated
14Grumpydom Shake MiracleIllidan-US587.5Not updated
14Zombieshark Shake MiracleIllidan-US587.5Not updated
14Bauch Shake MiracleIllidan-US587.5Not updated
14Sinzal Shake MiracleIllidan-US587.5Not updated
14Eton Shake MiracleIllidan-US587.5Not updated
14Jierry Shake MiracleIllidan-US587.5Not updated
22Yidefuren Shake MiracleIllidan-US587.2Not updated
23Pandaelement Shake MiracleIllidan-US587.1Not updated
23Deadlyxbruce Shake MiracleIllidan-US587.1Not updated
23Tuteng Shake MiracleIllidan-US587.1Not updated
23Warbringeir Shake MiracleIllidan-US587.1Not updated
23Tomokawaii Shake MiracleIllidan-US587.1Not updated
28Yuisama Shake MiracleIllidan-US586.8Not updated
28Kiminzhu Shake MiracleIllidan-US586.8Not updated
28Dafuc Shake MiracleIllidan-US586.8Not updated
28Majestyz Shake MiracleIllidan-US586.8Not updated
28Nighwish Shake MiracleIllidan-US586.8Not updated
28Hunzi Shake MiracleIllidan-US586.8Not updated
28Cuteseventh Shake MiracleIllidan-US586.8Not updated
28Camolin Shake MiracleIllidan-US586.8Not updated
36Waallee Shake MiracleIllidan-US586.7Not updated
36Lancelottian Shake MiracleIllidan-US586.7Not updated
36Keguaji Shake MiracleIllidan-US586.7Not updated
36Tanktony Shake MiracleIllidan-US586.7Not updated
36Huangyaoshi Shake MiracleIllidan-US586.7Not updated
41Hotdotgg Shake MiracleIllidan-US586.4Not updated
41Jbanana Shake MiracleIllidan-US586.4Not updated
41Missxiaoyi Shake MiracleIllidan-US586.4Not updated
41Gabzz Shake MiracleIllidan-US586.4Not updated
41Majestyb Shake MiracleIllidan-US586.4Not updated
41Lucistalker Shake MiracleIllidan-US586.4Not updated
41Caramelapple Shake MiracleIllidan-US586.4Not updated
48Inthebox Shake MiracleIllidan-US586.3Not updated
48Toporfeed Shake MiracleIllidan-US586.3Not updated
50Deedar Shake MiracleIllidan-US586.1Not updated
50Vryne Shake MiracleIllidan-US586.1Not updated
52Aqualotus Shake MiracleIllidan-US586.0Not updated
52Marsenrage Shake MiracleIllidan-US586.0Not updated
52Solashadowy Shake MiracleIllidan-US586.0Not updated
55Xautohunter Shake MiracleIllidan-US585.9Not updated
55Limeiyan Shake MiracleIllidan-US585.9Not updated
55Insanness Shake MiracleIllidan-US585.9Not updated
55Kennethology Shake MiracleIllidan-US585.9Not updated
59Tiancizhang Shake MiracleIllidan-US585.7Not updated
59Xiaonainiur Shake MiracleIllidan-US585.7Not updated
61Vspanda Shake MiracleIllidan-US585.6Not updated
61Timeforbrick Shake MiracleIllidan-US585.6Not updated
61Cecillian Shake MiracleIllidan-US585.6Not updated
61Chaoxige Shake MiracleIllidan-US585.6Not updated
61Labizei Shake MiracleIllidan-US585.6Not updated
61Ryeon Shake MiracleIllidan-US585.6Not updated
61Richardys Shake MiracleIllidan-US585.6Not updated
68Majestyy Shake MiracleIllidan-US585.5Not updated
68Shingcy Shake MiracleIllidan-US585.5Not updated
68Kruthdang Shake MiracleIllidan-US585.5Not updated
68Nalake Shake MiracleIllidan-US585.5Not updated
68Yserawhisper Shake MiracleIllidan-US585.5Not updated
68 Shake MiracleIllidan-US585.5Not updated
68Shê Shake MiracleIllidan-US585.5Not updated
68Nlinii Shake MiracleIllidan-US585.5Not updated
76Deepmumu Shake MiracleIllidan-US585.4Not updated
76Nooblastwish Shake MiracleIllidan-US585.4Not updated
78Ookamikun Shake MiracleIllidan-US585.3Not updated
79Mthui Shake MiracleIllidan-US585.2Not updated
79Weskeralbert Shake MiracleIllidan-US585.2Not updated
79Doflamingoxx Shake MiracleIllidan-US585.2Not updated
82Pmwl Shake MiracleIllidan-US585.1Not updated
82Kepaitang Shake MiracleIllidan-US585.1Not updated
84Tirerqian Shake MiracleIllidan-US585.0Not updated
84Tutuz Shake MiracleIllidan-US585.0Not updated
86Allyors Shake MiracleIllidan-US584.9Not updated
86Bombingcy Shake MiracleIllidan-US584.9Not updated
86Didiào Shake MiracleIllidan-US584.9Not updated
86Catalysiz Shake MiracleIllidan-US584.9Not updated
90Xiaobarco Shake MiracleIllidan-US584.8Not updated
90Alindalol Shake MiracleIllidan-US584.8Not updated
90Heart Shake MiracleIllidan-US584.8Not updated
93Yisia Shake MiracleIllidan-US584.7Not updated
94Cutejhpanda Shake MiracleIllidan-US584.6Not updated
95Dreamreapper Shake MiracleIllidan-US584.5Not updated
96Leoydezei Shake MiracleIllidan-US584.4Not updated
97Pandacaster Shake MiracleIllidan-US584.3Not updated
97Micaca Shake MiracleIllidan-US584.3Not updated
99Donnieslam Shake MiracleIllidan-US584.2Not updated
99Secretlove Shake MiracleIllidan-US584.2Not updated

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