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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Illidan-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Mcchiken TimelessIllidan-EU590.8Not updated
2Yokuroh KaminaIllidan-EU589.9Not updated
3Thyroll Ad Vitam ÆternamIllidan-EU589.2Not updated
4Locktael KaminaIllidan-EU588.8Not updated
4Kïssmiss HadésIllidan-EU588.8Not updated
6Pingmoolee  Illidan-EU588.5Not updated
7Eldrasyl Frozen TearsIllidan-EU588.4Not updated
8Earwëndil Die AntwoordIllidan-EU588.3Not updated
9Evilgorath Ad Vitam ÆternamIllidan-EU588.2Not updated
9Lhoki  Illidan-EU588.2Not updated
11Azpifine TimelessIllidan-EU588.0Not updated
11Báthory KaminaIllidan-EU588.0Not updated
11Gotruks TimelessIllidan-EU588.0Not updated
11Mäcaria KaminaIllidan-EU588.0Not updated
11Närko KaminaIllidan-EU588.0Not updated
16Rosvield TimelessIllidan-EU587.9Not updated
16Obyann Frozen TearsIllidan-EU587.9Not updated
16Packy KaminaIllidan-EU587.9Not updated
19Oself antichambreIllidan-EU587.6Not updated
19Cybella ExtaZeIllidan-EU587.6Not updated
21Arahar TimelessIllidan-EU587.5Not updated
21Dulðcken antichambreIllidan-EU587.5Not updated
23Patdefruix Ad Vitam ÆternamIllidan-EU587.2Not updated
23Injari TimelessIllidan-EU587.2Not updated
23Xhùmìlsì Psykø FøundatiønIllidan-EU587.2Not updated
23Mitsû Frozen TearsIllidan-EU587.2Not updated
27Natyx Frozen TearsIllidan-EU587.1Not updated
27Alénä TimelessIllidan-EU587.1Not updated
27karcas TimelessIllidan-EU587.1Not updated
27Vanadis BlowIllidan-EU587.1Not updated
27Psykokwette Frozen TearsIllidan-EU587.1Not updated
27Elinallé Frozen TearsIllidan-EU587.1Not updated
27Roguestar TimelessIllidan-EU587.1Not updated
34Érénou HadésIllidan-EU586.9Not updated
35Sylih HadésIllidan-EU586.8Not updated
35Azrogam TimelessIllidan-EU586.8Not updated
35Dîøude TimelessIllidan-EU586.8Not updated
35Ghostundead Les Petits ScarabéesIllidan-EU586.8Not updated
39Lineas antichambreIllidan-EU586.7Not updated
39Baldraq Frozen TearsIllidan-EU586.7Not updated
39Gerreg Psykø FøundatiønIllidan-EU586.7Not updated
39Zenevieva Psykø FøundatiønIllidan-EU586.7Not updated
39Tïlàa Frozen TearsIllidan-EU586.7Not updated
39Évii Ad Vitam ÆternamIllidan-EU586.7Not updated
39Spamunetouch antichambreIllidan-EU586.7Not updated
39Åesherino TimelessIllidan-EU586.7Not updated
47Gromga Frozen TearsIllidan-EU586.5Not updated
48Thrillgard Les Petits ScarabéesIllidan-EU586.4Not updated
48Iselya BlowIllidan-EU586.4Not updated
48Gærkh Psykø FøundatiønIllidan-EU586.4Not updated
48Kàthy antichambreIllidan-EU586.4Not updated
52Slýxz HadésIllidan-EU586.3Not updated
52Àmen Ad Vitam ÆternamIllidan-EU586.3Not updated
52Ayàel Bad ClownIllidan-EU586.3Not updated
52Erwurg KaminaIllidan-EU586.3Not updated
52Khaldrå Frozen TearsIllidan-EU586.3Not updated
52Desca Ad Vitam ÆternamIllidan-EU586.3Not updated
58Misstik Die AntwoordIllidan-EU586.2Not updated
58Anamisk KaminaIllidan-EU586.2Not updated
60Fäel Frozen TearsIllidan-EU586.0Not updated
60Parkmetre KaminaIllidan-EU586.0Not updated
60Alrach Frozen TearsIllidan-EU586.0Not updated
60Crøss antichambreIllidan-EU586.0Not updated
60Kaaminou ExtaZeIllidan-EU586.0Not updated
60Aalcoolix antichambreIllidan-EU586.0Not updated
60Thélen We love catsIllidan-EU586.0Not updated
60Arivia KaminaIllidan-EU586.0Not updated
60Nixma Frozen TearsIllidan-EU586.0Not updated
69Pistâchette KaminaIllidan-EU585.9Not updated
69Narom Frozen TearsIllidan-EU585.9Not updated
69Aklass Psykø FøundatiønIllidan-EU585.9Not updated
69Nohíme InTenebrisIllidan-EU585.9Not updated
73Akamarü Bad ClownIllidan-EU585.8Not updated
74Brîareøs Ad Vitam ÆternamIllidan-EU585.6Not updated
74Araleen Frozen TearsIllidan-EU585.6Not updated
74Elhinã KaminaIllidan-EU585.6Not updated
74Killdemsong antichambreIllidan-EU585.6Not updated
74Åsap do not disturbIllidan-EU585.6Not updated
74Darkorben Psykø FøundatiønIllidan-EU585.6Not updated
74Xoid KaminaIllidan-EU585.6Not updated
74Olowainn Psykø FøundatiønIllidan-EU585.6Not updated
82Rayes KaminaIllidan-EU585.5Not updated
82Orkyn Frozen TearsIllidan-EU585.5Not updated
82Mignar HadésIllidan-EU585.5Not updated
82Lünedomiel Frozen TearsIllidan-EU585.5Not updated
86Danineko kickbackIllidan-EU585.4Not updated
86Sunnx HadésIllidan-EU585.4Not updated
86Redmag InTenebrisIllidan-EU585.4Not updated
86Overpäl antichambreIllidan-EU585.4Not updated
90Mydoki MåjesticIllidan-EU585.2Not updated
90Türox HadésIllidan-EU585.2Not updated
90Notaeh InTenebrisIllidan-EU585.2Not updated
90Nitøes KaminaIllidan-EU585.2Not updated
94Taochi TimelessIllidan-EU585.1Not updated
94Miíd  Illidan-EU585.1Not updated
94Bastraden Bad ClownIllidan-EU585.1Not updated
94Deshi antichambreIllidan-EU585.1Not updated
94Geïsh TimelessIllidan-EU585.1Not updated
94Tiragnia HadésIllidan-EU585.1Not updated
100Niacat Ad Vitam ÆternamIllidan-EU585.0Not updated

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