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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Icecrown-TW ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1俺不叫小灰 SilenceIcecrown-TW595.8Not updated
1太子換狸貓 SilenceIcecrown-TW595.8Not updated
3Simonvin SilenceIcecrown-TW595.7Not updated
3夏祀 SilenceIcecrown-TW595.7Not updated
5星之晴 SilenceIcecrown-TW595.3Not updated
5滾滾紅豬 Hard soul phoenixIcecrown-TW595.3Not updated
5倪妮 來自部落的愛Icecrown-TW595.3Not updated
8日光疾風 DHARMAIcecrown-TW594.9Not updated
8政于親民 SilenceIcecrown-TW594.9Not updated
8朱豬 來自部落的愛Icecrown-TW594.9Not updated
8灱狼 天泣Icecrown-TW594.9Not updated
12Kaoyao Honor and hopeIcecrown-TW594.6Not updated
12弒殺者艾斯 SilenceIcecrown-TW594.6Not updated
12諾兮 TITAN NOVAIcecrown-TW594.6Not updated
15冰與血之歌 TITAN NOVAIcecrown-TW594.5Not updated
15暗茅清潔工 SilenceIcecrown-TW594.5Not updated
15嵐仔楓 SilenceIcecrown-TW594.5Not updated
15可樂兔 當我們宅在一起Icecrown-TW594.5Not updated
19上帝止步 SilenceIcecrown-TW594.4Not updated
19封真 Hard soul phoenixIcecrown-TW594.4Not updated
21一趙奕歡一  Icecrown-TW594.1Not updated
21沉默哀傷 TITAN NOVAIcecrown-TW594.1Not updated
21德的德德 Honor and hopeIcecrown-TW594.1Not updated
21老四川 Hard soul phoenixIcecrown-TW594.1Not updated
21花紛緋 DHARMAIcecrown-TW594.1Not updated
26上帝也愛妹紙 SilenceIcecrown-TW593.9Not updated
26冷艷女王 Hard soul phoenixIcecrown-TW593.9Not updated
28蘭特瑟莉斯  Icecrown-TW593.7Not updated
28大芋頭熟番  Icecrown-TW593.7Not updated
30塔比 Hard soul phoenixIcecrown-TW593.6Not updated
31Cortana 當我們宅在一起Icecrown-TW593.5Not updated
31殺爆狼人  Icecrown-TW593.5Not updated
33Lirgrevoc DHARMAIcecrown-TW593.4Not updated
34Ericpan Hard soul phoenixIcecrown-TW593.3Not updated
34追獵米 Hard soul phoenixIcecrown-TW593.3Not updated
34禁忌戀魂 Never Say NeverIcecrown-TW593.3Not updated
37泰斯特羅莎 團購大隊Icecrown-TW593.1Not updated
37蛋疼小王子 團購大隊Icecrown-TW593.1Not updated
37麗迪婭 雪翼Icecrown-TW593.1Not updated
37迦烈柏 Never Say NeverIcecrown-TW593.1Not updated
37薰衣草戀情 HOHOHOIcecrown-TW593.1Not updated
37黑白熊 團購大隊Icecrown-TW593.1Not updated
37虛無幻夢 SilenceIcecrown-TW593.1Not updated
37宸晨  Icecrown-TW593.1Not updated
45不挨揍急的 Fantasy DawnIcecrown-TW593.0Not updated
46艾蕾米爾斯 來自部落的愛Icecrown-TW592.8Not updated
46若水無情 SilenceIcecrown-TW592.8Not updated
46彌賽亞斯特 DHARMAIcecrown-TW592.8Not updated
49拜因德拉莫 琥珀川Icecrown-TW592.7Not updated
49Tonykkone Never Say NeverIcecrown-TW592.7Not updated
49古美門  Icecrown-TW592.7Not updated
52浪花上遠覜 雪翼Icecrown-TW592.5Not updated
52最高尚宮長今 Never Say NeverIcecrown-TW592.5Not updated
54肥腿控 放輕鬆Icecrown-TW592.4Not updated
55斬刀  Icecrown-TW592.2Not updated
55Viclin TITAN NOVAIcecrown-TW592.2Not updated
55Paladinone Never Say NeverIcecrown-TW592.2Not updated
58玉姣兒 雪翼Icecrown-TW592.1Not updated
58指尖律動崩壞 團購大隊Icecrown-TW592.1Not updated
60蹲坑射蛆 TITAN NOVAIcecrown-TW592.0Not updated
61冰靈乂雪夢 SilenceIcecrown-TW591.9Not updated
61深水 DHARMAIcecrown-TW591.9Not updated
61大四喜 Never Say NeverIcecrown-TW591.9Not updated
61Avenir TITAN NOVAIcecrown-TW591.9Not updated
61Cabbeen TITAN NOVAIcecrown-TW591.9Not updated
66不堪義擊 來自部落的愛Icecrown-TW591.8Not updated
66Jenita Never Say NeverIcecrown-TW591.8Not updated
66美紋 Hard soul phoenixIcecrown-TW591.8Not updated
69黑木耳香菇 Hard soul phoenixIcecrown-TW591.7Not updated
70福利社小朧包 Taiwan Free StyleIcecrown-TW591.6Not updated
70虎癡許諸 SilenceIcecrown-TW591.6Not updated
70盈穎 暗黑騎士Icecrown-TW591.6Not updated
73莎沙美奈子 DHARMAIcecrown-TW591.5Not updated
73闇顯赫 TITAN NOVAIcecrown-TW591.5Not updated
73尨乂尨 TITAN NOVAIcecrown-TW591.5Not updated
76月色如霜 雪翼Icecrown-TW591.4Not updated
76麥當勞歡樂送 DHARMAIcecrown-TW591.4Not updated
76Melvenor TITAN NOVAIcecrown-TW591.4Not updated
76無盡的圓舞曲 暗黑騎士Icecrown-TW591.4Not updated
80蘭綾 Hard soul phoenixIcecrown-TW591.3Not updated
80萌萌紫心 SilenceIcecrown-TW591.3Not updated
80水靈心桐  Icecrown-TW591.3Not updated
80翎影  Icecrown-TW591.3Not updated
84鋼鐵不是人 SilenceIcecrown-TW591.2Not updated
84季沫 團購大隊Icecrown-TW591.2Not updated
84水中葉  Icecrown-TW591.2Not updated
87狼族米魯茲 Never Say NeverIcecrown-TW591.1Not updated
87封面女孩 Hard soul phoenixIcecrown-TW591.1Not updated
89鋼鐵罡驖 SilenceIcecrown-TW591.0Not updated
89風榆蘭殤 一起槑一起Icecrown-TW591.0Not updated
91大貓喜 Never Say NeverIcecrown-TW590.9Not updated
91軒轅法神 Never Say NeverIcecrown-TW590.9Not updated
93殷祤 DHARMAIcecrown-TW590.8Not updated
94星際巡行者 TITAN NOVAIcecrown-TW590.6Not updated
94永恆的白雪 Hard soul phoenixIcecrown-TW590.6Not updated
94天生美麗子  Icecrown-TW590.6Not updated
94佑東 Never Say NeverIcecrown-TW590.6Not updated
94絕望殺戮  Icecrown-TW590.6Not updated
94我是辣比小心 UnfortunateIcecrown-TW590.6Not updated
94Elkeson TITAN NOVAIcecrown-TW590.6Not updated

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