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Hydraxis-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Halopie The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US570.9Not updated
2Öogabooga The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US570.6
3Theradin The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US542.7Not updated
4Jeder The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US537.4Not updated
5Lakrayne The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US534.7Not updated
6Mysticat The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US530.0Not updated
7Luzzorb The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US529.3Not updated
8Redheadwench The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US527.5Not updated
9Shadowstorm The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US520.1Not updated
9Huntedknight The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US520.1Not updated
11Foozan The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US519.4Not updated
12Halobun The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US511.0Not updated
13Nightlight The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US507.7Not updated
14Lyean The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US507.5Not updated
15Luzzfu The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US505.9Not updated
16Bogled The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US504.9Not updated
16Foozzen The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US504.9Not updated
18Tolom The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US503.8Not updated
19Korrå The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US502.1Not updated
20Madrider The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US501.9Not updated
21Foozun The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US500.9Not updated
22Bambooze The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US499.9Not updated
23Valestana The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US498.7Not updated
24Ishtarra The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US494.4Not updated
25Therasus The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US491.1Not updated
26Notsweet The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US490.9Not updated
27Demloc The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US489.7Not updated
28Met The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US487.9Not updated
29Stormshadow The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US487.6Not updated
29Luzzurn The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US487.6Not updated
31Teretun The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US487.1Not updated
32Nightstryker The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US485.8Not updated
33Valerium The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US485.6Not updated
34Foozon The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US483.3Not updated
35Crucifyer The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US481.1Not updated
36Vincentstorm The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US480.2Not updated
37Fireicedie The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US480.1Not updated
38Fishytank The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US479.7Not updated
39Shatu The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US478.7Not updated
40Sgtwyattjr The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US478.5Not updated
41Lathorian The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US476.3Not updated
42Luzzorro The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US474.0Not updated
43Luzzipor The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US473.5Not updated
44Lawnie The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US472.5Not updated
45Therium The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US471.5Not updated
46Canson The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US470.5Not updated
47Fooziin The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US470.2Not updated
48Lilshanster The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US468.5Not updated
49Foozen The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US461.2Not updated
50Valkyrii The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US458.4Not updated
51Christany The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US455.1Not updated
52Aluen The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US452.9Not updated
53Tetrunhinn The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US450.0Not updated
54Bernie The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US442.8Not updated
55Brandyleigh The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US442.3Not updated
56Ishstar The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US439.8Not updated
57Speranza The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US436.9Not updated
58Chanfu The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US436.3Not updated
59Ishblade The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US433.0Not updated
60Klumzee The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US397.8Not updated
61Halogoat The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US395.8Not updated
62Aelusiv The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US395.7Not updated
63Blitzz The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US395.5Not updated
64Praxx The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US394.9Not updated
65Argotheen The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US391.8Not updated
66Ätalantä The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US387.7Not updated
66Lickemgood The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US387.7Not updated
68Gotal The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US386.6Not updated
69Horribledk The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US386.5Not updated
70Azare The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US383.4Not updated
71Covarrubias The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US382.2Not updated
72Natureluver The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US380.3Not updated
73Beanero The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US378.7Not updated
74Krylos The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US377.9Not updated
75Luzzador The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US376.4Not updated
76Andomander The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US371.4Not updated
77Flameonu The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US369.9Not updated
78Aarcuss The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US368.9Not updated
79Verlander The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US364.1Not updated
80Cpthammer The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US354.8Not updated
81Bocchoy The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US341.9Not updated
82Cerir The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US335.9Not updated
83Gnomerella The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US309.6Not updated
84Chandrane The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US305.4Not updated
85Alachazam The Inner SanctuaryHydraxis-US289.6Not updated

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