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Hellfire-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Xetorp Tre LowenHellfire-EU585.1
2Suikkerspinn Tre LowenHellfire-EU584.7
3Acemoo Tre LowenHellfire-EU583.6
4Carbon Tre LowenHellfire-EU583.4
5Sholvah Tre LowenHellfire-EU582.9
6Integro Tre LowenHellfire-EU580.4
7Castillian Tre LowenHellfire-EU576.0
8Sajuuk Tre LowenHellfire-EU575.4
9Ryokohakubi Tre LowenHellfire-EU574.9Not updated
10Neps Tre LowenHellfire-EU574.0
11Majeira Tre LowenHellfire-EU573.6
12Hellchicken Tre LowenHellfire-EU573.5Not updated
13Líng Tre LowenHellfire-EU573.3
14Jins Tre LowenHellfire-EU572.3
14Collossuss Tre LowenHellfire-EU572.3
16Shadowywrath Tre LowenHellfire-EU570.1
17Malmoer Tre LowenHellfire-EU569.7
18Conpounder Tre LowenHellfire-EU568.8Not updated
19Evilwars Tre LowenHellfire-EU566.8
20Hannahtje Tre LowenHellfire-EU565.9
21Mappy Tre LowenHellfire-EU565.6
22Faolchu Tre LowenHellfire-EU565.5
23Laske Tre LowenHellfire-EU565.4
24Immaworgen Tre LowenHellfire-EU564.6
25Shammyk Tre LowenHellfire-EU564.4
26Natoir Tre LowenHellfire-EU563.1Not updated
27Nrg Tre LowenHellfire-EU562.9
28Diamondz Tre LowenHellfire-EU562.5
29Woodyy Tre LowenHellfire-EU562.3
30Hajime Tre LowenHellfire-EU562.2
31Imagina Tre LowenHellfire-EU562.1
32Niuzao Tre LowenHellfire-EU561.1
33Sarphanoex Tre LowenHellfire-EU560.7Not updated
33Jenarius Tre LowenHellfire-EU560.7
35Galamoon Tre LowenHellfire-EU560.3
36Haalaa Tre LowenHellfire-EU560.1
37Paddington Tre LowenHellfire-EU559.9Not updated
38Aurea Tre LowenHellfire-EU558.8Not updated
39Alowne Tre LowenHellfire-EU558.5Not updated
40Jrs Tre LowenHellfire-EU558.3
41Meabh Tre LowenHellfire-EU557.3
42Carbostorm Tre LowenHellfire-EU555.1
43Letje Tre LowenHellfire-EU554.6Not updated
44Hippíe Tre LowenHellfire-EU554.5
45Airazor Tre LowenHellfire-EU553.7
46Frappe Tre LowenHellfire-EU553.3
47Tpo Tre LowenHellfire-EU553.0
48Tania Tre LowenHellfire-EU552.5
49Rocliffe Tre LowenHellfire-EU552.4Not updated
50Teacups Tre LowenHellfire-EU552.1Not updated
51Stridor Tre LowenHellfire-EU550.9
52Éffy Tre LowenHellfire-EU550.1
53Kudamu Tre LowenHellfire-EU550.0
53Mofire Tre LowenHellfire-EU550.0
53Athery Tre LowenHellfire-EU550.0
53Icecreamed Tre LowenHellfire-EU550.0
53Zupex Tre LowenHellfire-EU550.0
58Phóeníx Tre LowenHellfire-EU547.5
59Fizzlebaby Tre LowenHellfire-EU547.1
60Gloiden Tre LowenHellfire-EU546.8Not updated
61Taterdots Tre LowenHellfire-EU546.7Not updated
61Maatik Tre LowenHellfire-EU546.7
63Papaap Tre LowenHellfire-EU546.3
64Lào Tre LowenHellfire-EU545.8
64Fpb Tre LowenHellfire-EU545.8Not updated
66Nef Tre LowenHellfire-EU544.8
67Plastix Tre LowenHellfire-EU544.5
68Healchicken Tre LowenHellfire-EU544.4Not updated
69Drainmonster Tre LowenHellfire-EU543.0
70Karien Tre LowenHellfire-EU542.8
71Brightmonkey Tre LowenHellfire-EU541.9
72Totenkop Tre LowenHellfire-EU541.0
73Realzero Tre LowenHellfire-EU540.7
73Yngvin Tre LowenHellfire-EU540.7
75Grimatix Tre LowenHellfire-EU539.9
76Jyngbro Tre LowenHellfire-EU539.5
76Ingwin Tre LowenHellfire-EU539.5
78Jonissolis Tre LowenHellfire-EU539.2Not updated
79Gavín Tre LowenHellfire-EU538.5
80Fennarth Tre LowenHellfire-EU537.8
80Zupexboss Tre LowenHellfire-EU537.8
82Elunamoon Tre LowenHellfire-EU537.6
83Moonstruck Tre LowenHellfire-EU537.5Not updated
84Pinkelly Tre LowenHellfire-EU535.5
85Webmonkey Tre LowenHellfire-EU534.9
86Wachter Tre LowenHellfire-EU534.6
87Scrùb Tre LowenHellfire-EU534.3
88Ådp Tre LowenHellfire-EU533.9
88Moirainee Tre LowenHellfire-EU533.9Not updated
90Hollybush Tre LowenHellfire-EU533.8Not updated
91Bígwang Tre LowenHellfire-EU532.5
91Tristii Tre LowenHellfire-EU532.5
93Darkmonkey Tre LowenHellfire-EU532.0
94Zhed Tre LowenHellfire-EU531.5
95Serionistxo Tre LowenHellfire-EU530.8
96Atchu Tre LowenHellfire-EU530.5
97Carbosneak Tre LowenHellfire-EU529.9
97Nemésis Tre LowenHellfire-EU529.9
99Jenz Tre LowenHellfire-EU529.7
100Lunjhaa Tre LowenHellfire-EU528.5

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