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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Haomarush-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Acejihyo ExcesseHaomarush-EU587.5Not updated
2Koliri RagebearsHaomarush-EU586.4Not updated
3Friction  Haomarush-EU586.3Not updated
3Cereals  Haomarush-EU586.3Not updated
5Ariadna  Haomarush-EU585.6Not updated
6Wuulda  Haomarush-EU585.4Not updated
7Bladi Hybrid SpeciesHaomarush-EU585.0Not updated
8Evilshield  Haomarush-EU584.9Not updated
9Meltaway Forged by furyHaomarush-EU584.8Not updated
10Wispx ExcesseHaomarush-EU584.5Not updated
11Dafde Hybrid SpeciesHaomarush-EU583.3Not updated
12Cursecontrol KOMIATHaomarush-EU583.2Not updated
13Krubb AfterlifeHaomarush-EU582.0Not updated
14Nènad AfterlifeHaomarush-EU581.6Not updated
15Lorenmilo KOMIATHaomarush-EU581.5Not updated
15Nnyco Hybrid SpeciesHaomarush-EU581.5Not updated
17Triggerhappy KOMIATHaomarush-EU581.1Not updated
18Grantsback Hybrid SpeciesHaomarush-EU580.8Not updated
18Alikessu Slaves of the FistHaomarush-EU580.8Not updated
20Kaname  Haomarush-EU580.2Not updated
21Diffi KOMIATHaomarush-EU579.0Not updated
22Sivi Altered SpeciesHaomarush-EU578.9Not updated
22Rohmu KOMIATHaomarush-EU578.9Not updated
24Ecolicious AfterlifeHaomarush-EU578.7Not updated
25Åisha  Haomarush-EU578.6Not updated
26Danue  Haomarush-EU578.4Not updated
27Khaleb Hybrid SpeciesHaomarush-EU578.3Not updated
28Magon KOMIATHaomarush-EU578.2Not updated
29Frostey The Rug DoctorsHaomarush-EU578.1Not updated
29Natofaija  Haomarush-EU578.1Not updated
31Dexia KOMIATHaomarush-EU578.0Not updated
32Lusic  Haomarush-EU577.9Not updated
33Zarroc KOMIATHaomarush-EU577.6Not updated
34Rhea KOMIATHaomarush-EU577.2Not updated
35Pestïlence Forged by furyHaomarush-EU577.1Not updated
36Emikron Hybrid SpeciesHaomarush-EU576.9Not updated
37Amity Forged by furyHaomarush-EU576.7Not updated
38Shalyir  Haomarush-EU576.5Not updated
39Bellátrix Hybrid SpeciesHaomarush-EU576.4Not updated
40Yjelza KOMIATHaomarush-EU576.3Not updated
40Bénédictus KOMIATHaomarush-EU576.3Not updated
42Zlp Hybrid SpeciesHaomarush-EU576.0Not updated
43Bánny Forged by furyHaomarush-EU575.9Not updated
43Pagen Death Knight RisesHaomarush-EU575.9Not updated
45Alacrity Forged by furyHaomarush-EU575.5Not updated
46Albarest ExcesseHaomarush-EU575.1Not updated
47Hellscrèam KOMIATHaomarush-EU574.7Not updated
48Bloodfang ExcesseHaomarush-EU574.6Not updated
48Salac Hybrid SpeciesHaomarush-EU574.6Not updated
50Deatth  Haomarush-EU574.2Not updated
51Wyrth KOMIATHaomarush-EU574.1Not updated
52Zensation Forged by furyHaomarush-EU574.0Not updated
53Cemy Hybrid SpeciesHaomarush-EU573.8Not updated
54Tööthfairy We Take BreaksHaomarush-EU573.7Not updated
54Deathraven Forged by furyHaomarush-EU573.7Not updated
56Dotmarley Hybrid SpeciesHaomarush-EU573.6Not updated
57Sloggimake  Haomarush-EU573.3Not updated
57Smoothies Forged by furyHaomarush-EU573.3Not updated
57Citoxe Forged by furyHaomarush-EU573.3Not updated
60Sallock Altered SpeciesHaomarush-EU573.2Not updated
61Aquadelic Forged by furyHaomarush-EU573.1Not updated
61Doombringer Hybrid SpeciesHaomarush-EU573.1Not updated
63Nimayami KOMIATHaomarush-EU573.0Not updated
64Mulkerson RagebearsHaomarush-EU572.9Not updated
64Dinica Hybrid SpeciesHaomarush-EU572.9Not updated
64Skillcoil Forged by furyHaomarush-EU572.9Not updated
67Morcovu Enter The FuryHaomarush-EU572.8Not updated
68Helladin  Haomarush-EU572.5Not updated
68Gales POLYTHEAHaomarush-EU572.5Not updated
68Cowdung ApathyHaomarush-EU572.5Not updated
68Skepta  Haomarush-EU572.5Not updated
68Differentia Forged by furyHaomarush-EU572.5Not updated
73Cups ExcesseHaomarush-EU572.4Not updated
74Fnuggi KOMIATHaomarush-EU572.3Not updated
74Kanki The ElitesHaomarush-EU572.3Not updated
76Sinistru Hybrid SpeciesHaomarush-EU572.2Not updated
77Krintiz ExcesseHaomarush-EU572.0Not updated
78Imari AfterlifeHaomarush-EU571.9Not updated
79Stormalot Forged by furyHaomarush-EU571.8Not updated
80Deadharmony Forged by furyHaomarush-EU571.7Not updated
81Taelar Death Knight RisesHaomarush-EU571.5Not updated
81Longchonglee Hybrid SpeciesHaomarush-EU571.5Not updated
81Roxter KOMIATHaomarush-EU571.5Not updated
84Flaga Off LimitzHaomarush-EU571.2Not updated
85Saunakalja Valmistettu SuomessaHaomarush-EU571.1Not updated
85Jahasjahas GREAT SUCCESSHaomarush-EU571.1Not updated
87Atrotos For The AllianceHaomarush-EU571.0Not updated
88Eléntári ExcesseHaomarush-EU570.6Not updated
88Tuborgh Hybrid SpeciesHaomarush-EU570.6Not updated
90Doomkrypt Forged by furyHaomarush-EU570.4Not updated
91Zaswe Hybrid SpeciesHaomarush-EU570.2Not updated
92Indaria ApathyHaomarush-EU570.1Not updated
93Twobuttons GREAT SUCCESSHaomarush-EU570.0Not updated
94Sylwania Hybrid SpeciesHaomarush-EU569.9Not updated
95Jailbaiter Forged by furyHaomarush-EU569.8Not updated
96Bullerine  Haomarush-EU569.6Not updated
96Yumikó KOMIATHaomarush-EU569.6Not updated
96Beatriks ExcesseHaomarush-EU569.6Not updated
99Torot The Rug DoctorsHaomarush-EU569.4Not updated
99Salchica Altered SpeciesHaomarush-EU569.4Not updated

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