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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Greymane-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Khatian SolutionGreymane-US588.3Not updated
1Ganish SolutionGreymane-US588.3Not updated
3Molowka SolutionGreymane-US587.5Not updated
3Finfrawd Council of NineGreymane-US587.5Not updated
5Arkona SolutionGreymane-US587.2Not updated
6Bloodmasta DespotismGreymane-US587.1Not updated
7Musicalfate CoreGreymane-US587.0Not updated
8Snoflaké DespotismGreymane-US586.0Not updated
9Nhoi Rawhide PrimeGreymane-US585.9Not updated
10Weaselhunter DespotismGreymane-US585.5Not updated
11Ringsely Rawhide PrimeGreymane-US584.2Not updated
12Jibbelz CoreGreymane-US584.0Not updated
13Thrunei Council of NineGreymane-US583.7Not updated
13Rikershipdwn Last ResortGreymane-US583.7Not updated
15Bürnsey All the Single LadiesGreymane-US582.9Not updated
16Ojey Care Bare StareGreymane-US582.5Not updated
16Thraw All the Single LadiesGreymane-US582.5Not updated
18Shalsta Azeroths BrotherhoodGreymane-US581.7Not updated
19Aurie Care Bare StareGreymane-US581.6Not updated
20Ssexxiikila Council of NineGreymane-US580.8Not updated
21Noitra SolutionGreymane-US580.7Not updated
22Lilhalfsquat Team SevenGreymane-US580.3Not updated
23Firan Dark TempestGreymane-US580.2Not updated
23Torridwells Eternal AsylumGreymane-US580.2Not updated
25Kernunos  Greymane-US579.4Not updated
26Trza DespotismGreymane-US578.0Not updated
27Kirannali Eternal AsylumGreymane-US577.9Not updated
28Qüivër Just The TipGreymane-US577.7Not updated
28Sleeper PinnacleGreymane-US577.7Not updated
30Windshadow Combat EvolvedGreymane-US577.5Not updated
30Darkehawke Victorious SecretGreymane-US577.5Not updated
32Martane Combat EvolvedGreymane-US577.1Not updated
33Killenger Sixty Seconds To WipeGreymane-US576.3Not updated
33Dakkota Veil of ShadowsGreymane-US576.3Not updated
35Stridan Eternal AsylumGreymane-US576.1Not updated
36Djdbo  Greymane-US576.0Not updated
37Kavyk ReverenceGreymane-US575.8Not updated
37Tyllerz DistinctionGreymane-US575.8Not updated
39Frostwynd Ancients Of GreymaneGreymane-US575.7Not updated
40Balzor take over controlGreymane-US575.5Not updated
40Delavan Eternal AsylumGreymane-US575.5Not updated
42Reddread Fear and LoathingGreymane-US575.4Not updated
42Dyana Council of NineGreymane-US575.4Not updated
44Arisilde Council of NineGreymane-US575.3Not updated
45Bigjjhammer DistinctionGreymane-US575.0Not updated
45Bubuski Combat EvolvedGreymane-US575.0Not updated
45Donaldday Friends and FoesGreymane-US575.0Not updated
48Shaqueefalyn The Evil WithinGreymane-US574.9Not updated
49Dandevehk Team SevenGreymane-US574.6Not updated
49Hibiki Last ResortGreymane-US574.6Not updated
51Atílla CrueltyGreymane-US574.5Not updated
51Zevelphra Combat EvolvedGreymane-US574.5Not updated
53Rishtao Knights of the UndeadGreymane-US574.1Not updated
53Chickenmann People of MayhamGreymane-US574.1Not updated
53Hennyandcoke The Evil WithinGreymane-US574.1Not updated
53Itzu Medium SpicyGreymane-US574.1Not updated
53Zooaphile Dark TempestGreymane-US574.1Not updated
53Oakjr The Evil WithinGreymane-US574.1Not updated
53Hammie Last ResortGreymane-US574.1Not updated
60Marike Combat EvolvedGreymane-US573.9Not updated
61Psykh Eternal AsylumGreymane-US573.7Not updated
61Steamdog Just The TipGreymane-US573.7Not updated
61Furbie Victorious SecretGreymane-US573.7Not updated
61Rizik Silver DragonsGreymane-US573.7Not updated
65Date NegligenceGreymane-US573.5Not updated
66Tarrzzann Team SevenGreymane-US573.4Not updated
67Semiauto CoreGreymane-US573.3Not updated
67Sandrella CoreGreymane-US573.3Not updated
67Emberrz Veil of ShadowsGreymane-US573.3Not updated
67Candie People of MayhamGreymane-US573.3Not updated
71Chueye  Greymane-US573.0Not updated
71Plaguestingr SinGreymane-US573.0Not updated
73Sweettleaff DespotismGreymane-US572.9Not updated
73Cincodemayo Usual SuspectsGreymane-US572.9Not updated
75Inarra CoreGreymane-US572.6Not updated
76Légendairy The Evil WithinGreymane-US572.5Not updated
76Kynari JadedGreymane-US572.5Not updated
78Cupcakê Council of NineGreymane-US572.4Not updated
79Dienne  Greymane-US572.1Not updated
79Chuubak MayhemGreymane-US572.1Not updated
79Vivietha DespotismGreymane-US572.1Not updated
79Kasto CheersGreymane-US572.1Not updated
79Chumlie Knights of ThorakGreymane-US572.1Not updated
84Tibash The Evil WithinGreymane-US572.0Not updated
84Leahzard The LegionGreymane-US572.0Not updated
86Fyfox Hellfire ClubGreymane-US571.9Not updated
87Balkrinn  Greymane-US571.8Not updated
88Corefirewolf Eternal AsylumGreymane-US571.6Not updated
88Oakthar The Evil WithinGreymane-US571.6Not updated
88Nhiteheart Usual SuspectsGreymane-US571.6Not updated
91Soloshot CrueltyGreymane-US571.5Not updated
91Darkember Silver DragonsGreymane-US571.5Not updated
91Ttrain MayhemGreymane-US571.5Not updated
94Chunwei Usual SuspectsGreymane-US571.2Not updated
95Renthunter Council of NineGreymane-US571.1Not updated
96Nieth DistinctionGreymane-US571.0Not updated
97Ashlevesta Council of NineGreymane-US570.9Not updated
98Ignustempo Usual SuspectsGreymane-US570.8Not updated
99Hiazakuru  Greymane-US570.5Not updated
100Shootout  Greymane-US570.1Not updated

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