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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Ghostlands-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Sinseàr The BandGhostlands-US590.3
2Vivax Free AgentsGhostlands-US590.0Not updated
3Howsitgonabe Best Lil Horde HouseGhostlands-US589.6
4Carnassier Free AgentsGhostlands-US589.5Not updated
5Lunastriker Free AgentsGhostlands-US589.2Not updated
6Hughgotgot The BandGhostlands-US588.8
6Ryeguy Ockhams RazorGhostlands-US588.8
6Gallinn InfernoGhostlands-US588.8
9Phyrex Ockhams RazorGhostlands-US588.4
9Poohßeàr Free AgentsGhostlands-US588.4Not updated
11Ketya PsychedGhostlands-US588.0
11Fyerbrand Perfect StormGhostlands-US588.0
13Indul InfernoGhostlands-US587.9
14Warbound Ockhams RazorGhostlands-US587.8
15Calydon InfernoGhostlands-US587.6
15Inseno InfernoGhostlands-US587.6
17Jellra Free AgentsGhostlands-US587.5Not updated
17Mycomaniac Perfect StormGhostlands-US587.5
17Askarie Free AgentsGhostlands-US587.5Not updated
20Templeton Free AgentsGhostlands-US587.2Not updated
20Grace Ockhams RazorGhostlands-US587.2
22Raquelly Free AgentsGhostlands-US587.1Not updated
22Kurze Free AgentsGhostlands-US587.1Not updated
22Gibreal Free AgentsGhostlands-US587.1Not updated
22Gibbo InfernoGhostlands-US587.1
26Pwnda Ockhams RazorGhostlands-US586.8
26Muddyrivers Free AgentsGhostlands-US586.8Not updated
26Arny Free AgentsGhostlands-US586.8Not updated
29Pane Free AgentsGhostlands-US586.7
29Aldvraa InfernoGhostlands-US586.7
29Itchslap Free AgentsGhostlands-US586.7Not updated
29Carnasses Free AgentsGhostlands-US586.7Not updated
29Hermès  Ghostlands-US586.7Not updated
29Traia Free AgentsGhostlands-US586.7Not updated
35Vérène Free AgentsGhostlands-US586.4Not updated
35Deployed Free AgentsGhostlands-US586.4Not updated
37Johnnyßravo InfernoGhostlands-US586.3
37Nelazgra PsychedGhostlands-US586.3
37Feyden Ockhams RazorGhostlands-US586.3
37Swaggadin Ockhams RazorGhostlands-US586.3
41Cøletrain Ockhams RazorGhostlands-US586.0
41Jals InfernoGhostlands-US586.0
41Deadbuo InfernoGhostlands-US586.0
41Oolongtea Best Lil Horde HouseGhostlands-US586.0
41Darthsnax Best Lil Horde HouseGhostlands-US586.0
41Hippocrates Free AgentsGhostlands-US586.0Not updated
47Héxappeal Free AgentsGhostlands-US585.9Not updated
47Jesserak Free AgentsGhostlands-US585.9Not updated
47Nystralla InfernoGhostlands-US585.9
47Jalz InfernoGhostlands-US585.9
47Magnús  Ghostlands-US585.9Not updated
47Vegäs PsychedGhostlands-US585.9
47Apathe Free AgentsGhostlands-US585.9
54Billymage InfernoGhostlands-US585.8
55Dicé PsychedGhostlands-US585.6
56Fusroda  Ghostlands-US585.5Not updated
56Damerron The BandGhostlands-US585.5
56Deft Free AgentsGhostlands-US585.5
59Gotsmage The BandGhostlands-US585.4
59Meëp The BandGhostlands-US585.4
59Kaizen PsychedGhostlands-US585.4
59Yurlockedout Ockhams RazorGhostlands-US585.4
63Daxxle InfernoGhostlands-US585.2
63Gaea Free AgentsGhostlands-US585.2Not updated
65Boochie Average at BestGhostlands-US585.1Not updated
65Daddo Free AgentsGhostlands-US585.1Not updated
65Blargington The BandGhostlands-US585.1
68Sinistella The BandGhostlands-US585.0
68Alarkin PsychedGhostlands-US585.0
68Belyanas Ockhams RazorGhostlands-US585.0
68Crow Free AgentsGhostlands-US585.0Not updated
72Misogi InfernoGhostlands-US584.9
73Seiishiro InfernoGhostlands-US584.8
73Howyoudruin The BandGhostlands-US584.8
73Sparlyy PsychedGhostlands-US584.8
73Doughnutman Best Lil Horde HouseGhostlands-US584.8
77Toretto Ockhams RazorGhostlands-US584.6
77Raelei Ockhams RazorGhostlands-US584.6
79Precisë Ockhams RazorGhostlands-US584.5
79Prisoner Free AgentsGhostlands-US584.5Not updated
79Mortradum Free AgentsGhostlands-US584.5Not updated
82Obamacaré Free AgentsGhostlands-US584.4Not updated
82Dendalaus PsychedGhostlands-US584.4
82Twodrinkmin The BandGhostlands-US584.4
82Elesterian Free AgentsGhostlands-US584.4Not updated
82Displacers The AcademyGhostlands-US584.4Not updated
82Apshai  Ghostlands-US584.4Not updated
82Magnolia Free AgentsGhostlands-US584.4Not updated
89Ikillyouto Free AgentsGhostlands-US584.1Not updated
89Orical Free AgentsGhostlands-US584.1Not updated
89Yabbadabba  Ghostlands-US584.1Not updated
89Bloodgrail Ockhams RazorGhostlands-US584.1
89Kraylon Ockhams RazorGhostlands-US584.1
89Adonelia Free AgentsGhostlands-US584.1Not updated
89Akaitha The BandGhostlands-US584.1
96Clikytrigers Free AgentsGhostlands-US584.0Not updated
96Atrax Best Lil Horde HouseGhostlands-US584.0
98Biozone PsychedGhostlands-US583.7Not updated
98Ilios Perfect StormGhostlands-US583.7
98Nèkramess Free AgentsGhostlands-US583.7Not updated

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