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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Garona-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Shacklebolt The EmpireGarona-US589.2Not updated
2Xatha LOSTGarona-US588.2Not updated
3Taimorre ReachGarona-US588.0Not updated
3Fleetinpeace ReachGarona-US588.0Not updated
3Amawyn ReachGarona-US588.0Not updated
6Jadeleaf LOSTGarona-US587.9Not updated
6Cauch ReachGarona-US587.9Not updated
8Arcticsky ApexGarona-US587.6Not updated
8Ileff ReachGarona-US587.6Not updated
8Calper Los Burritos BanditosGarona-US587.6Not updated
11Demonsheart EvileyeGarona-US587.5Not updated
12Aryastupid Zug ZugGarona-US587.2Not updated
12Ericpoodle  Garona-US587.2Not updated
14Chrysostom ApexGarona-US587.1Not updated
14Yoyami ReachGarona-US587.1Not updated
16Xoria ApexGarona-US586.9Not updated
17Kevinram ReachGarona-US586.8Not updated
18Nightcraft ReachGarona-US586.7Not updated
18Tadpoles ReachGarona-US586.7Not updated
20Ikilldwarves Dark EnergyGarona-US586.5Not updated
21Rozalia BrigadeGarona-US586.4Not updated
21Historyx ReachGarona-US586.4Not updated
21Calrus ReachGarona-US586.4Not updated
21Kerune ApexGarona-US586.4Not updated
25Lightarrow ReachGarona-US586.3Not updated
25Sanctus ApexGarona-US586.3Not updated
27Cacho Twilight CircusGarona-US586.1Not updated
28Nubsicle ReachGarona-US586.0Not updated
28Hausdorff ReachGarona-US586.0Not updated
28Renas ApexGarona-US586.0Not updated
31Zediziah Superior By NatureGarona-US585.9Not updated
31Dionyx ApexGarona-US585.9Not updated
31Sangetsu ReachGarona-US585.9Not updated
31Kagati Focus FireGarona-US585.9Not updated
31Diddycakes EvileyeGarona-US585.9Not updated
31Kellathas Zug ZugGarona-US585.9Not updated
31Darlock ReachGarona-US585.9Not updated
31Drahkafgaks Twilight CircusGarona-US585.9Not updated
31Dumbledore The EmpireGarona-US585.9Not updated
40Kroniorous Zug ZugGarona-US585.6Not updated
41Thebows ReachGarona-US585.5Not updated
41Koney ApexGarona-US585.5Not updated
43Infinitemage ApexGarona-US585.4Not updated
43Minimagee ReachGarona-US585.4Not updated
45Cakeypoo The EmpireGarona-US585.2Not updated
45Charmage Twilight CircusGarona-US585.2Not updated
47Allram  Garona-US585.1Not updated
48Sånctus  Garona-US585.0Not updated
48Titanseeker LOSTGarona-US585.0Not updated
48Extrakill Dark EnergyGarona-US585.0Not updated
48Sharkfarts Los Burritos BanditosGarona-US585.0Not updated
48Damberchan Los Burritos BanditosGarona-US585.0Not updated
53Drecø ReachGarona-US584.9Not updated
53Aedaki ReachGarona-US584.9Not updated
53Kayyarra The EmpireGarona-US584.9Not updated
53Thunderballs EvileyeGarona-US584.9Not updated
53Rizoderat PlutoniumGarona-US584.9Not updated
58Vaaldanwe Los Burritos BanditosGarona-US584.8Not updated
58Rakmore The EmpireGarona-US584.8Not updated
60Mnemonik ReachGarona-US584.7Not updated
61Bonlock Los Burritos BanditosGarona-US584.6Not updated
61Kenzos Twilight CircusGarona-US584.6Not updated
61Harpuah EvileyeGarona-US584.6Not updated
64Merrindor Twilight CircusGarona-US584.5Not updated
64Puffberry Twilight CircusGarona-US584.5Not updated
66Stushi Lords of EternityGarona-US584.4Not updated
66Aniravia Focus FireGarona-US584.4Not updated
66Kokatsune ReachGarona-US584.4Not updated
66Trilogies ApexGarona-US584.4Not updated
66Crazybish The EmpireGarona-US584.4Not updated
66Ashfalia Focus FireGarona-US584.4Not updated
66Dahling Focus FireGarona-US584.4Not updated
73Echos The Squirtle SquadGarona-US584.3Not updated
74Shamazee Serious UprisingGarona-US584.2Not updated
75Raytin The EmpireGarona-US584.1Not updated
75Rasalghül EvileyeGarona-US584.1Not updated
75Therus The EmpireGarona-US584.1Not updated
75Parsec The EmpireGarona-US584.1Not updated
75Xinoviya EvileyeGarona-US584.1Not updated
75Gloryfindel EvileyeGarona-US584.1Not updated
75Vergul Focus FireGarona-US584.1Not updated
82Brothergrym Act IXGarona-US584.0Not updated
82Deathmunky Twilight CircusGarona-US584.0Not updated
82Caseit EvileyeGarona-US584.0Not updated
85Paper Twilight CircusGarona-US583.8Not updated
85Pappasan Knights of VengeanceGarona-US583.8Not updated
87Pawclone ApexGarona-US583.7Not updated
87Testicooler EvileyeGarona-US583.7Not updated
87Lichensoul Focus FireGarona-US583.7Not updated
87Nemacyst Zug ZugGarona-US583.7Not updated
87Droolinz Twilight CircusGarona-US583.7Not updated
87Fatedsun ReachGarona-US583.7Not updated
87Onionbagel ReachGarona-US583.7Not updated
94Gankìskhan ApexGarona-US583.6Not updated
94Leelie BrigadeGarona-US583.6Not updated
96Hewnoshaqa Zug ZugGarona-US583.3Not updated
96Tweekerjr The EmpireGarona-US583.3Not updated
96Grewon ApexGarona-US583.3Not updated
96Humphries Twilight CircusGarona-US583.3Not updated
96Cocoleche Twilight CircusGarona-US583.3Not updated

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