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Garona-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Keynabou ProphetsGarona-EU588.3
2Xamoü ProphetsGarona-EU587.5
3Pyrame ProphetsGarona-EU587.3
4Damexca Vaë VictisGarona-EU587.1
4Ðéfo ProphetsGarona-EU587.1
4Nathea ProphetsGarona-EU587.1
7Jarock ProphetsGarona-EU586.8
8Kalnà ProphetsGarona-EU586.7
8Begood ProphetsGarona-EU586.7
10Fako ProphetsGarona-EU586.5
11Brëmdem ProphetsGarona-EU586.4
12Muzclör ProphetsGarona-EU586.1
13Christah ProphetsGarona-EU586.0
14Blackmatrix ProphetsGarona-EU585.9Not updated
15Akumal Croque MitainesGarona-EU585.5
16Ganøndø ProphetsGarona-EU585.3
17Saiizo R Í PGarona-EU585.0
17Chìchì Vaë VictisGarona-EU585.0
19Skalc ProphetsGarona-EU584.4
20Thunderleb ZealotGarona-EU584.3
21Upper Vaë VictisGarona-EU584.1
21Månatane Vaë VictisGarona-EU584.1
23Kley ProphetsGarona-EU584.0
24Pandrake ZealotGarona-EU583.3
24Cottos Vaë VictisGarona-EU583.3
26Squiki La Cøur des MiraclesGarona-EU583.2
27Noballz ProphetsGarona-EU582.9
28Asthya Vaë VictisGarona-EU582.8
28Fiatpanda ZealotGarona-EU582.8
30Gölgøtha Vaë VictisGarona-EU582.6
31Tuana Vaë VictisGarona-EU582.5
32Hirakinuki ProphetsGarona-EU582.4
33Amandïl Vaë VictisGarona-EU582.1
34Zaphilla Vaë VictisGarona-EU582.0
34Yødaff ModernGarona-EU582.0
36Mààv Vaë VictisGarona-EU581.9
36Maelos Prima LuceGarona-EU581.9
38Ashgröve ProphetsGarona-EU581.8
39Culhag ProphetsGarona-EU581.6
39Nounouty Prima LuceGarona-EU581.6
41Bîbî Héro CorpGarona-EU581.5
42Eurýdíce ProphetsGarona-EU581.4
42Grognemort Héro CorpGarona-EU581.4
44Zivereir maitres de l illusionGarona-EU581.2
45Monquest ProphetsGarona-EU581.1
46Taøshi Prima LuceGarona-EU580.9
47Mïnass ZealotGarona-EU580.8
48Shandri Vaë VictisGarona-EU580.7
49Primanimal ProphetsGarona-EU580.5
50Zehya Prima LuceGarona-EU580.4
50Sylvia Prima LuceGarona-EU580.4
52Etcétera Prima LuceGarona-EU580.2
52Mørkaî R Í PGarona-EU580.2
52Thmar Prima LuceGarona-EU580.2
55Steelraw Vaë VictisGarona-EU580.1
56Fabulous Prima LuceGarona-EU580.0
56Ménache Héro CorpGarona-EU580.0
56Elhdred R Í PGarona-EU580.0
59Zangreborn ZealotGarona-EU579.9
59Drheresi Croque MitainesGarona-EU579.9
61Kyoub Prima LuceGarona-EU579.8
61Skÿzee maitres de l illusionGarona-EU579.8
61Fåyfåy Vaë VictisGarona-EU579.8
64Kodïak Vaë VictisGarona-EU579.7
64Chamoisi ModernGarona-EU579.7
66Shâuni Vaë VictisGarona-EU579.6
66Tarken R Í PGarona-EU579.6
68Heliast Croque MitainesGarona-EU579.2
69Sonië ProphetsGarona-EU579.1
69Fina Prima LuceGarona-EU579.1
69Zulmist R Í PGarona-EU579.1
69Cxian Vaë VictisGarona-EU579.1
73Acefox maitres de l illusionGarona-EU579.0
74Mähia Croisés de LordaeronGarona-EU578.9
75Dreamcast ProphetsGarona-EU578.8Not updated
76Kallawaya Héro CorpGarona-EU578.5
76Faguoren R Í PGarona-EU578.5
78Trollya Les révoltésGarona-EU578.4
79Blackmist Vaë VictisGarona-EU578.2
79Zztuf Aube EcarlateGarona-EU578.2
81Càn maitres de l illusionGarona-EU578.1
82Ahryã ProphetsGarona-EU578.0Not updated
83Keepcalm ProphetsGarona-EU577.9
83Manome Prima LuceGarona-EU577.9
83Anilor maitres de l illusionGarona-EU577.9
86Cléhopatre maitres de l illusionGarona-EU577.8
86October ZealotGarona-EU577.8
88Kahmäll  Garona-EU577.7
88Kouzu ProphetsGarona-EU577.7
88Demmonnia Héro CorpGarona-EU577.7
91Wølfën R Í PGarona-EU577.6
91Onegra ProphetsGarona-EU577.6Not updated
93Kasterian ZealotGarona-EU577.5
93Chocola Crazy about youGarona-EU577.5
95Yukitake R Í PGarona-EU577.4
95Papynymda CohésionGarona-EU577.4
95Kasuo ZealotGarona-EU577.4
95Poltergaïst Croque MitainesGarona-EU577.4
99Kvar ZealotGarona-EU577.3
99Drowën Dernier Rang PartGarona-EU577.3

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