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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Galakrond-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Cauchy Raiding RainbowsGalakrond-US590.0Not updated
2Depravity Raiding RainbowsGalakrond-US586.7Not updated
3Darwinism Knights Of Camelot IIGalakrond-US586.3Not updated
3Zorikune CRY MOARGalakrond-US586.3Not updated
5Deathuponyou Raiding RainbowsGalakrond-US585.9Not updated
6Aycel Raiding RainbowsGalakrond-US585.2Not updated
7Lillitheve  Galakrond-US584.5Not updated
8Tekillya Simple DirectionsGalakrond-US584.4Not updated
9Lindelof Raiding RainbowsGalakrond-US583.7Not updated
10Shortcircuit  Galakrond-US583.6Not updated
10Melyana Damage IncGalakrond-US583.6Not updated
12Daozi AegisGalakrond-US582.7Not updated
12Lysergia Team EliteGalakrond-US582.7Not updated
14Xyara SolemnGalakrond-US582.4Not updated
14Guilehart Raiding RainbowsGalakrond-US582.4Not updated
14Nakamuro Raiding RainbowsGalakrond-US582.4Not updated
17Furbag Raiding RainbowsGalakrond-US582.1Not updated
18Huntrod Raiding RainbowsGalakrond-US581.8Not updated
19Noobadin Raiding RainbowsGalakrond-US581.6Not updated
19Thdir Shut up and PullGalakrond-US581.6Not updated
19Kisser Over PoweredGalakrond-US581.6Not updated
22Arrellee KarmaGalakrond-US581.5Not updated
23Spheres Over PoweredGalakrond-US581.2Not updated
24Varjo  Galakrond-US581.1Not updated
24Maladelsia KarmaGalakrond-US581.1Not updated
24Hariuster  Galakrond-US581.1Not updated
27Ellan Raiding RainbowsGalakrond-US580.8Not updated
28Ashasity Raiding RainbowsGalakrond-US580.7Not updated
29Dethklok WrathGalakrond-US580.2Not updated
29Ojimann Brute ForceGalakrond-US580.2Not updated
29Terolane The Templar OrderGalakrond-US580.2Not updated
32Golgotha MistwalkersGalakrond-US579.9Not updated
32Celestrea Team EliteGalakrond-US579.9Not updated
32Ancabentwo AegisGalakrond-US579.9Not updated
32Erndrion  Galakrond-US579.9Not updated
32Craniopulsar Sha of BaconGalakrond-US579.9Not updated
37Rècklèss Knights of Dragons KeepGalakrond-US579.6Not updated
37Finisabdies Simple DirectionsGalakrond-US579.6Not updated
39Squidderfly  Galakrond-US579.5Not updated
39Twilightblue rez plsGalakrond-US579.5Not updated
41Aunyx AegisGalakrond-US579.1Not updated
41Shanixx  Galakrond-US579.1Not updated
41Ashlayah  Galakrond-US579.1Not updated
44Kihanna  Galakrond-US579.0Not updated
44Kiiro AegisGalakrond-US579.0Not updated
46Patrios EnigmáGalakrond-US578.9Not updated
47Miramar Shut up and PullGalakrond-US578.7Not updated
47Dirkshadow  Galakrond-US578.7Not updated
47Crooklyn Grinds My GearsGalakrond-US578.7Not updated
47Kathrandi AegisGalakrond-US578.7Not updated
51Erraya Team EliteGalakrond-US578.6Not updated
52Andorra EnigmáGalakrond-US578.3Not updated
52Samoya KarmaGalakrond-US578.3Not updated
52Nenic SolemnGalakrond-US578.3Not updated
55Clu AegisGalakrond-US578.1Not updated
56Bryte EnigmáGalakrond-US578.0Not updated
56Devinicit EnigmáGalakrond-US578.0Not updated
58Gilgalad  Galakrond-US577.9Not updated
58Wylee ExcaliburGalakrond-US577.9Not updated
58Ruivo Sha of BaconGalakrond-US577.9Not updated
58Darkjester Shreds Of FateGalakrond-US577.9Not updated
62Sinnamon  Galakrond-US577.8Not updated
62Jonbouy AegisGalakrond-US577.8Not updated
64Wravyn EnigmáGalakrond-US577.7Not updated
64Circleoflife Grinds My GearsGalakrond-US577.7Not updated
64Fixy The Living DeadGalakrond-US577.7Not updated
67Dirkdead  Galakrond-US577.6Not updated
67Mandrael Dark Lords of LightGalakrond-US577.6Not updated
69Locck Shut up and PullGalakrond-US577.5Not updated
69Tyrik AegisGalakrond-US577.5Not updated
69Tofrim LETHALGalakrond-US577.5Not updated
69Tuladran AegisGalakrond-US577.5Not updated
69Toom rez plsGalakrond-US577.5Not updated
74Fruitjoose  Galakrond-US577.4Not updated
75Kungfool The SyndicateGalakrond-US577.2Not updated
75Dirkalt  Galakrond-US577.2Not updated
75Clailea  Galakrond-US577.2Not updated
78Telobear rez plsGalakrond-US577.1Not updated
78Shottokill Knights of Dragons KeepGalakrond-US577.1Not updated
78Llams AegisGalakrond-US577.1Not updated
78Vonraiden Dark Lords of LightGalakrond-US577.1Not updated
78Jallad kings of WoWGalakrond-US577.1Not updated
83Xiansuo AegisGalakrond-US577.0Not updated
83Åttïlá  Galakrond-US577.0Not updated
85Arcalaust Raiding RainbowsGalakrond-US576.9Not updated
85Lien Raiding RainbowsGalakrond-US576.9Not updated
87Lockstarz Dark Lords of LightGalakrond-US576.7Not updated
87Behor  Galakrond-US576.7Not updated
87Rupturedone Damage IncGalakrond-US576.7Not updated
87Sanddivertwo Final SalvationGalakrond-US576.7Not updated
87Amynlauda AegisGalakrond-US576.7Not updated
92Darkeyes AegisGalakrond-US576.6Not updated
92Ramikor rez plsGalakrond-US576.6Not updated
92Dizzle Simple DirectionsGalakrond-US576.6Not updated
95Howls Team EliteGalakrond-US576.5Not updated
96Eatmatotems Raiding RainbowsGalakrond-US576.4Not updated
97Drathan rez plsGalakrond-US576.3Not updated
97Pyxsee EnigmáGalakrond-US576.3Not updated
99Toreador  Galakrond-US576.2Not updated
99Kayler rez plsGalakrond-US576.2Not updated

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