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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Frostmane-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Nightc Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU593.8Not updated
1Crønie ImmersionFrostmane-EU593.8Not updated
3Mips TurboFrostmane-EU590.8Not updated
4Moofié ValkyrieFrostmane-EU590.4Not updated
4ßear Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU590.4Not updated
4Dreamqt MercifulFrostmane-EU590.4Not updated
7Tarkaza CollusionFrostmane-EU590.2Not updated
7Mikhayhu HavøkFrostmane-EU590.2Not updated
7Lintwarrior Nova BlackoutFrostmane-EU590.2Not updated
10Thenazgûl MercifulFrostmane-EU590.0Not updated
10Warrco CollusionFrostmane-EU590.0Not updated
12Calith VeoFrostmane-EU589.9Not updated
12Sakuratei  Frostmane-EU589.9Not updated
12Janussan  Frostmane-EU589.9Not updated
15Mizopz Nova BlackoutFrostmane-EU589.8Not updated
16Sidaria StyleFrostmane-EU589.6Not updated
16Aról Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU589.6Not updated
16Swaguzan OriginFrostmane-EU589.6Not updated
16Anderpedro HombresFrostmane-EU589.6Not updated
16Anderpanda  Frostmane-EU589.6Not updated
21Deepblu StyleFrostmane-EU589.5Not updated
21Featuring KevlarFrostmane-EU589.5Not updated
21Sabiina OK Who PulledFrostmane-EU589.5Not updated
24Máradar Dude where s my mountFrostmane-EU589.4Not updated
24Cantí GoodGameFrostmane-EU589.4Not updated
24Frah Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU589.4Not updated
24Qotro MercifulFrostmane-EU589.4Not updated
24Linkaizer GoodGameFrostmane-EU589.4Not updated
24Slevana IneptFrostmane-EU589.4Not updated
30Haustoni VeoFrostmane-EU589.2Not updated
30Wámp AlysiumFrostmane-EU589.2Not updated
30Terrorr VeoFrostmane-EU589.2Not updated
30Linkery GoodGameFrostmane-EU589.2Not updated
30Aerenthíel NotoriousFrostmane-EU589.2Not updated
35Chùbby GuinnessFrostmane-EU589.1Not updated
35Ourez Nova BlackoutFrostmane-EU589.1Not updated
35Wrathie  Frostmane-EU589.1Not updated
35Talho Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU589.1Not updated
35Kaxxy ImmersionFrostmane-EU589.1Not updated
35Zendero VeoFrostmane-EU589.1Not updated
41Kakozz ImmersionFrostmane-EU589.0Not updated
41Merkuriuz VeoFrostmane-EU589.0Not updated
41Revennant  Frostmane-EU589.0Not updated
41Fuzzee  Frostmane-EU589.0Not updated
41Ragefactor GoodGameFrostmane-EU589.0Not updated
46Samsnug MazeFrostmane-EU588.8Not updated
46Nemesis AdeptFrostmane-EU588.8Not updated
46Prizlas Forgotten GuardiansFrostmane-EU588.8Not updated
46Mergås OK Who PulledFrostmane-EU588.8Not updated
46Borster Nova BlackoutFrostmane-EU588.8Not updated
46Nightdeed CollusionFrostmane-EU588.8Not updated
46Combatier AlysiumFrostmane-EU588.8Not updated
46Merinia Limited EditionFrostmane-EU588.8Not updated
46Sparknug Se Ipsum ExplicareFrostmane-EU588.8Not updated
55Scrubdk GoodGameFrostmane-EU588.7Not updated
55Tràzan IneptFrostmane-EU588.7Not updated
57Never GoodGameFrostmane-EU588.6Not updated
57Mystíkal ValkyrieFrostmane-EU588.6Not updated
57Degvr Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU588.6Not updated
57Spark  Frostmane-EU588.6Not updated
57Cass Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU588.6Not updated
57Nelyssa GoodGameFrostmane-EU588.6Not updated
63Vaeh MazeFrostmane-EU588.4Not updated
63Nevon HombresFrostmane-EU588.4Not updated
63Huntadre VeoFrostmane-EU588.4Not updated
63Bjôrnbär VeoFrostmane-EU588.4Not updated
63Leci Brush ControlFrostmane-EU588.4Not updated
63Kyerah StonefaceFrostmane-EU588.4Not updated
63Danì OriginFrostmane-EU588.4Not updated
63Limehouse MazeFrostmane-EU588.4Not updated
63Roonié AdeptFrostmane-EU588.4Not updated
63Meylor OK Who PulledFrostmane-EU588.4Not updated
63Xyz TurboFrostmane-EU588.4Not updated
63Aloura NotoriousFrostmane-EU588.4Not updated
63Degiel HombresFrostmane-EU588.4Not updated
63Raz MercifulFrostmane-EU588.4Not updated
77Whatifitoldu MercifulFrostmane-EU588.3Not updated
77Rolnics Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU588.3Not updated
77Sildor Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU588.3Not updated
77Zyxziz GoodGameFrostmane-EU588.3Not updated
77Dnor  Frostmane-EU588.3Not updated
77Tchub MercifulFrostmane-EU588.3Not updated
77Pazér NotoriousFrostmane-EU588.3Not updated
77Mästerkerre GoodGameFrostmane-EU588.3Not updated
77Fisst IneptFrostmane-EU588.3Not updated
77Stoma GoodGameFrostmane-EU588.3Not updated
77Seppie GoodGameFrostmane-EU588.3Not updated
77Holmquist  Frostmane-EU588.3Not updated
77Dogehouse Nova BlackoutFrostmane-EU588.3Not updated
77Beroz Players not FoundFrostmane-EU588.3Not updated
77Gray Dude where s my mountFrostmane-EU588.3Not updated
92Boozë Dude where s my mountFrostmane-EU588.2Not updated
92Eyll Dude where s my mountFrostmane-EU588.2Not updated
92Noctox GoodGameFrostmane-EU588.2Not updated
92Madnz GoodGameFrostmane-EU588.2Not updated
92Fieera GoodGameFrostmane-EU588.2Not updated
92Inopon Nova BlackoutFrostmane-EU588.2Not updated
92Reisai  Frostmane-EU588.2Not updated
92Vaala Nova BlackoutFrostmane-EU588.2Not updated
92Nilyna GoodGameFrostmane-EU588.2Not updated

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