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Frenzyheart-TW ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1超級小桃子  Frenzyheart-TW409.9Not updated
2鬼傻  Frenzyheart-TW409.5Not updated
2蘭馨幽夢  Frenzyheart-TW409.5Not updated
4粉粉喵  Frenzyheart-TW409.1Not updated
5咸咸的海風  Frenzyheart-TW408.7Not updated
6心落無痕  Frenzyheart-TW408.2Not updated
7南街  Frenzyheart-TW407.9Not updated
8浪漫玲瓏  Frenzyheart-TW407.8Not updated
8超市捏雪碧  Frenzyheart-TW407.8Not updated
10小薩龍龍 Evil strengthFrenzyheart-TW407.6Not updated
11死亡督軍  Frenzyheart-TW407.5Not updated
12不要喵我  Frenzyheart-TW407.1Not updated
12Sinistre  Frenzyheart-TW407.1Not updated
14傲嬌綠皮蘿莉  Frenzyheart-TW406.9Not updated
15小奈醬  Frenzyheart-TW406.8Not updated
16菲特拔拔  Frenzyheart-TW406.5Not updated
16莎爾  Frenzyheart-TW406.5Not updated
18嘔吐蛤蟆  Frenzyheart-TW406.2Not updated
19捏啊捏  Frenzyheart-TW406.1Not updated
19瘋狂的阿土  Frenzyheart-TW406.1Not updated
19Falle  Frenzyheart-TW406.1Not updated
19憤怒的小擦炮  Frenzyheart-TW406.1Not updated
23紫夜澄烯  Frenzyheart-TW405.9Not updated
23我叫死亡騎士 星海寧靜Frenzyheart-TW405.9Not updated
25打斷不容易  Frenzyheart-TW405.7Not updated
26魅影妖靈 THOUSANDS SUNNYFrenzyheart-TW405.6Not updated
26很多人  Frenzyheart-TW405.6Not updated
26淡淡囂張  Frenzyheart-TW405.6Not updated
29Claystone  Frenzyheart-TW405.5Not updated
30無敵小熊貓  Frenzyheart-TW405.4Not updated
31遠思獵 THOUSANDS SUNNYFrenzyheart-TW405.3Not updated
32Ogodeeto  Frenzyheart-TW405.2Not updated
33Kaisar  Frenzyheart-TW405.1Not updated
33安納蘇希  Frenzyheart-TW405.1Not updated
33沙洛佛克  Frenzyheart-TW405.1Not updated
36粉紅小水貨  Frenzyheart-TW405.0Not updated
37莫兮 Evil strengthFrenzyheart-TW404.9Not updated
37粗面 Evil strengthFrenzyheart-TW404.9Not updated
39曉曉文  Frenzyheart-TW404.7Not updated
40阿納斯塔里安  Frenzyheart-TW404.6Not updated
40柒頭王者 弗洛伊德的幻象Frenzyheart-TW404.6Not updated
42我就是小王  Frenzyheart-TW404.3Not updated
42沉默的新醬  Frenzyheart-TW404.3Not updated
44嗜雪  Frenzyheart-TW404.2Not updated
44約翰梅爾  Frenzyheart-TW404.2Not updated
44絕對暴力  Frenzyheart-TW404.2Not updated
44魔宴  Frenzyheart-TW404.2Not updated
44絕殺蠻  Frenzyheart-TW404.2Not updated
49獅靈小魯克  Frenzyheart-TW403.9Not updated
49守護聖靈  Frenzyheart-TW403.9Not updated
49最終鬼畜叔妹  Frenzyheart-TW403.9Not updated
49刃隱  Frenzyheart-TW403.9Not updated
49守護之盾  Frenzyheart-TW403.9Not updated
49Vickfeel  Frenzyheart-TW403.9Not updated
55薛咪  Frenzyheart-TW403.8Not updated
55蓋世英雄到來  Frenzyheart-TW403.8Not updated
55幻御莉雅  Frenzyheart-TW403.8Not updated
55遠古戰獸  Frenzyheart-TW403.8Not updated
55薄荷喵喵 弗洛伊德的幻象Frenzyheart-TW403.8Not updated
60試管女優  Frenzyheart-TW403.6Not updated
61萌萌小黑母牛  Frenzyheart-TW403.5Not updated
61星簌菲語  Frenzyheart-TW403.5Not updated
61夏無眠  Frenzyheart-TW403.5Not updated
61乂快樂美女乂  Frenzyheart-TW403.5Not updated
61焚燒之心  Frenzyheart-TW403.5Not updated
66伴童小四  Frenzyheart-TW403.4Not updated
66死完又死 NAGFrenzyheart-TW403.4Not updated
66小牛喝水  Frenzyheart-TW403.4Not updated
66大槻響 NAGFrenzyheart-TW403.4Not updated
66疾風幻影  Frenzyheart-TW403.4Not updated
66光明戰士  Frenzyheart-TW403.4Not updated
66Shiz  Frenzyheart-TW403.4Not updated
66圣極光  Frenzyheart-TW403.4Not updated
74鋤強扶弱  Frenzyheart-TW403.1Not updated
74Ziop  Frenzyheart-TW403.1Not updated
74二虎  Frenzyheart-TW403.1Not updated
74Holypally  Frenzyheart-TW403.1Not updated
74瑩月雪  Frenzyheart-TW403.1Not updated
74命運的創造者  Frenzyheart-TW403.1Not updated
74Natmi  Frenzyheart-TW403.1Not updated
74壞壞卡卡  Frenzyheart-TW403.1Not updated
82朱家呈  Frenzyheart-TW403.0Not updated
82弒血狂煞  Frenzyheart-TW403.0Not updated
82四號海落嬰  Frenzyheart-TW403.0Not updated
82天創罪業羅喉  Frenzyheart-TW403.0Not updated
82卍苦苦卍  Frenzyheart-TW403.0Not updated
87Entrerii  Frenzyheart-TW402.9Not updated
88彌雨  Frenzyheart-TW402.7Not updated
88冬雷陣陣  Frenzyheart-TW402.7Not updated
88一莫非一  Frenzyheart-TW402.7Not updated
88插啊插 THOUSANDS SUNNYFrenzyheart-TW402.7Not updated
88斯達爾  Frenzyheart-TW402.7Not updated
88萱寶貝  Frenzyheart-TW402.7Not updated
94Marble  Frenzyheart-TW402.6Not updated
94Donlee  Frenzyheart-TW402.6Not updated
94拉歐  Frenzyheart-TW402.6Not updated
94Aws  Frenzyheart-TW402.6Not updated
94兵甲武經 星海寧靜Frenzyheart-TW402.6Not updated
94尐鳥頭頭  Frenzyheart-TW402.6Not updated
94Trangoul  Frenzyheart-TW402.6Not updated

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