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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Firetree-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Relïc ONEFiretree-US590.0Not updated
2Avralynia ONEFiretree-US589.6Not updated
3Bear ONEFiretree-US589.1Not updated
4Annullo ONEFiretree-US588.8Not updated
5Vicario ONEFiretree-US588.6Not updated
6Shoxide  Firetree-US588.4Not updated
7Aevali VanquishFiretree-US588.3Not updated
8Katian ONEFiretree-US588.2Not updated
8Rukie ONEFiretree-US588.2Not updated
8Bantrolled ONEFiretree-US588.2Not updated
11Dralina ONEFiretree-US588.0Not updated
11Crøwlêy ONEFiretree-US588.0Not updated
11Naíls AbsolutéFiretree-US588.0Not updated
14Junoah ONEFiretree-US587.9Not updated
14Neal AbsolutéFiretree-US587.9Not updated
16Diabolical ONEFiretree-US587.5Not updated
16Eltoshan ONEFiretree-US587.5Not updated
16Faxxie ONEFiretree-US587.5Not updated
16Absynth tlcFiretree-US587.5Not updated
16Kmaz ONEFiretree-US587.5Not updated
16Norsan tlcFiretree-US587.5Not updated
16Khev ONEFiretree-US587.5Not updated
16Dreknar ONEFiretree-US587.5Not updated
16Vdayr VanquishFiretree-US587.5Not updated
16Alex ONEFiretree-US587.5Not updated
26Zenfective ONEFiretree-US587.1Not updated
26Pryda ONEFiretree-US587.1Not updated
26Ibiwen ONEFiretree-US587.1Not updated
26Shådé VanquishFiretree-US587.1Not updated
26Jazze ONEFiretree-US587.1Not updated
26Adondias tlcFiretree-US587.1Not updated
26Octavaria tlcFiretree-US587.1Not updated
26Rawriör ONEFiretree-US587.1Not updated
26Seksier tlcFiretree-US587.1Not updated
35Metrolol ONEFiretree-US586.8Not updated
36Musculate AbsolutéFiretree-US586.7Not updated
37Ziriken AbsolutéFiretree-US586.4Not updated
37Syiduck ONEFiretree-US586.4Not updated
37Gajêel sunshine girlsFiretree-US586.4Not updated
37Ixit AbsolutéFiretree-US586.4Not updated
37Calthrash AbsolutéFiretree-US586.4Not updated
37Substandard tlcFiretree-US586.4Not updated
43Tôpgun tlcFiretree-US586.3Not updated
43Darthruneis ONEFiretree-US586.3Not updated
43Fisperne AbsolutéFiretree-US586.3Not updated
43Rheanys ONEFiretree-US586.3Not updated
43Sparklehappy tlcFiretree-US586.3Not updated
48Sniffle ONEFiretree-US586.2Not updated
49Deathishell AbsolutéFiretree-US586.1Not updated
50Zarany VanquishFiretree-US586.0Not updated
50Sibelius tlcFiretree-US586.0Not updated
50Teneea tlcFiretree-US586.0Not updated
50Xavella ONEFiretree-US586.0Not updated
50Synclutch AbsolutéFiretree-US586.0Not updated
55Aprudess AbsolutéFiretree-US585.9Not updated
55Chiiba ONEFiretree-US585.9Not updated
55Tomlin tlcFiretree-US585.9Not updated
55Ping AbsolutéFiretree-US585.9Not updated
59Cryptkeeper VanquishFiretree-US585.6Not updated
59Gravedarknes AbsolutéFiretree-US585.6Not updated
61Désespoir tlcFiretree-US585.5Not updated
61Myath tlcFiretree-US585.5Not updated
63Ebbikenezer Paradigm ShiftFiretree-US585.4Not updated
63Vuelto tlcFiretree-US585.4Not updated
63Shot VanquishFiretree-US585.4Not updated
63Kuchi AbsolutéFiretree-US585.4Not updated
63Zodi VanquishFiretree-US585.4Not updated
68Gamtard tlcFiretree-US585.3Not updated
69Knavve VanquishFiretree-US585.2Not updated
69Seavucks VanquishFiretree-US585.2Not updated
69Bîxby ONEFiretree-US585.2Not updated
69Flow  Firetree-US585.2Not updated
73Hadard Paradigm ShiftFiretree-US585.1Not updated
73Vardamir tlcFiretree-US585.1Not updated
73Aksho AbsolutéFiretree-US585.1Not updated
76Dwyndyn VanquishFiretree-US585.0Not updated
77Duskstalker tlcFiretree-US584.9Not updated
77Raelena tlcFiretree-US584.9Not updated
79Muriggar AbsolutéFiretree-US584.8Not updated
79Fatmanmoe AbsolutéFiretree-US584.8Not updated
81Soren ONEFiretree-US584.6Not updated
82Dicta  Firetree-US584.5Not updated
83Zaroko VanquishFiretree-US584.4Not updated
83Preciouskoki Paradigm ShiftFiretree-US584.4Not updated
85Vachir AbsolutéFiretree-US584.2Not updated
85Gaymer Paradigm ShiftFiretree-US584.2Not updated
87Gamard tlcFiretree-US584.1Not updated
88Iculous Paradigm ShiftFiretree-US584.0Not updated
88Tardertoot Paradigm ShiftFiretree-US584.0Not updated
88Scy AbsolutéFiretree-US584.0Not updated
91Lycosette Paradigm ShiftFiretree-US583.7Not updated
92Saffonz  Firetree-US583.6Not updated
92Solâr ONEFiretree-US583.6Not updated
92Missfire Paradigm ShiftFiretree-US583.6Not updated
92Ovo sunshine girlsFiretree-US583.6Not updated
92Jesmarie ONEFiretree-US583.6Not updated
92Smokeup SolidarityFiretree-US583.6Not updated
98Kenshunter tlcFiretree-US583.2Not updated
98Edaragon VanquishFiretree-US583.2Not updated
98Zhengjiao Paradigm ShiftFiretree-US583.2Not updated

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