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Fenris-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Elspethtirel  Fenris-US586.4
2Eagan  Fenris-US585.9
3Slashe  Fenris-US585.5
4Drshadowbox so much junkFenris-US585.2
5Tremendous Towards GloryFenris-US585.1
5Galateacyc Hand of PainFenris-US585.1
7Lockforlyfe so much junkFenris-US585.0
8Ignoscere so much junkFenris-US584.9
9Floras so much junkFenris-US584.7
10Trimilo SupremacyFenris-US584.3
11Rudekmage RaidiculousFenris-US584.2
12Josephjts Towards GloryFenris-US584.0
13Matheas CheckmateFenris-US583.9
14Demongeist  Fenris-US583.8
15Garut so much junkFenris-US583.7
15Balach The OutcastsFenris-US583.7
15Aggranger  Fenris-US583.7
18Somewarguy so much junkFenris-US583.6
18Syzzle The OutcastsFenris-US583.6
20Krsnik  Fenris-US583.5
21Egonstranglr The OutcastsFenris-US583.3
21Dracogunner The OutcastsFenris-US583.3
23Cbaoth Towards GloryFenris-US583.2
23Dia  Fenris-US583.2
23Nobear Holy KhaosFenris-US583.2
23Insanity The OutcastsFenris-US583.2
27Ignotus Towards GloryFenris-US583.1
27Beerless End Game TheoryFenris-US583.1
29Ashartï so much junkFenris-US582.9
29Belyneda The OutcastsFenris-US582.9
29Atticuss RaidiculousFenris-US582.9
32Toasterere so much junkFenris-US582.8
33Aniar End Game TheoryFenris-US582.6
34Torto CheckmateFenris-US582.5
34Agglarrus  Fenris-US582.5
36Cryoxene The OutcastsFenris-US582.3
37Elyty End Game TheoryFenris-US582.1
37Cheeseynacho The OutcastsFenris-US582.1
39Hermi End Game TheoryFenris-US582.0
40Tyler RebirthFenris-US581.9
41Ftw SupremacyFenris-US581.8
42Vildhjarta The OutcastsFenris-US581.6
42Tokiko Hand of PainFenris-US581.6
42Moradìm Hand of PainFenris-US581.6
42Freyá End Game TheoryFenris-US581.6
46Tristara End Game TheoryFenris-US581.5
46Gustofrn End Game TheoryFenris-US581.5
46Carez RaidiculousFenris-US581.5
46Aieaa Hand of PainFenris-US581.5
50Bankai CheckmateFenris-US581.4
51Shamrise  Fenris-US581.3
52Thebigbagel Holy KhaosFenris-US581.2
52Jobelle CheckmateFenris-US581.2
52Mishine RaidiculousFenris-US581.2
52Dancloud RaidiculousFenris-US581.2
56Graywulf End Game TheoryFenris-US581.1
56Krippi End Game TheoryFenris-US581.1
58Wheelie Towards GloryFenris-US581.0
59Rabidfire  Fenris-US580.9
59Barbarius Towards GloryFenris-US580.9
61Kar End Game TheoryFenris-US580.7
61Ilducé RaidiculousFenris-US580.7
61Karaul RaidiculousFenris-US580.7
64Varment Hand of PainFenris-US580.5
65Crovanus CheckmateFenris-US580.4
66Vasego Towards GloryFenris-US580.3
67Tygran CheckmateFenris-US580.1
68Bluemeanie End Game TheoryFenris-US580.0
69Rakanishu The OutcastsFenris-US579.9
70Zero so much junkFenris-US579.6
71Kolchak CheckmateFenris-US579.5
72Magnii End Game TheoryFenris-US579.4
72Kennys Evil AngelsFenris-US579.4
74Bluesix Hand of PainFenris-US579.3
75Louredana End Game TheoryFenris-US579.2
75Kalzak End Game TheoryFenris-US579.2
75Rauden CheckmateFenris-US579.2
78Haraidric The OutcastsFenris-US579.1
78Cody The OutcastsFenris-US579.1
80Paksha so much junkFenris-US578.9
81Pãndemic Towards GloryFenris-US578.6
81Cosnirak CheckmateFenris-US578.6
81Malifist Hand of PainFenris-US578.6
84Shadythought The OutcastsFenris-US578.5
84Rob  Fenris-US578.5
86Arthãs CheckmateFenris-US578.4
86Adreynd  Fenris-US578.4
88Jakubach Hand of PainFenris-US578.2
89Cognito SupremacyFenris-US577.9
89Rakachu The OutcastsFenris-US577.9
89Praxeum CheckmateFenris-US577.9
92Galadriël End Game TheoryFenris-US577.7
93Rozalynn CheckmateFenris-US577.6
93Crónus LordsofDarknessFenris-US577.6
95Catagarta Luna WolvesFenris-US577.5
95Dreamtalker End Game TheoryFenris-US577.5
97Asharti VelocityFenris-US577.3
97Zirfret RaidiculousFenris-US577.3
97Powrwordfail Towards GloryFenris-US577.3
100Saemona  Fenris-US577.2

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