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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Fenris-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Gustofrn End Game TheoryFenris-US589.6Not updated
2Floras so much junkFenris-US588.4Not updated
3Jakubach Hand of PainFenris-US587.6Not updated
3Belyneda The OutcastsFenris-US587.6Not updated
5Fatherhere End Game TheoryFenris-US587.5Not updated
5Galateacyc Hand of PainFenris-US587.5Not updated
5Tristara End Game TheoryFenris-US587.5Not updated
8Dafyl The OutcastsFenris-US587.4Not updated
9Synystêr VelocityFenris-US587.2Not updated
9Garut so much junkFenris-US587.2Not updated
11Balach The OutcastsFenris-US587.1Not updated
11Trimilo SupremacyFenris-US587.1Not updated
13Rob SupremacyFenris-US586.8Not updated
14Cryoxene The OutcastsFenris-US586.7Not updated
14Kalzak End Game TheoryFenris-US586.7Not updated
16Drshadowbox The Templar KnightsFenris-US586.4Not updated
16Bluemeanie End Game TheoryFenris-US586.4Not updated
16Krippi End Game TheoryFenris-US586.4Not updated
19Bloodseraph The OutcastsFenris-US586.3Not updated
19Ridonculous SupremacyFenris-US586.3Not updated
19Ariona VelocityFenris-US586.3Not updated
19Slashe SupremacyFenris-US586.3Not updated
23Nobear Holy KhaosFenris-US586.0Not updated
23Syzzle The OutcastsFenris-US586.0Not updated
25Ftw SupremacyFenris-US585.9Not updated
25Aniar End Game TheoryFenris-US585.9Not updated
25Ashartï so much junkFenris-US585.9Not updated
28Divacom VelocityFenris-US585.8Not updated
28Beerless End Game TheoryFenris-US585.8Not updated
30Graywulf End Game TheoryFenris-US585.7Not updated
31Hermi End Game TheoryFenris-US585.6Not updated
31Fynessa VelocityFenris-US585.6Not updated
31Curane REGIMENT OF CHAOSFenris-US585.6Not updated
31Vashtanérada End Game TheoryFenris-US585.6Not updated
35Hadés SupremacyFenris-US585.5Not updated
36Dia SupremacyFenris-US585.4Not updated
37Ignoscere so much junkFenris-US585.2Not updated
37Cristom SupremacyFenris-US585.2Not updated
37Lockforlyfe so much junkFenris-US585.2Not updated
37Paksha so much junkFenris-US585.2Not updated
41Tremendous Towards GloryFenris-US585.1Not updated
42Rudekmage RaidiculousFenris-US585.0Not updated
43Redstard VelocityFenris-US584.9Not updated
44Tokiko Hand of PainFenris-US584.8Not updated
45Chrysi VelocityFenris-US584.7Not updated
45Unliterate The OutcastsFenris-US584.7Not updated
47Karaul RaidiculousFenris-US584.4Not updated
47Bluesix Hand of PainFenris-US584.4Not updated
47Somewarguy so much junkFenris-US584.4Not updated
50Atticuss RaidiculousFenris-US584.1Not updated
51Adreynd SupremacyFenris-US584.0Not updated
51Demongeist  Fenris-US584.0Not updated
51Freyá End Game TheoryFenris-US584.0Not updated
54Crónus SupremacyFenris-US583.9Not updated
54Elohinam  Fenris-US583.9Not updated
56Prometherion The OutcastsFenris-US583.8Not updated
57Praxeum CheckmateFenris-US583.7Not updated
57Kahlin SupremacyFenris-US583.7Not updated
57Kolchak CheckmateFenris-US583.7Not updated
57Elyty End Game TheoryFenris-US583.7Not updated
57Torto CheckmateFenris-US583.7Not updated
57Cheeseynacho The OutcastsFenris-US583.7Not updated
63Disciplina End Game TheoryFenris-US583.6Not updated
63Serenitiest Evil AngelsFenris-US583.6Not updated
63Insanity The OutcastsFenris-US583.6Not updated
66Lokelani Hand of PainFenris-US583.5Not updated
66Krsnik  Fenris-US583.5Not updated
68Notyowife End Game TheoryFenris-US583.4Not updated
69Showtek End Game TheoryFenris-US583.3Not updated
69Rabidfire SupremacyFenris-US583.3Not updated
69Agranaar End Game TheoryFenris-US583.3Not updated
72Ignotus Towards GloryFenris-US583.1Not updated
73Rakachu The OutcastsFenris-US582.9Not updated
73Snouts RaidiculousFenris-US582.9Not updated
73Egonstranglr The OutcastsFenris-US582.9Not updated
76Agglarrus  Fenris-US582.8Not updated
76Dominatus SupremacyFenris-US582.8Not updated
78Puppylust Hand of PainFenris-US582.7Not updated
79Mishine RaidiculousFenris-US582.6Not updated
80Edwinger VelocityFenris-US582.5Not updated
80Asharti VelocityFenris-US582.5Not updated
80Ilducé RaidiculousFenris-US582.5Not updated
80Lyralynn End Game TheoryFenris-US582.5Not updated
84Percocetotc End Game TheoryFenris-US582.4Not updated
84Vildhjarta The OutcastsFenris-US582.4Not updated
84Rakanishu The OutcastsFenris-US582.4Not updated
87Asten SupremacyFenris-US582.3Not updated
87Lifetree VelocityFenris-US582.3Not updated
87Ielenia VelocityFenris-US582.3Not updated
90Saemona  Fenris-US582.1Not updated
90Jobelle CheckmateFenris-US582.1Not updated
90Carez RaidiculousFenris-US582.1Not updated
93Caleisto The OutcastsFenris-US582.0Not updated
93Dancloud RaidiculousFenris-US582.0Not updated
93Cody The OutcastsFenris-US582.0Not updated
93Kennys Evil AngelsFenris-US582.0Not updated
93Felgibson SupremacyFenris-US582.0Not updated
98Tyler RebirthFenris-US581.9Not updated
98Wispr Evil AngelsFenris-US581.9Not updated
98Hardwarlock VelocityFenris-US581.9Not updated

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