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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Exodar-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Turaq îcønExodar-US588.4Not updated
2Hellriderr VoltagèExodar-US588.3Not updated
2Eyos ArchonExodar-US588.3Not updated
4Urahi îcønExodar-US588.0Not updated
5Jynfoo The GorgonitesExodar-US587.9Not updated
6Fred FatalExodar-US587.6Not updated
6Everszor DI the HunterExodar-US587.6Not updated
8Nattiral îcønExodar-US587.1Not updated
8Grimwater îcønExodar-US587.1Not updated
10Mainae ArchonExodar-US587.0Not updated
11Chipper VoltagèExodar-US586.8Not updated
12Tamz The GorgonitesExodar-US586.7Not updated
13Leesin The GorgonitesExodar-US586.4Not updated
13Desimatee The GorgonitesExodar-US586.4Not updated
15Gromultimas  Exodar-US586.3Not updated
15Whtbttnshoot îcønExodar-US586.3Not updated
15Discofiend VoltagèExodar-US586.3Not updated
15Sogru ContingencyExodar-US586.3Not updated
19Silkblade ArchonExodar-US586.2Not updated
20Somedumbname îcønExodar-US586.0Not updated
20Venous ContingencyExodar-US586.0Not updated
22Pyncki ContingencyExodar-US585.9Not updated
23Sukawolf ArchonExodar-US585.8Not updated
24Pyronics ContingencyExodar-US585.6Not updated
24Uselis ContingencyExodar-US585.6Not updated
24Everkind îcønExodar-US585.6Not updated
24Solendoran The GorgonitesExodar-US585.6Not updated
28Legaia The GorgonitesExodar-US585.5Not updated
28Theshocker îcønExodar-US585.5Not updated
28Bustard ContingencyExodar-US585.5Not updated
28Tohrn ContingencyExodar-US585.5Not updated
28Teddyßær ContingencyExodar-US585.5Not updated
28Synlied ContingencyExodar-US585.5Not updated
28Aileana DI the HunterExodar-US585.5Not updated
35Asheria  Exodar-US585.4Not updated
36Pipergirl îcønExodar-US585.3Not updated
36Loopdog ArchonExodar-US585.3Not updated
38Liandrin ContingencyExodar-US585.2Not updated
38Neuro HaloExodar-US585.2Not updated
38Synii The GorgonitesExodar-US585.2Not updated
41Khazul îcønExodar-US585.1Not updated
41Vox ContingencyExodar-US585.1Not updated
43Gnoway îcønExodar-US585.0Not updated
44Hakeem The GorgonitesExodar-US584.9Not updated
44Tolgor NoctisExodar-US584.9Not updated
46Ketto îcønExodar-US584.8Not updated
47Selacious ArchonExodar-US584.7Not updated
48Lurosa Primal MightExodar-US584.6Not updated
49Aris îcønExodar-US584.5Not updated
49Sederath The GorgonitesExodar-US584.5Not updated
49Bahm The GorgonitesExodar-US584.5Not updated
52Meldaris ArchonExodar-US584.4Not updated
52Khaleesii îcønExodar-US584.4Not updated
54Hadadious ArchonExodar-US584.2Not updated
54Tilamano ContingencyExodar-US584.2Not updated
54Beastlybrett ContingencyExodar-US584.2Not updated
57Ahron ContingencyExodar-US584.1Not updated
57Sugaboogaa ContingencyExodar-US584.1Not updated
59Hairypitts Deathwings FollyExodar-US583.9Not updated
59Scaar  Exodar-US583.9Not updated
61Katnissever ContingencyExodar-US583.8Not updated
62Listerfiend VoltagèExodar-US583.7Not updated
62Nighttangle ArchonExodar-US583.7Not updated
62Elnara Raiders RebornExodar-US583.7Not updated
65Nightowll DI the HunterExodar-US583.6Not updated
65Cúchulainn DI the HunterExodar-US583.6Not updated
65Effone ContingencyExodar-US583.6Not updated
68Petichan The GorgonitesExodar-US583.4Not updated
69Colmadero ArchonExodar-US583.3Not updated
69Lauren  Exodar-US583.3Not updated
71Tannhia ArchonExodar-US583.1Not updated
72Elgee ContingencyExodar-US582.9Not updated
72Puppy  Exodar-US582.9Not updated
72Enma Righteous BladeExodar-US582.9Not updated
72Fajitas VoltagèExodar-US582.9Not updated
76Reisil Raiders RebornExodar-US582.8Not updated
76Baalshêm ArchonExodar-US582.8Not updated
76Zezmazuru îcønExodar-US582.8Not updated
79Attiçus Distinct AdvantageExodar-US582.7Not updated
80Avan îcønExodar-US582.5Not updated
80Paulallen  Exodar-US582.5Not updated
82Humbled ContingencyExodar-US582.4Not updated
82Harribel ContingencyExodar-US582.4Not updated
82Sheister  Exodar-US582.4Not updated
82Vossler The GorgonitesExodar-US582.4Not updated
82Likecandy  Exodar-US582.4Not updated
82Syphor îcønExodar-US582.4Not updated
82Rifkis ArchonExodar-US582.4Not updated
89Halfsize ArchonExodar-US582.3Not updated
90Hotrocks îcønExodar-US582.1Not updated
91Gildartz îcønExodar-US582.0Not updated
91Thordaal Distinct AdvantageExodar-US582.0Not updated
93Stormrender ContingencyExodar-US581.9Not updated
93Srarthas LegitExodar-US581.9Not updated
95Zariotyrius ArchonExodar-US581.8Not updated
96Tubbytotems ContingencyExodar-US581.7Not updated
97Tinkles Distinct AdvantageExodar-US581.6Not updated
97Wizzaadben ArchonExodar-US581.6Not updated
99Köhanïm ArchonExodar-US581.5Not updated
99Rageface The GorgonitesExodar-US581.5Not updated

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