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Eonar-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Tehpounderer Side ProjectEonar-US588.6
2Wuxi Side ProjectEonar-US588.2
3Stari Side ProjectEonar-US587.9
3Vdawg AscensionEonar-US587.9
3Tornadoz Side ProjectEonar-US587.9
6Massacre Side ProjectEonar-US587.8
7Warcrimes AscensionEonar-US587.5
7Paradux Side ProjectEonar-US587.5
7Silvermaege AscensionEonar-US587.5
7Lucree AscensionEonar-US587.5
7Ruevar Side ProjectEonar-US587.5
7Zerkom AscensionEonar-US587.5
13Manbeartwig AscensionEonar-US587.1
13Saibot Side ProjectEonar-US587.1
13Forged Side ProjectEonar-US587.1
13Nymerielle Side ProjectEonar-US587.1
17Velitha AscensionEonar-US587.0
18Grill AscensionEonar-US586.7
18Røy Side ProjectEonar-US586.7
20Feita Side ProjectEonar-US586.4
20Saurphang Side ProjectEonar-US586.4
20Lemonavenger AscensionEonar-US586.4
23Zerulus AscensionEonar-US586.3
23Sphínx AscensionEonar-US586.3
23Stullah Side ProjectEonar-US586.3
26Konstantino  Eonar-US586.0
26Ozoo AscensionEonar-US586.0
28Treezen AscensionEonar-US585.9
28Wagnard Ambassadors of HyruleEonar-US585.9
28Magicshammy Side ProjectEonar-US585.9
31Jenek AscensionEonar-US585.6
31Grivkar AscensionEonar-US585.6
31Tearopart AscensionEonar-US585.6
31Karsten AddictedEonar-US585.6
35Ôrîon Side ProjectEonar-US585.5
36Ryrin Side ProjectEonar-US585.2
36Sovietshaman AddictedEonar-US585.2
38Hügme Side ProjectEonar-US585.1
39Duroar Has Bad IntentionsEonar-US585.0
40Methusael Side ProjectEonar-US584.8
40Shamëz The Evil League Of EvilEonar-US584.8
42Xouphii Ambassadors of HyruleEonar-US584.7
43Sewi Has Bad IntentionsEonar-US584.6
43Eversora The SanctumEonar-US584.6
43Gidgy PerpetualEonar-US584.6
46Nusku Side ProjectEonar-US584.5
46Celdina The First FleetEonar-US584.5
48Malden ComplexityEonar-US584.4
48Urkagan ComplexityEonar-US584.4
48Nulasgalad AddictedEonar-US584.4
51Teribill Has Bad IntentionsEonar-US584.1
51Donnachaidh Sutekh OrbitasEonar-US584.1
51Zorjord AscensionEonar-US584.1
51Ðisgrace AscensionEonar-US584.1
55Lauriel Has Bad IntentionsEonar-US583.8
55Raduo AddictedEonar-US583.8
57Darkripper Side ProjectEonar-US583.7
57Nadya AddictedEonar-US583.7
57Khalbarin AddictedEonar-US583.7
57Innovation AddictedEonar-US583.7
57Dribble Mithral HallEonar-US583.7
57Dêad Side ProjectEonar-US583.7
63Mayhemmonk BlacklistedEonar-US583.6
64Direvoltage Side ProjectEonar-US583.4
64Caesus Side ProjectEonar-US583.4Not updated
64Snigles Stand In Fire DPS HigherEonar-US583.4
67Bladz Has Bad IntentionsEonar-US583.3
67Ascoot AddictedEonar-US583.3
69Ysriel AddictedEonar-US583.2
69Karmà Has Bad IntentionsEonar-US583.2
71Raa ComplexityEonar-US582.9
72Kaiden Side ProjectEonar-US582.6Not updated
73Glenin Sutekh OrbitasEonar-US582.4
73Airst Side ProjectEonar-US582.4
75Utherpendrg  Eonar-US582.3Not updated
76Korbar PerpetualEonar-US582.1
76Dyanae Ambassadors of HyruleEonar-US582.1
78Cindyfulvia AddictedEonar-US582.0
79Yiangaruga AscensionEonar-US581.9
80Halolethni AddictedEonar-US581.7
80Teflondon ComplexityEonar-US581.7
80Krrynn PerpetualEonar-US581.7Not updated
83Phantogris The First FleetEonar-US581.6
83Whatfairfoot Ambassadors of HyruleEonar-US581.6
85Deplane BeeroismEonar-US581.5
85Mekell BeeroismEonar-US581.5
85Neocronus The SanctumEonar-US581.5
85Darklast  Eonar-US581.5
89Executionlxs BloodlettingEonar-US581.4
90Zeala The Gods Of EonarEonar-US581.3Not updated
90Oriøn AscensionEonar-US581.3Not updated
92Thunderbow Has Bad IntentionsEonar-US581.2
93Star Side ProjectEonar-US581.1
93Lohgan PerpetualEonar-US581.1
93Cyniczor Has Bad IntentionsEonar-US581.1
93Chypp Has Bad IntentionsEonar-US581.1Not updated
93Doofer AscensionEonar-US581.1
98Kìtten Second AttemptEonar-US580.8
98Mel Sutekh OrbitasEonar-US580.8
100Ryngs Has Bad IntentionsEonar-US580.6

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