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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Emeriss-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Pandorum For HireEmeriss-EU589.5Not updated
2Ashwing Cult of the DoomedEmeriss-EU589.1Not updated
3Thatsnotmilk For HireEmeriss-EU588.8Not updated
3Madeforkill Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU588.8Not updated
5Ibwa For HireEmeriss-EU588.0Not updated
6Titatovenaar For HireEmeriss-EU587.9Not updated
7Heealthis For HireEmeriss-EU587.7Not updated
8Agzerius Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU587.6Not updated
9Valaria Quantum of RageEmeriss-EU587.5Not updated
10Sharpman Cult of the DoomedEmeriss-EU587.2Not updated
11Deathblood OverpoweredEmeriss-EU587.1Not updated
11Longtooth Quantum of RageEmeriss-EU587.1Not updated
11Beasttamer  Emeriss-EU587.1Not updated
14Shadowside Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU587.0Not updated
15Høax For HireEmeriss-EU586.8Not updated
15Kachmal For HireEmeriss-EU586.8Not updated
17Baxur Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU586.7Not updated
18Ratzel Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU586.4Not updated
18Sealamin For HireEmeriss-EU586.4Not updated
20Fittull For HireEmeriss-EU586.3Not updated
20Healsta For HireEmeriss-EU586.3Not updated
20Vyrath Cult of the DoomedEmeriss-EU586.3Not updated
23Worthgold For HireEmeriss-EU586.2Not updated
24Warboost Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU586.0Not updated
24Helland Quantum of RageEmeriss-EU586.0Not updated
24Gorbbo Cult of the DoomedEmeriss-EU586.0Not updated
27Wishin OverpoweredEmeriss-EU585.9Not updated
28Gintoniq Cult of the DoomedEmeriss-EU585.5Not updated
28Spookums Quantum of RageEmeriss-EU585.5Not updated
28Bouvet Roche LimitEmeriss-EU585.5Not updated
31Elektrika For HireEmeriss-EU585.2Not updated
31Vorkosigan Cult of the DoomedEmeriss-EU585.2Not updated
31Garibaldy Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU585.2Not updated
31Coprostasis Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU585.2Not updated
35Bellian For HireEmeriss-EU585.1Not updated
36Dedete Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU585.0Not updated
37Hevyheven  Emeriss-EU584.9Not updated
37Dreamwalker For HireEmeriss-EU584.9Not updated
39Kidnapped OverpoweredEmeriss-EU584.7Not updated
39Odchigin For HireEmeriss-EU584.7Not updated
41Katyn For HireEmeriss-EU584.5Not updated
42Livinghorror Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU584.1Not updated
42Amesis Roche LimitEmeriss-EU584.1Not updated
44Redwind Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU584.0Not updated
44Luftangriff Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU584.0Not updated
44Crowley Quantum of RageEmeriss-EU584.0Not updated
47Ebemelfi Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU583.6Not updated
47Scárface Quantum of RageEmeriss-EU583.6Not updated
47Haln Cult of the DoomedEmeriss-EU583.6Not updated
50Kompira OverpoweredEmeriss-EU583.2Not updated
50Sisey Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU583.2Not updated
52Izzo Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU583.1Not updated
53Hlebka Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU582.9Not updated
53Nebel Roche LimitEmeriss-EU582.9Not updated
53Beijar Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU582.9Not updated
53Shadowstar Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU582.9Not updated
57Clinical For HireEmeriss-EU582.7Not updated
58Sesiko Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU582.6Not updated
59Djubey Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU582.5Not updated
59Martveca Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU582.5Not updated
59Breakzs Quantum of RageEmeriss-EU582.5Not updated
62Spoochies For HireEmeriss-EU582.4Not updated
62Therael Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU582.4Not updated
64Fury Quantum of RageEmeriss-EU582.1Not updated
64Jjxjj For HireEmeriss-EU582.1Not updated
64Rhythmic OverpoweredEmeriss-EU582.1Not updated
67Stygianis Cult of the DoomedEmeriss-EU581.6Not updated
68Molyy SPARTAEmeriss-EU581.5Not updated
68Henker For HireEmeriss-EU581.5Not updated
68Lifeel OverpoweredEmeriss-EU581.5Not updated
68Blubneus For HireEmeriss-EU581.5Not updated
72Decoil Dagon RootsEmeriss-EU581.2Not updated
73Santar Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU581.1Not updated
73Roelz For HireEmeriss-EU581.1Not updated
75Huligan Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU581.0Not updated
75Ace For HireEmeriss-EU581.0Not updated
77Felroz OverpoweredEmeriss-EU580.7Not updated
78Necrom Cult of the DoomedEmeriss-EU580.5Not updated
78Faintly PÁW PÁWEmeriss-EU580.5Not updated
80Pletter For HireEmeriss-EU580.4Not updated
81Mindmaker  Emeriss-EU580.3Not updated
81Divas Cult of the DoomedEmeriss-EU580.3Not updated
83Corella Cult of the DoomedEmeriss-EU580.2Not updated
83Illyriana Cult of the DoomedEmeriss-EU580.2Not updated
85Adbaldur  Emeriss-EU580.1Not updated
86Okorsis Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU580.0Not updated
87Gnarfel Quantum of RageEmeriss-EU579.9Not updated
87Pandoraa Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU579.9Not updated
89Draks Forgotten TribeEmeriss-EU579.7Not updated
89Claul Cult of the DoomedEmeriss-EU579.7Not updated
91Rogrey Crazy WatersEmeriss-EU579.5Not updated
92Touzzer OverpoweredEmeriss-EU579.3Not updated
93Shockolates Cult of the DoomedEmeriss-EU579.2Not updated
94Inodorapls Say PlzEmeriss-EU578.9Not updated
94Speartusk OverpoweredEmeriss-EU578.9Not updated
94Kîllore For HireEmeriss-EU578.9Not updated
97Purepoison Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU578.8Not updated
98Antipati Cult of the DoomedEmeriss-EU578.6Not updated
99Beginnerr Dark CloudEmeriss-EU578.5Not updated
99Cappuccino For HireEmeriss-EU578.5Not updated

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