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Emerald Dream-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Dragonstyle AurumEmerald Dream-EU589.8
2Ezrya IlluminaEmerald Dream-EU588.6
3Cyber IlluminaEmerald Dream-EU588.3
4Shinamaya Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU588.2
4Faoust Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU588.2
6Ardha Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU587.9
6Navi IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU587.9
6Effex Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU587.9
6Thundérduck IlluminaEmerald Dream-EU587.9
6Tsukuyomi Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU587.9
11Voxel IlluminaEmerald Dream-EU587.5
11Mooffin Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU587.5
11Kaoz IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU587.5
11Romaz Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU587.5
11Taina IlluminaEmerald Dream-EU587.5
16Emotion IlluminaEmerald Dream-EU587.1
16Soryshe Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU587.1
16Silanaa IlluminaEmerald Dream-EU587.1
19Shinra Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU586.9
20Toofles Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU586.8
20Satariella AurumEmerald Dream-EU586.8
20Nuxy Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU586.8
23Reakwon Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU586.7
23Scartrion Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU586.7
23Sigurth Tempus FugitEmerald Dream-EU586.7
26Akria Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU586.6
27Dóriath Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU586.4
27Weedhawaii IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU586.4
27Ariadni IlluminaEmerald Dream-EU586.4
27Truebrain SunfallEmerald Dream-EU586.4
31Tussilago OmenEmerald Dream-EU586.3
31Nitewish VIIEmerald Dream-EU586.3
33Papa IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU586.2
34Mêatfacê Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU586.1
35Website Safety Not GuaranteedEmerald Dream-EU586.0
35Frikaa Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU586.0
35Gnumpf RenaissanceEmerald Dream-EU586.0
35Yowshi VIIEmerald Dream-EU586.0
35Olibats Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU586.0
35Yax IlluminaEmerald Dream-EU586.0
41Nidix IlluminaEmerald Dream-EU585.9
41Bootec RenaissanceEmerald Dream-EU585.9
41Mezzy AurumEmerald Dream-EU585.9
41Azaia Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU585.9
41Alilsandra VIIEmerald Dream-EU585.9
41Mythius VIIEmerald Dream-EU585.9
41Garretta IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU585.9
41Bendeis LunarEmerald Dream-EU585.9
41Flushu VIIEmerald Dream-EU585.9
50Genzoo IlluminaEmerald Dream-EU585.8
51Perflehjerte AurumEmerald Dream-EU585.7
52Karzell LunarEmerald Dream-EU585.6
52Laniah IlluminaEmerald Dream-EU585.6
52Malantura Safety Not GuaranteedEmerald Dream-EU585.6
52Líam AurumEmerald Dream-EU585.6
52Tymia OmenEmerald Dream-EU585.6
52Drazekiel Bad OmenEmerald Dream-EU585.6
52Dumbeldore RenaissanceEmerald Dream-EU585.6
52Gizy RenaissanceEmerald Dream-EU585.6
52Hellzinko VIIEmerald Dream-EU585.6
52Misseymage Bad OmenEmerald Dream-EU585.6
62Pessimism VIIEmerald Dream-EU585.5
62Vim LunarEmerald Dream-EU585.5
62Murmelock RenaissanceEmerald Dream-EU585.5
62Rulfs AurumEmerald Dream-EU585.5
62Darrows LunarEmerald Dream-EU585.5
62Harrocco IlluminaEmerald Dream-EU585.5
62Criptic AurumEmerald Dream-EU585.5
62Neryah IlluminaEmerald Dream-EU585.5
70Noxían  Emerald Dream-EU585.4
70Varil IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU585.4
72Anaris Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU585.2
72Yawnaholic Safety Not GuaranteedEmerald Dream-EU585.2
72Salitos LunarEmerald Dream-EU585.2
72Turox Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU585.2
72Blóódhammer AurumEmerald Dream-EU585.2
77Reuel Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU585.1
77Trollindirty Broken EclipseEmerald Dream-EU585.1
77Chaýa RenaissanceEmerald Dream-EU585.1
80Darkkevin VIIEmerald Dream-EU585.0
81Fraggy RenaissanceEmerald Dream-EU584.9
81Krisblade LunarEmerald Dream-EU584.9
81Himiko RenaissanceEmerald Dream-EU584.9
81Fendil IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU584.9
81Phinkle Safety Not GuaranteedEmerald Dream-EU584.9
81Jestricide AurumEmerald Dream-EU584.9
87Tierdra Safety Not GuaranteedEmerald Dream-EU584.8
87Tiffani Bad OmenEmerald Dream-EU584.8
87Vragolan BridgeburnersEmerald Dream-EU584.8
87Quackers IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU584.8
91Faiakas RenaissanceEmerald Dream-EU584.7
91Ferches VIIEmerald Dream-EU584.7
93Cantor OmenEmerald Dream-EU584.6
94Khristellyne IlluminaEmerald Dream-EU584.5
94Lindles AurumEmerald Dream-EU584.5
94Calyssto IlluminaEmerald Dream-EU584.5
94Jellibabe AurumEmerald Dream-EU584.5
98Kazaal BridgeburnersEmerald Dream-EU584.4
99Beafour VIIEmerald Dream-EU584.2
99Ubberleet Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU584.2

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