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Elune-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Ranico Undying ResolutionElune-US581.5
2Badhunter Just CrusadeElune-US581.1
3Negbeard Just CrusadeElune-US580.3
4Izola stalk and killElune-US579.5
5Diomede Just CrusadeElune-US579.1
5Mindalen Undying ResolutionElune-US579.1
5Shamwows Just CrusadeElune-US579.1
8Solenus stalk and killElune-US578.8
9Zweibella Undying ResolutionElune-US578.5
10Tobin stalk and killElune-US578.3
11Lilsmity AxisElune-US578.2
12Trusker Undying ResolutionElune-US577.9
12Stryke AmnestyElune-US577.9
12Clipe InstabilityElune-US577.9
12Metsuki Just CrusadeElune-US577.9
12Masanori stalk and killElune-US577.9
12Activez stalk and killElune-US577.9
18Jeesus AmnestyElune-US577.7
19Feilong stalk and killElune-US577.6
19Lodeslinger Just CrusadeElune-US577.6
19Firatha Undying ResolutionElune-US577.6
19Kaly Just CrusadeElune-US577.6
23Torthic The Order of OrpheusElune-US577.5
23Arcaneth Undying ResolutionElune-US577.5
25Loaffe Just CrusadeElune-US577.4
26Kielo PTWNElune-US577.3
26Anthuan AxisElune-US577.3
28Kawngi stalk and killElune-US577.2
28Whommp stalk and killElune-US577.2
30Binkles Just CrusadeElune-US577.1
30Jaynie Just CrusadeElune-US577.1
32Kyonkichi AxisElune-US576.9
32Muragh stalk and killElune-US576.9
32Kimmyjungun The Order of OrpheusElune-US576.9
32Dinkies Just CrusadeElune-US576.9
36Imordeth Reality CheckElune-US576.7
36Smity AxisElune-US576.7
38Renate Reality CheckElune-US576.6
39Brently Just CrusadeElune-US576.5
39Mythre  Elune-US576.5
41Starsurge AmnestyElune-US576.4
41Sotsu AxisElune-US576.4
43Ewwdwarf PTWNElune-US576.3
43Obknøxious Just CrusadeElune-US576.3
43Snakendeyes Undying ResolutionElune-US576.3
46Jw Undying ResolutionElune-US576.1
46Finalflame Undying ResolutionElune-US576.1
46Rekviem Undying ResolutionElune-US576.1
46Ariano Undying ResolutionElune-US576.1
50Ash InstabilityElune-US576.0
50Ninelives stalk and killElune-US576.0
52Jellyfish Just CrusadeElune-US575.9
52Pawnfu Undying ResolutionElune-US575.9
52Nawlins AxisElune-US575.9
52Iselsi Just CrusadeElune-US575.9
56Negshake AxisElune-US575.8
56Grizzlebeez Undying ResolutionElune-US575.8
58Lepios AxisElune-US575.7
58Lycanlock The Order of OrpheusElune-US575.7
60Paoanii Midnight CartelElune-US575.6
60Knox AxisElune-US575.6
60Yogié AxisElune-US575.6
60Vudi stalk and killElune-US575.6
64Kanei stalk and killElune-US575.5
65Dottopic Inner FocusElune-US575.4
66Merrek  Elune-US575.3
66Taljin Reality CheckElune-US575.3
66Chëwy Socially AwkwardElune-US575.3
69Revlovejoy  Elune-US575.2
69Blueberrie InstabilityElune-US575.2
69Shaldole Undying ResolutionElune-US575.2
69Kaygome Undying ResolutionElune-US575.2
69Äsmodeus FusionElune-US575.2
74Ryoke Undying ResolutionElune-US575.1
74Availia AxisElune-US575.1
76Anon Inner FocusElune-US574.9
76Darach FusionElune-US574.9
76Maravon The Order of OrpheusElune-US574.9
79Valokyr Undying ResolutionElune-US574.8
79Ireenia Undying ResolutionElune-US574.8
79Saeton AmnestyElune-US574.8
79Burladin AxisElune-US574.8
79Juvenate Undying ResolutionElune-US574.8
79Allyx InstabilityElune-US574.8
85Brou FusionElune-US574.5
85Recursion Reality CheckElune-US574.5
85Wécandoit  Elune-US574.5
85Mordtrolla Reign of the ExiledElune-US574.5
85Attalla Undying ResolutionElune-US574.5
90Apple InstabilityElune-US574.4
90Pey stalk and killElune-US574.4
90Sanatore InstabilityElune-US574.4
90Ladwenae FusionElune-US574.4
90Mazoku Reality CheckElune-US574.4
90Ysanne Just CrusadeElune-US574.4
90Juliete AxisElune-US574.4
90Ponerya Undying ResolutionElune-US574.4
90Harr Reign of the ExiledElune-US574.4
90Softclaw Undying ResolutionElune-US574.4
100Jalaven Undying ResolutionElune-US574.3

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