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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Eitrigg-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Drenash Sonic Death MonkeyEitrigg-US589.1Not updated
2Cronulak Demonic KingsEitrigg-US587.5Not updated
3Response  Eitrigg-US587.2Not updated
4Paradies Sonic Death MonkeyEitrigg-US586.8Not updated
5Syken Sonic Death MonkeyEitrigg-US586.3Not updated
6Veviseron Sonic Death MonkeyEitrigg-US585.5Not updated
7Psychomantis Sonic Death MonkeyEitrigg-US585.4Not updated
8Santeclair Grumpy Old FartsEitrigg-US585.3Not updated
9Llorsa A L I A SEitrigg-US585.1Not updated
10Sonofcym Sonic Death MonkeyEitrigg-US584.9Not updated
11Hemmos A L I A SEitrigg-US584.8Not updated
12Jasmirran  Eitrigg-US584.6Not updated
12Murrmur Sonic Death MonkeyEitrigg-US584.6Not updated
12Eldarius Nonessential PersonnelEitrigg-US584.6Not updated
15Killerhunt Pick Up GroupsEitrigg-US584.2Not updated
16Cadswaine Sonic Death MonkeyEitrigg-US584.1Not updated
16Oak Sonic Death MonkeyEitrigg-US584.1Not updated
18Lee Sonic Death MonkeyEitrigg-US584.0Not updated
19Responsive  Eitrigg-US583.8Not updated
20Gluteuszebra Demonic KingsEitrigg-US583.6Not updated
21Conjurebeer A L I A SEitrigg-US583.4Not updated
22Supereclipse A L I A SEitrigg-US583.3Not updated
22Elliaan A L I A SEitrigg-US583.3Not updated
24Aatera SuperjailEitrigg-US583.2Not updated
24Uvail Died TryingEitrigg-US583.2Not updated
24Flabutt Sonic Death MonkeyEitrigg-US583.2Not updated
27Handsanitizr Sonic Death MonkeyEitrigg-US583.1Not updated
28Hunterpanda  Eitrigg-US582.8Not updated
29Hãzemat Sonic Death MonkeyEitrigg-US582.5Not updated
30Cymru Sonic Death MonkeyEitrigg-US582.4Not updated
30Wymorin Nonessential PersonnelEitrigg-US582.4Not updated
30Buggerred A L I A SEitrigg-US582.4Not updated
30Starlaa A L I A SEitrigg-US582.4Not updated
34Drako Sonic Death MonkeyEitrigg-US582.1Not updated
35Tonicc Nonessential PersonnelEitrigg-US582.0Not updated
35Chaotictotem A L I A SEitrigg-US582.0Not updated
37Alerys Eastern RaidersEitrigg-US581.9Not updated
37Morgram UnleashedEitrigg-US581.9Not updated
37Binturong Grumpy Old FartsEitrigg-US581.9Not updated
37Trapstars OriginEitrigg-US581.9Not updated
41Shaami The Other GuysEitrigg-US581.6Not updated
41Nexumbra Sonic Death MonkeyEitrigg-US581.6Not updated
41Naturalenemy  Eitrigg-US581.6Not updated
44Sheppydu A L I A SEitrigg-US581.5Not updated
45Fulkaraka Grumpy Old FartsEitrigg-US581.4Not updated
46Dalack A L I A SEitrigg-US581.1Not updated
46Pokëë Undead LegionEitrigg-US581.1Not updated
48Horrorfang A L I A SEitrigg-US581.0Not updated
49Asthoriam Divine Hand of JusticeEitrigg-US580.7Not updated
49Ubaka Twisted MindsEitrigg-US580.7Not updated
49Eternalreign Sonic Death MonkeyEitrigg-US580.7Not updated
49Krachie Sonic Death MonkeyEitrigg-US580.7Not updated
49Itsmeemi Grumpy Old FartsEitrigg-US580.7Not updated
54Rolando A L I A SEitrigg-US580.6Not updated
55Vérren Pick Up GroupsEitrigg-US580.4Not updated
55Xicutioner A L I A SEitrigg-US580.4Not updated
55Tankintime Psycho SquadEitrigg-US580.4Not updated
58Pawpants A L I A SEitrigg-US580.3Not updated
59Elsali Grumpy Old FartsEitrigg-US580.2Not updated
59Goblinutz Sonic Death MonkeyEitrigg-US580.2Not updated
61Valada For Whom The Spell TollsEitrigg-US580.1Not updated
61Truelord Royal RegimentEitrigg-US580.1Not updated
61Maeve  Eitrigg-US580.1Not updated
64Anorå The Other GuysEitrigg-US580.0Not updated
65Xeriira Sonic Death MonkeyEitrigg-US579.9Not updated
65Qqnubsloldie ZeitgeistEitrigg-US579.9Not updated
65Khalell Psycho SquadEitrigg-US579.9Not updated
65Hellaqt  Eitrigg-US579.9Not updated
65Lokskywalker Argent Dawn LegendsEitrigg-US579.9Not updated
70Shangxi Undead LegionEitrigg-US579.8Not updated
70Mondeao Died TryingEitrigg-US579.8Not updated
72Doctaz Grumpy Old FartsEitrigg-US579.7Not updated
73Essênce Pick Up GroupsEitrigg-US579.6Not updated
74Velii  Eitrigg-US579.5Not updated
74Tsosue SickologyEitrigg-US579.5Not updated
76Varek Dark MindsEitrigg-US579.4Not updated
76Bigugly Grumpy Old FartsEitrigg-US579.4Not updated
76Arvala Undead LegionEitrigg-US579.4Not updated
79Heimdel Argent Dawn LegendsEitrigg-US579.3Not updated
79Malefious The Other GuysEitrigg-US579.3Not updated
81Cillabrew Undead LegionEitrigg-US579.2Not updated
82Aquasped  Eitrigg-US579.1Not updated
82Striderx ZeitgeistEitrigg-US579.1Not updated
84Littleyeti Psycho SquadEitrigg-US579.0Not updated
84Dankbeast Focus MagicEitrigg-US579.0Not updated
84Oomdruid Psycho SquadEitrigg-US579.0Not updated
87Thefreeman Grumpy Old FartsEitrigg-US578.9Not updated
87Durkon The Other GuysEitrigg-US578.9Not updated
89Sounder  Eitrigg-US578.8Not updated
89Yahwhey  Eitrigg-US578.8Not updated
89Astrelzenica Nonessential PersonnelEitrigg-US578.8Not updated
89Dankseed Focus MagicEitrigg-US578.8Not updated
93Bandedarkhea  Eitrigg-US578.7Not updated
93Crimsondeath A L I A SEitrigg-US578.7Not updated
93Jembart  Eitrigg-US578.7Not updated
93Hellenkiller A L I A SEitrigg-US578.7Not updated
97Ebbs The Other GuysEitrigg-US578.5Not updated
97Sourmilky Nonessential PersonnelEitrigg-US578.5Not updated
97Youghiogheny The Other GuysEitrigg-US578.5Not updated
97Tweeddle Grumpy Old FartsEitrigg-US578.5Not updated

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