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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Eitrigg-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Warkari ArtekÿsEitrigg-EU589.1Not updated
1Taishï ArtekÿsEitrigg-EU589.1Not updated
3Pøky AwakeningEitrigg-EU588.7Not updated
4Lisiantus ExceedEitrigg-EU588.4Not updated
5Ximao La Main BlancheEitrigg-EU588.3Not updated
6Nønáme ExceedEitrigg-EU588.0Not updated
6Ginette AwakeningEitrigg-EU588.0Not updated
6Icelandia La Main BlancheEitrigg-EU588.0Not updated
6Cramonix Luci FamilyEitrigg-EU588.0Not updated
10Jahmal ExceedEitrigg-EU587.9Not updated
11Nïak ExceedEitrigg-EU587.6Not updated
12Voltorn ExceedEitrigg-EU587.5Not updated
12Rodrik ArtekÿsEitrigg-EU587.5Not updated
12Flammix ArtekÿsEitrigg-EU587.5Not updated
12Crakote AwakeningEitrigg-EU587.5Not updated
12Norr AwakeningEitrigg-EU587.5Not updated
17Tooffy La Main BlancheEitrigg-EU587.2Not updated
17Almerion La Main BlancheEitrigg-EU587.2Not updated
17Kanahan AwakeningEitrigg-EU587.2Not updated
20Adaria ExceedEitrigg-EU587.1Not updated
20Kîmahri Nightmares AsylumEitrigg-EU587.1Not updated
20Méméjakeline AwakeningEitrigg-EU587.1Not updated
20Carafdo  Eitrigg-EU587.1Not updated
20Ottanok AwakeningEitrigg-EU587.1Not updated
20Maëwen ArtekÿsEitrigg-EU587.1Not updated
26Shuzen AwakeningEitrigg-EU586.9Not updated
26Dagga The coctedEitrigg-EU586.9Not updated
26Panøramix Nightmares AsylumEitrigg-EU586.9Not updated
29Vlazyr La Main BlancheEitrigg-EU586.8Not updated
29Solénne ArtekÿsEitrigg-EU586.8Not updated
29Chatouille ExceedEitrigg-EU586.8Not updated
32Gabriëll ArtekÿsEitrigg-EU586.7Not updated
32Ear La Main BlancheEitrigg-EU586.7Not updated
32Karz ArtekÿsEitrigg-EU586.7Not updated
32Microgramme ArtekÿsEitrigg-EU586.7Not updated
32Alyssandra ShadeEitrigg-EU586.7Not updated
32Bîshøp ExceedEitrigg-EU586.7Not updated
32Almah ArtekÿsEitrigg-EU586.7Not updated
32Lexe AwakeningEitrigg-EU586.7Not updated
40Shunsml ArtekÿsEitrigg-EU586.4Not updated
40Ekzyriss Luci FamilyEitrigg-EU586.4Not updated
40Gilly ExceedEitrigg-EU586.4Not updated
40Irøel ExceedEitrigg-EU586.4Not updated
40Darkdylan ArtekÿsEitrigg-EU586.4Not updated
40Mayumi La Main BlancheEitrigg-EU586.4Not updated
46Kut ArtekÿsEitrigg-EU586.3Not updated
46Atalea ArtekÿsEitrigg-EU586.3Not updated
46Paflekien ArtekÿsEitrigg-EU586.3Not updated
46Athís ExceedEitrigg-EU586.3Not updated
46Amyëll ArtekÿsEitrigg-EU586.3Not updated
46Zeratum ExceedEitrigg-EU586.3Not updated
46Bøüntÿ ArtekÿsEitrigg-EU586.3Not updated
53Surrealz AwakeningEitrigg-EU586.2Not updated
53Aléria ArtekÿsEitrigg-EU586.2Not updated
55Kenshïn ExceedEitrigg-EU586.0Not updated
55Diablolina Nightmares AsylumEitrigg-EU586.0Not updated
55Voìd AwakeningEitrigg-EU586.0Not updated
58Manaberry AwakeningEitrigg-EU585.9Not updated
58Énorä  Eitrigg-EU585.9Not updated
58Swäann VanguardEitrigg-EU585.9Not updated
58Ðexø La Main BlancheEitrigg-EU585.9Not updated
58Ladrym La Main BlancheEitrigg-EU585.9Not updated
58Döña La Main BlancheEitrigg-EU585.9Not updated
58Biloue ArtekÿsEitrigg-EU585.9Not updated
58Ohcerbere Nightmares AsylumEitrigg-EU585.9Not updated
58Minimiam La Main BlancheEitrigg-EU585.9Not updated
58Zret ExceedEitrigg-EU585.9Not updated
68Repozinpiss Furyous BrothersEitrigg-EU585.8Not updated
69Morgue ExceedEitrigg-EU585.6Not updated
69Tôlkien ExceedEitrigg-EU585.6Not updated
69Bongbong Luci FamilyEitrigg-EU585.6Not updated
69Kalhÿ ExceedEitrigg-EU585.6Not updated
69Canardsøvage The coctedEitrigg-EU585.6Not updated
74Immortales La Main BlancheEitrigg-EU585.5Not updated
74Silimine AwakeningEitrigg-EU585.5Not updated
74Bartouze ExceedEitrigg-EU585.5Not updated
74Ethilos AwakeningEitrigg-EU585.5Not updated
78Antropy  Eitrigg-EU585.4Not updated
79Flevo AwakeningEitrigg-EU585.3Not updated
80Calamine Luci FamilyEitrigg-EU585.2Not updated
80Frïgg La Main BlancheEitrigg-EU585.2Not updated
82Ekaterin ExceedEitrigg-EU585.1Not updated
82Naschokas  Eitrigg-EU585.1Not updated
82Attahar ExceedEitrigg-EU585.1Not updated
82Ephidéus ExceedEitrigg-EU585.1Not updated
86Blozs RIPEitrigg-EU585.0Not updated
86Kikï La Main BlancheEitrigg-EU585.0Not updated
86Kalahad La Main BlancheEitrigg-EU585.0Not updated
86Triniity  Eitrigg-EU585.0Not updated
86Assya La Main BlancheEitrigg-EU585.0Not updated
86Feuleuses Luci FamilyEitrigg-EU585.0Not updated
86Pàsiphaé ArtekÿsEitrigg-EU585.0Not updated
93Elementari ArtekÿsEitrigg-EU584.9Not updated
93Nergål RefugeEitrigg-EU584.9Not updated
93Swaänn AwakeningEitrigg-EU584.9Not updated
93Wûshu AwakeningEitrigg-EU584.9Not updated
97Denaël ArtekÿsEitrigg-EU584.8Not updated
97Tsunad RIPEitrigg-EU584.8Not updated
99Breed La Main BlancheEitrigg-EU584.7Not updated
99Nightalran ArtekÿsEitrigg-EU584.7Not updated

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