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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Earthen Ring-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Elijáh Blood FistEarthen Ring-US591.1Not updated
2Abedar Tamarack OrderEarthen Ring-US588.8Not updated
2Hpvenonat PinnacleEarthen Ring-US588.8Not updated
4Durotar Blood FistEarthen Ring-US588.6Not updated
5Dëlta Blood FistEarthen Ring-US588.2Not updated
6Lunady Blood FistEarthen Ring-US587.9Not updated
6Mobay Blood FistEarthen Ring-US587.9Not updated
6Sargis PinnacleEarthen Ring-US587.9Not updated
9Azari PinnacleEarthen Ring-US587.6Not updated
10Qurå Lunatic FriendsEarthen Ring-US587.2Not updated
11Zerthimon Blood FistEarthen Ring-US587.1Not updated
11Greenlight FateEarthen Ring-US587.1Not updated
11Armune Angels of ChaosEarthen Ring-US587.1Not updated
11Mordengahr Blood FistEarthen Ring-US587.1Not updated
11Elidibs PinnacleEarthen Ring-US587.1Not updated
16Galcain PinnacleEarthen Ring-US587.0Not updated
17Exoliah PinnacleEarthen Ring-US586.8Not updated
17Shuffled Blood FistEarthen Ring-US586.8Not updated
17Mizu PinnacleEarthen Ring-US586.8Not updated
20Ryusi Angels of ChaosEarthen Ring-US586.7Not updated
20Claidi FateEarthen Ring-US586.7Not updated
20Gritball Blood FistEarthen Ring-US586.7Not updated
23Leonineone Blood FistEarthen Ring-US586.5Not updated
24Gwan Blood FistEarthen Ring-US586.4Not updated
25Magiccat Asmodeus destroyersEarthen Ring-US586.3Not updated
25Vívienne Dark LegendEarthen Ring-US586.3Not updated
25Beifong WelfareLineEarthen Ring-US586.3Not updated
25Jinarvo PinnacleEarthen Ring-US586.3Not updated
25Galcian PinnacleEarthen Ring-US586.3Not updated
25Jinkaashi PinnacleEarthen Ring-US586.3Not updated
25Klaris PinnacleEarthen Ring-US586.3Not updated
25Arkimov Icha Icha ParadiseEarthen Ring-US586.3Not updated
33Stormhandler Asmodeus destroyersEarthen Ring-US586.2Not updated
34Miyazana  Earthen Ring-US586.1Not updated
34Nezpadiya FateEarthen Ring-US586.1Not updated
36Kandivya PinnacleEarthen Ring-US586.0Not updated
37Iaeaa Angels of ChaosEarthen Ring-US585.9Not updated
37Tenpi PinnacleEarthen Ring-US585.9Not updated
37Venabos PinnacleEarthen Ring-US585.9Not updated
37Vanstalla PinnacleEarthen Ring-US585.9Not updated
41Silverthorne Angels of ChaosEarthen Ring-US585.6Not updated
41Rkpaer Celestial AlignmentEarthen Ring-US585.6Not updated
43Wãffles WelfareLineEarthen Ring-US585.4Not updated
43Draxxi Blood FistEarthen Ring-US585.4Not updated
43Reapsouls PinnacleEarthen Ring-US585.4Not updated
43Feaydra Celestial AlignmentEarthen Ring-US585.4Not updated
47Moonmist  Earthen Ring-US585.3Not updated
47Taisetsu Blood FistEarthen Ring-US585.3Not updated
49Ktang Angels of ChaosEarthen Ring-US585.2Not updated
50Kamakura FateEarthen Ring-US585.1Not updated
50Deluxë Blood FistEarthen Ring-US585.1Not updated
50Cirsei Angels of ChaosEarthen Ring-US585.1Not updated
53Tarrÿnn Blood FistEarthen Ring-US585.0Not updated
53Raanron FateEarthen Ring-US585.0Not updated
53Anania Anarchists AnonymousEarthen Ring-US585.0Not updated
56Vespillo Blood FistEarthen Ring-US584.8Not updated
57Lenopi FateEarthen Ring-US584.7Not updated
58Claydee FateEarthen Ring-US584.4Not updated
58Avångeline FateEarthen Ring-US584.4Not updated
60Olitha Asmodeus destroyersEarthen Ring-US584.3Not updated
61Bibbit SacredEarthen Ring-US584.2Not updated
61Armethious  Earthen Ring-US584.2Not updated
63Ydnari WelfareLineEarthen Ring-US584.1Not updated
63Beleth  Earthen Ring-US584.1Not updated
63Kronin  Earthen Ring-US584.1Not updated
63Mytarget PinnacleEarthen Ring-US584.1Not updated
63Storven NemesisEarthen Ring-US584.1Not updated
68Nightcaster WelfareLineEarthen Ring-US584.0Not updated
69Jaysham Sons of HellscreamEarthen Ring-US583.9Not updated
69Omega PinnacleEarthen Ring-US583.9Not updated
71Hiinata Asmodeus destroyersEarthen Ring-US583.7Not updated
71Ravenlunatic Asmodeus destroyersEarthen Ring-US583.7Not updated
71Darøs  Earthen Ring-US583.7Not updated
71Necronorris WelfareLineEarthen Ring-US583.7Not updated
71Nadiná Main VeinEarthen Ring-US583.7Not updated
76Kudge WelfareLineEarthen Ring-US583.6Not updated
76Terandria AscendenceEarthen Ring-US583.6Not updated
78Zulash PinnacleEarthen Ring-US583.5Not updated
79Zarelah Asmodeus destroyersEarthen Ring-US583.4Not updated
79Kittén Ex InferisEarthen Ring-US583.4Not updated
81Necrotaint WelfareLineEarthen Ring-US583.3Not updated
81Jupîter Perpetually PuggingEarthen Ring-US583.3Not updated
81Deydrun Blood FistEarthen Ring-US583.3Not updated
81Rebuke Blood FistEarthen Ring-US583.3Not updated
85Swishersalh AscendenceEarthen Ring-US583.2Not updated
85Rooster Celestial AlignmentEarthen Ring-US583.2Not updated
85Razzarcana GquitEarthen Ring-US583.2Not updated
85Weleroth Asmodeus destroyersEarthen Ring-US583.2Not updated
85Shamestick Blood FistEarthen Ring-US583.2Not updated
90Archnemësis Celestial AlignmentEarthen Ring-US583.1Not updated
90Brewnadin Dark LegendEarthen Ring-US583.1Not updated
90Ginpo Dark LegendEarthen Ring-US583.1Not updated
90Buttercastle PinnacleEarthen Ring-US583.1Not updated
94Rawhyde PinnacleEarthen Ring-US583.0Not updated
95Pastor Ex InferisEarthen Ring-US582.9Not updated
95Clewis SacredEarthen Ring-US582.9Not updated
95Jas Dark LegendEarthen Ring-US582.9Not updated
95Cheedos Blood FistEarthen Ring-US582.9Not updated
99Nîna Sons of HellscreamEarthen Ring-US582.8Not updated
99Nydoko Ex InferisEarthen Ring-US582.8Not updated

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