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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Durotan-KR ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1우리동네도적 NellaFantasiaDurotan-KR597.6Not updated
2잘못했어안했어 Lunar Ex StormDurotan-KR597.3Not updated
2체즈 The Knights of GenesisDurotan-KR597.3Not updated
2강아지밥 Letz GrooviNDurotan-KR597.3Not updated
2드레나이복술 발칙한 그녀들Durotan-KR597.3Not updated
6환웅천황 할렘의돌달구Durotan-KR597.2Not updated
6집행유예십년 AzADurotan-KR597.2Not updated
6퓨온 Y G G D R A S I LDurotan-KR597.2Not updated
6지크라 RebellioNDurotan-KR597.2Not updated
6Left Y G G D R A S I LDurotan-KR597.2Not updated
11작은보탄 U N I TDurotan-KR596.9Not updated
11야정평온 저 사람 공략 잘 몰라요Durotan-KR596.9Not updated
11노을산책  Durotan-KR596.9Not updated
11뿌악 Y G G D R A S I LDurotan-KR596.9Not updated
11노을여정  Durotan-KR596.9Not updated
11노을해강  Durotan-KR596.9Not updated
11방배동노라 D o r o t h yDurotan-KR596.9Not updated
11드루악포 저 사람 공략 잘 몰라요Durotan-KR596.9Not updated
11얼굴도똘끼가가득 공략은봤어요Durotan-KR596.9Not updated
11안싸워 ZesTopDurotan-KR596.9Not updated
11상큼한민트 쉼 표Durotan-KR596.9Not updated
22Zakwylde 필 인Durotan-KR596.5Not updated
22채광 빨간꼬깔Durotan-KR596.5Not updated
22Divi Y G G D R A S I LDurotan-KR596.5Not updated
22통통쪼찌 O U R SDurotan-KR596.5Not updated
22이야기속으로  Durotan-KR596.5Not updated
22Grimmagic  Durotan-KR596.5Not updated
22보여줄께 O U R SDurotan-KR596.5Not updated
22람바한 저 사람 공략 잘 몰라요Durotan-KR596.5Not updated
22Atletico D o r o t h yDurotan-KR596.5Not updated
22혜읍 AzADurotan-KR596.5Not updated
22물은영어로셀프 주분 껍질 가호 교란Durotan-KR596.5Not updated
22Flameshield NellaFantasiaDurotan-KR596.5Not updated
22브래드피통 NellaFantasiaDurotan-KR596.5Not updated
22힘마초 TEAM BLUE OCEANDurotan-KR596.5Not updated
22Bloodfury D o r o t h yDurotan-KR596.5Not updated
22기워닝 H i d d e nDurotan-KR596.5Not updated
22아이수크림 EPDurotan-KR596.5Not updated
22마법늑대한 SaruherDurotan-KR596.5Not updated
22Oleo Y G G D R A S I LDurotan-KR596.5Not updated
22Puon Y G G D R A S I LDurotan-KR596.5Not updated
22멸종위기팬더 월드오브잉여Durotan-KR596.5Not updated
22감각기관  Durotan-KR596.5Not updated
22바파드 CielDurotan-KR596.5Not updated
22레아드리시스 RebellioNDurotan-KR596.5Not updated
22Desmond E C ODurotan-KR596.5Not updated
22양푼비빔밥 저 사람 공략 잘 몰라요Durotan-KR596.5Not updated
48바다코코볼  Durotan-KR596.4Not updated
49살점물어뜯기 주분 껍질 가호 교란Durotan-KR596.3Not updated
50퓨어딜 D o r o t h yDurotan-KR596.1Not updated
50Keebe Letz GrooviNDurotan-KR596.1Not updated
50빛마초 TEAM BLUE OCEANDurotan-KR596.1Not updated
50판타스틱아이언 대 마계촌Durotan-KR596.1Not updated
50Muito E C ODurotan-KR596.1Not updated
50비프로즌 Team PlageDurotan-KR596.1Not updated
50자연의소중함 묻지도 따지지도 않아요 인생이 다 그렇죠 뭐Durotan-KR596.1Not updated
50카발리안 RebellioNDurotan-KR596.1Not updated
50얼굴엔똘끼가가득 공략은봤어요Durotan-KR596.1Not updated
50핏빛검 H A D E SDurotan-KR596.1Not updated
50궁디에카드긁어 공략은봤어요Durotan-KR596.1Not updated
50갔다 Y G G D R A S I LDurotan-KR596.1Not updated
50나혼자놀꺼야 Green Peace IIDurotan-KR596.1Not updated
50화이트베이비 아라소르 연맹Durotan-KR596.1Not updated
50오나의태희님 빨간꼬깔Durotan-KR596.1Not updated
50히얏님 아 기 곰Durotan-KR596.1Not updated
50분강 D A R TDurotan-KR596.1Not updated
50Flamemonk NellaFantasiaDurotan-KR596.1Not updated
50꼬마귀욤둥이 필 인Durotan-KR596.1Not updated
50Nichkhun 발칙한 그녀들Durotan-KR596.1Not updated
50바람의서약 CielDurotan-KR596.1Not updated
50매너의소중함 묻지도 따지지도 않아요 인생이 다 그렇죠 뭐Durotan-KR596.1Not updated
72뜨거운통감자 공략은봤어요Durotan-KR596.0Not updated
72흥부아저씨 쉼 표Durotan-KR596.0Not updated
72벌레기사단 Red FactoryDurotan-KR596.0Not updated
75지용군 V E T E R A NDurotan-KR595.8Not updated
75날쌘팬더 설풍Durotan-KR595.8Not updated
75켄슬레이션 D o r o t h yDurotan-KR595.8Not updated
75칼리스토햇살 E C ODurotan-KR595.8Not updated
75Bravehs RebellioNDurotan-KR595.8Not updated
75무지개구슬 Have FunDurotan-KR595.8Not updated
75Knowhow Celestial LegionDurotan-KR595.8Not updated
75비비끄 TEAM BLUE OCEANDurotan-KR595.8Not updated
75주하 Team PlageDurotan-KR595.8Not updated
75내가랩을한다홍홍 Mission ImpossibleDurotan-KR595.8Not updated
75펭구네 A K KDurotan-KR595.8Not updated
75감자뿌리 Team PlageDurotan-KR595.8Not updated
75메이킹베이비 희 망Durotan-KR595.8Not updated
75우쮸우쮸 빨간꼬깔Durotan-KR595.8Not updated
75Redbvlgari 꿀 단 지Durotan-KR595.8Not updated
75Miseria H i d d e nDurotan-KR595.8Not updated
75근엄이 부들부들Durotan-KR595.8Not updated
75호랏사제 SuddenlyDurotan-KR595.8Not updated
75Celin  Durotan-KR595.8Not updated
75Lon Scent of SoulDurotan-KR595.8Not updated
75Grimrogue 우리는 미남미녀다 몇명빼고Durotan-KR595.8Not updated
75컨티뉴 SuddenlyDurotan-KR595.8Not updated
75섭게지기 D A R TDurotan-KR595.8Not updated
75드워프신성기사 발칙한 그녀들Durotan-KR595.8Not updated
75데이몬킹 설풍Durotan-KR595.8Not updated
75데이몬퀸 설풍Durotan-KR595.8Not updated

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