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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Durotan-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Serâfinâ InfinitasDurotan-EU590.2Not updated
2Heinor InfinitasDurotan-EU588.8Not updated
3Montaris FenrirDurotan-EU588.4Not updated
4Whoppa  Durotan-EU588.3Not updated
5Flêks ranks or riotDurotan-EU588.2Not updated
6Lîash EffectDurotan-EU588.0Not updated
6Rîoma InfinitasDurotan-EU588.0Not updated
8Vaey ranks or riotDurotan-EU587.9Not updated
9Gratla WhatevaDurotan-EU587.6Not updated
9Nêry InfinitasDurotan-EU587.6Not updated
11Raccoon InfinitasDurotan-EU587.5Not updated
11Sumuo  Durotan-EU587.5Not updated
11Nabiki InfinitasDurotan-EU587.5Not updated
14Lazia InfinitasDurotan-EU587.2Not updated
15Nonpoint  Durotan-EU587.1Not updated
15Cytryna Dark CircleDurotan-EU587.1Not updated
15Sisari Die Kinder TeldrassilsDurotan-EU587.1Not updated
18Bankslol InfinitasDurotan-EU586.9Not updated
19Schallapala WhatevaDurotan-EU586.7Not updated
19Skádí FenrirDurotan-EU586.7Not updated
21Tyani ranks or riotDurotan-EU586.5Not updated
21Feral Breath of the DragonsDurotan-EU586.5Not updated
23Nandraa critical ludersDurotan-EU586.4Not updated
23Brotkorb EffectDurotan-EU586.4Not updated
23Alicijaa WhatevaDurotan-EU586.4Not updated
23Shenlu InfinitasDurotan-EU586.4Not updated
23Nightmareman FenrirDurotan-EU586.4Not updated
28Boomx Wipeocalypse NowDurotan-EU586.3Not updated
28Lîghtníng Dark CircleDurotan-EU586.3Not updated
30Schneehenry Guardian of The SunDurotan-EU586.2Not updated
31Altasiá FenrirDurotan-EU586.0Not updated
31Náhreg WhatevaDurotan-EU586.0Not updated
33Lextaliona EffectDurotan-EU585.9Not updated
33Snolas Dark CircleDurotan-EU585.9Not updated
33Shaileen Dark CircleDurotan-EU585.9Not updated
33Zavy Dark CircleDurotan-EU585.9Not updated
33Mesmerizing InfinitasDurotan-EU585.9Not updated
38Excezzy  Durotan-EU585.8Not updated
39Gav critical ludersDurotan-EU585.7Not updated
39Pahli Dark CircleDurotan-EU585.7Not updated
39Tagan InfinitasDurotan-EU585.7Not updated
42Dêmô InfinitasDurotan-EU585.6Not updated
42Miraclés InfinitasDurotan-EU585.6Not updated
42Gizzmo WhatevaDurotan-EU585.6Not updated
42Mitzee keine DetailsDurotan-EU585.6Not updated
42Utopion InsanityDurotan-EU585.6Not updated
42Beatya InfinitasDurotan-EU585.6Not updated
42Usodead WhatevaDurotan-EU585.6Not updated
49Worgash Guardian of The SunDurotan-EU585.5Not updated
49Schmiddel InfinitasDurotan-EU585.5Not updated
49Avanthera Dark CircleDurotan-EU585.5Not updated
49Flockí InfinitasDurotan-EU585.5Not updated
49Naturalbeaut keine DetailsDurotan-EU585.5Not updated
49Nelaà EffectDurotan-EU585.5Not updated
55Lg Dark CircleDurotan-EU585.4Not updated
55Raynea FenrirDurotan-EU585.4Not updated
57Amonyar InsanityDurotan-EU585.3Not updated
58Thesia FenrirDurotan-EU585.2Not updated
58Nîghtstorm EffectDurotan-EU585.2Not updated
58Empiria InfinitasDurotan-EU585.2Not updated
58Aenaris FenrirDurotan-EU585.2Not updated
58Polara InfinitasDurotan-EU585.2Not updated
58Nolana FenrirDurotan-EU585.2Not updated
58Wákká FenrirDurotan-EU585.2Not updated
58Arya BathaqarDurotan-EU585.2Not updated
58Sotanico Cead mile failteDurotan-EU585.2Not updated
67Schnuckidino Dark CircleDurotan-EU585.1Not updated
67Morphéús FenrirDurotan-EU585.1Not updated
67Kámikázé FenrirDurotan-EU585.1Not updated
67Jasana Diel Nor AnduDurotan-EU585.1Not updated
67Bärenstark WhatevaDurotan-EU585.1Not updated
67Cybergoth WhatevaDurotan-EU585.1Not updated
73Kohmi EffectDurotan-EU585.0Not updated
73Rabíator WhatevaDurotan-EU585.0Not updated
75Tessador InfinitasDurotan-EU584.9Not updated
75Marxos Dark CircleDurotan-EU584.9Not updated
77Leilasue Breath of the DragonsDurotan-EU584.8Not updated
77Meanhood InsanityDurotan-EU584.8Not updated
77Medîcor EffectDurotan-EU584.8Not updated
80Neliu  Durotan-EU584.7Not updated
80Míthrandir FenrirDurotan-EU584.7Not updated
82Atozzio Mighty AvengersDurotan-EU584.6Not updated
83Alektô FenrirDurotan-EU584.5Not updated
83Clairy WhatevaDurotan-EU584.5Not updated
85Sundeá WhatevaDurotan-EU584.4Not updated
85Uhi Guardian of The SunDurotan-EU584.4Not updated
85Slycè ranks or riotDurotan-EU584.4Not updated
85Börböröör Guardian of The SunDurotan-EU584.4Not updated
85Ríoma InfinitasDurotan-EU584.4Not updated
85Rechaka AmistosaDurotan-EU584.4Not updated
91Stéllàshira Guardian of The SunDurotan-EU584.3Not updated
91Justav BathaqarDurotan-EU584.3Not updated
91Pharamyr RebooTDurotan-EU584.3Not updated
94Haustedruff baBämDurotan-EU584.2Not updated
95Bagulex Orden vom BlutmondDurotan-EU584.1Not updated
95Algar  Durotan-EU584.1Not updated
97Lâpsus  Durotan-EU584.0Not updated
98Raptorinator WhatevaDurotan-EU583.9Not updated
99Bhikkhu FenrirDurotan-EU583.8Not updated
99Bogan WhatevaDurotan-EU583.8Not updated

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