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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Dun Modr-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Karamôn AliveDun Modr-EU593.4Not updated
1Bäphomet VengeanceDun Modr-EU593.4Not updated
3Goldesin FrostmøurneDun Modr-EU591.9Not updated
3Blackyx InsomnioDun Modr-EU591.9Not updated
5Jacass FrostmøurneDun Modr-EU591.5Not updated
6Kotei Philanthropy KriegersDun Modr-EU590.8Not updated
7Ðecker Legends of WanderingsDun Modr-EU590.4Not updated
7Nirwa FrostmøurneDun Modr-EU590.4Not updated
7Nimih Insert Guild Name HereDun Modr-EU590.4Not updated
10Sherkanner FrostmøurneDun Modr-EU590.2Not updated
11Akilyz Herp DerpDun Modr-EU590.0Not updated
11Lúcý Artic PenguinsDun Modr-EU590.0Not updated
13Macarroncete  Dun Modr-EU589.9Not updated
13Nipur DementzDun Modr-EU589.9Not updated
13Synycyenta Herp DerpDun Modr-EU589.9Not updated
16Moixex FrostmøurneDun Modr-EU589.6Not updated
16Kirli InsaneDun Modr-EU589.6Not updated
18Ásthul Philanthropy KriegersDun Modr-EU589.5Not updated
18Âsroc Atlantean LegendsDun Modr-EU589.5Not updated
18Mikelo InsaneDun Modr-EU589.5Not updated
21Swordcloud Herp DerpDun Modr-EU589.4Not updated
21Ghrako Philanthropy KriegersDun Modr-EU589.4Not updated
23Bauh HestiaDun Modr-EU589.2Not updated
23Gröóm PerturbedDun Modr-EU589.2Not updated
23Kame HeXDun Modr-EU589.2Not updated
23Líxa Et AlDun Modr-EU589.2Not updated
23Docsavage REPUBLICADun Modr-EU589.2Not updated
23Ciryus EmotiveDun Modr-EU589.2Not updated
29Nàmí Darkest RequiemDun Modr-EU589.1Not updated
29Crucifier InsomnioDun Modr-EU589.1Not updated
29Psycholoco Darkest RequiemDun Modr-EU589.1Not updated
29Naruil La RebelionDun Modr-EU589.1Not updated
29Chiscaldo FrostmøurneDun Modr-EU589.1Not updated
29Abranxi InsomnioDun Modr-EU589.1Not updated
29Frana PerceptionDun Modr-EU589.1Not updated
29Silkx PerceptionDun Modr-EU589.1Not updated
29Awyr Focus al gordoDun Modr-EU589.1Not updated
29Salchijonh DiscørdiaDun Modr-EU589.1Not updated
29Dech ProvidenceDun Modr-EU589.1Not updated
29Mezhumeyru NothingToLoseDun Modr-EU589.1Not updated
29Pälika InsaneDun Modr-EU589.1Not updated
42Gøødfather Darkest RequiemDun Modr-EU589.0Not updated
42Sneyk VengeanceDun Modr-EU589.0Not updated
42Toaa VengeanceDun Modr-EU589.0Not updated
42Jadoh PerceptionDun Modr-EU589.0Not updated
42Nödo Dark MatterDun Modr-EU589.0Not updated
47Pandaluche Mythic DreamDun Modr-EU588.9Not updated
48Brushh NothingToLoseDun Modr-EU588.8Not updated
48Inmhotep ToP RaiderSDun Modr-EU588.8Not updated
48Hellfínger Legends of WanderingsDun Modr-EU588.8Not updated
48Kharmä Legendary BloodDun Modr-EU588.8Not updated
48Delmor NothingToLoseDun Modr-EU588.8Not updated
48Justyniana ToP RaiderSDun Modr-EU588.8Not updated
48Gøldberg DementzDun Modr-EU588.8Not updated
48Sharuî Atlantean LegendsDun Modr-EU588.8Not updated
48Kórlas InsaneDun Modr-EU588.8Not updated
48Mburn Lost in AzerothDun Modr-EU588.8Not updated
58Raspuh Philanthropy KriegersDun Modr-EU588.7Not updated
58Cerisex Philanthropy KriegersDun Modr-EU588.7Not updated
60Inëk Darkest RequiemDun Modr-EU588.6Not updated
60Mëlkór Insert Guild Name HereDun Modr-EU588.6Not updated
60Sissue Artic PenguinsDun Modr-EU588.6Not updated
60Anarîelle Legends of WanderingsDun Modr-EU588.6Not updated
60Yandeth InsomnioDun Modr-EU588.6Not updated
60Sparr Herp DerpDun Modr-EU588.6Not updated
60Flamenawer Legends of WanderingsDun Modr-EU588.6Not updated
60Shîbo InsomnioDun Modr-EU588.6Not updated
60Bloodshunter VengeanceDun Modr-EU588.6Not updated
60Zêxiøn Dark MatterDun Modr-EU588.6Not updated
70Braënor NothingToLoseDun Modr-EU588.4Not updated
70Saverith Con Verdes y a lo locoDun Modr-EU588.4Not updated
70Llawïs EurekaDun Modr-EU588.4Not updated
70Axia Herp DerpDun Modr-EU588.4Not updated
70Kokorö EurekaDun Modr-EU588.4Not updated
70Môde Cheerful CoffinDun Modr-EU588.4Not updated
70Moorki AliveDun Modr-EU588.4Not updated
70Valkorz DreamwalkersDun Modr-EU588.4Not updated
70Vomitrina  Dun Modr-EU588.4Not updated
70Äir HestiaDun Modr-EU588.4Not updated
70Ryuzenkai Chaos TheoryDun Modr-EU588.4Not updated
70Anïkz InsomnioDun Modr-EU588.4Not updated
70Citrico Gloriam Form ClavingeraDun Modr-EU588.4Not updated
83Necrobone Philanthropy KriegersDun Modr-EU588.3Not updated
83Vedmak FrostmøurneDun Modr-EU588.3Not updated
83Sucineri InsaneDun Modr-EU588.3Not updated
83Piturro REPUBLICADun Modr-EU588.3Not updated
83Sêtt InsomnioDun Modr-EU588.3Not updated
83Sulkatar InsomnioDun Modr-EU588.3Not updated
83Casiòs PerceptionDun Modr-EU588.3Not updated
83Zeliel InsomnioDun Modr-EU588.3Not updated
83Cateye Darkest RequiemDun Modr-EU588.3Not updated
83Zemla AliveDun Modr-EU588.3Not updated
83Eruantana Philanthropy KriegersDun Modr-EU588.3Not updated
83Amocafre PerceptionDun Modr-EU588.3Not updated
83Nefrîaga VengeanceDun Modr-EU588.3Not updated
83Dìvà VengeanceDun Modr-EU588.3Not updated
83Sarinlock FrostmøurneDun Modr-EU588.3Not updated
83Tarpea VengeanceDun Modr-EU588.3Not updated
83ßlaze VengeanceDun Modr-EU588.3Not updated
83Mcphisto FrostmøurneDun Modr-EU588.3Not updated

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