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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Drak'thul-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Birdynamnam  Drak'thul-US588.8Not updated
2Narutor PandemicDrak'thul-US588.4Not updated
3Malene PandemicDrak'thul-US587.6Not updated
4Rÿu PandemicDrak'thul-US587.2Not updated
5Neroles PandemicDrak'thul-US586.8Not updated
6Morasong PandemicDrak'thul-US586.7Not updated
6Tèèj Seven Day BanDrak'thul-US586.7Not updated
8Haptism PandemicDrak'thul-US586.4Not updated
8Allille PandemicDrak'thul-US586.4Not updated
10Raenya PandemicDrak'thul-US586.3Not updated
11Prometius PandemicDrak'thul-US585.8Not updated
12Zary PandemicDrak'thul-US585.4Not updated
13Ladorash PandemicDrak'thul-US585.1Not updated
13Cedrikai PandemicDrak'thul-US585.1Not updated
13Tymôn PandemicDrak'thul-US585.1Not updated
16Dikta PandemicDrak'thul-US585.0Not updated
17Pendragon PandemicDrak'thul-US584.9Not updated
18Malzhar  Drak'thul-US584.5Not updated
18Ashendeath PandemicDrak'thul-US584.5Not updated
18Ellzaar PandemicDrak'thul-US584.5Not updated
21Tastyflesh Death Cult of the AllyDrak'thul-US584.2Not updated
21Miltobian PandemicDrak'thul-US584.2Not updated
23Minijixxes  Drak'thul-US584.1Not updated
24Prei Mountain DewDrak'thul-US584.0Not updated
25Chameng Legion of MadfellowsDrak'thul-US583.9Not updated
26Vyncredible PandemicDrak'thul-US583.7Not updated
27Arvina Holy LegionDrak'thul-US583.5Not updated
28Ganggreene PandemicDrak'thul-US583.3Not updated
29Freezenburn PandemicDrak'thul-US583.1Not updated
30Moqorro Holy LegionDrak'thul-US582.8Not updated
31Rorschak  Drak'thul-US582.6Not updated
32Ziggy  Drak'thul-US582.2Not updated
33Gundisalvis Legion of MadfellowsDrak'thul-US581.9Not updated
34Chingading PandemicDrak'thul-US581.7Not updated
35Reli  Drak'thul-US581.5Not updated
35Valastari Empire of the SunDrak'thul-US581.5Not updated
37Dawnotheholy Artemis FuryDrak'thul-US581.4Not updated
38Owlbundy PandemicDrak'thul-US581.2Not updated
39Amrakul PandemicDrak'thul-US581.0Not updated
40Hellkat Blood FuryDrak'thul-US580.7Not updated
40Redspark Legion of MadfellowsDrak'thul-US580.7Not updated
40Priestofholy Blood FuryDrak'thul-US580.7Not updated
40Neuroshocked InsidiousDrak'thul-US580.7Not updated
44Bluecymmie  Drak'thul-US580.6Not updated
45Gorillawarf PandemicDrak'thul-US580.3Not updated
45Hilarryous Blood FuryDrak'thul-US580.3Not updated
47Yakazuki PandemicDrak'thul-US579.9Not updated
47Evilintent PandemicDrak'thul-US579.9Not updated
47Disavowed Legion of MadfellowsDrak'thul-US579.9Not updated
50Uzzdano Holy LegionDrak'thul-US579.8Not updated
50Alleiluiah PandemicDrak'thul-US579.8Not updated
52Algar IlluminatiDrak'thul-US579.7Not updated
53Gilledron Girls Dont Play WoWDrak'thul-US579.5Not updated
53Swäggêr Angels of DarknessDrak'thul-US579.5Not updated
53Thunderpak Drak Thul KnightsDrak'thul-US579.5Not updated
53Traumadoll SanitariumDrak'thul-US579.5Not updated
57Littlelarry PandemicDrak'thul-US579.4Not updated
58Sinnoh SwornDrak'thul-US579.3Not updated
58Wasalive Legions of HonorDrak'thul-US579.3Not updated
60Dudle  Drak'thul-US579.1Not updated
60Searider Empire of the SunDrak'thul-US579.1Not updated
62Tranqx Hangmans Body CountDrak'thul-US579.0Not updated
62Statico Rulers Of AzerothDrak'thul-US579.0Not updated
64Mythgydyd Blood FuryDrak'thul-US578.9Not updated
64Muapa PandemicDrak'thul-US578.9Not updated
64Enzic SwornDrak'thul-US578.9Not updated
67Dktoews DÀRK GLORYDrak'thul-US578.7Not updated
68Hotsaucce SwornDrak'thul-US578.6Not updated
68Hilanderr Legion of MadfellowsDrak'thul-US578.6Not updated
68Foomantwo Blood FuryDrak'thul-US578.6Not updated
71Manliness ArtificialDrak'thul-US578.5Not updated
72Bamfasourous Girls Dont Play WoWDrak'thul-US578.3Not updated
73Dpwnd  Drak'thul-US578.2Not updated
73Rosaelody True SpiritsDrak'thul-US578.2Not updated
73Landwhale SwornDrak'thul-US578.2Not updated
76Auyssaelre Death Cult of the AllyDrak'thul-US578.1Not updated
76Tygarth Legion of MadfellowsDrak'thul-US578.1Not updated
76Sepoleve Legion of MadfellowsDrak'thul-US578.1Not updated
79Qan InsidiousDrak'thul-US578.0Not updated
79Turkeybutt  Drak'thul-US578.0Not updated
79Buildabear  Drak'thul-US578.0Not updated
79Lokeht SanitariumDrak'thul-US578.0Not updated
83Øreø Angels of DarknessDrak'thul-US577.9Not updated
83Magedulook Empire of the SunDrak'thul-US577.9Not updated
83Donedunner The ProtectorsDrak'thul-US577.9Not updated
83Nealcafrey InsidiousDrak'thul-US577.9Not updated
87Aranger IlluminatiDrak'thul-US577.8Not updated
88Lateturd Blood FuryDrak'thul-US577.7Not updated
88Valphor Holy ReignDrak'thul-US577.7Not updated
88Necrognomica Legion of MadfellowsDrak'thul-US577.7Not updated
88Fokygnomiena Legion of MadfellowsDrak'thul-US577.7Not updated
92Funderhatin SanitariumDrak'thul-US577.6Not updated
93Bopcicle DÀRK GLORYDrak'thul-US577.5Not updated
93Rosearrow Empire of the SunDrak'thul-US577.5Not updated
93Holobek Elemental ColaDrak'thul-US577.5Not updated
93Stonetemplar IlluminatiDrak'thul-US577.5Not updated
97Gosucaster Legion of MadfellowsDrak'thul-US577.4Not updated
98Valcorn  Drak'thul-US577.3Not updated
98Scnozzberry DÀRK GLORYDrak'thul-US577.3Not updated
100Valaeish  Drak'thul-US577.2Not updated

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