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Draenor-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Norith Trial and ErrorDraenor-US588.5
2Icyunvme ReforgedDraenor-US587.5
3Necrötia Trial and ErrorDraenor-US587.4
4Shizuka Trial and ErrorDraenor-US587.1
5Zuulika Manifest DestinyDraenor-US586.7
5Shifted The Flaw of MortalityDraenor-US586.7
7Morguth Trial and ErrorDraenor-US586.6
8Addieblue Trial and ErrorDraenor-US586.5
9Luthair The Flaw of MortalityDraenor-US586.4
9Sydni Trial and ErrorDraenor-US586.4
9Xenocryst The Flaw of MortalityDraenor-US586.4
12Kaisharga Trial and ErrorDraenor-US586.3
13Ryothan Trial and ErrorDraenor-US586.1
14Anime Trial and ErrorDraenor-US586.0
14Calendros ReforgedDraenor-US586.0
16Alailyre The Flaw of MortalityDraenor-US585.9
16Fwiffo Mostly DeadDraenor-US585.9
16Salamando Mostly DeadDraenor-US585.9
19Brahmi Trial and ErrorDraenor-US585.7
20Kazeijin ReforgedDraenor-US585.6
20Protect ReforgedDraenor-US585.6
22Zryalyn Praetorian GuardDraenor-US585.5
22Tomahawx Trial and ErrorDraenor-US585.5
22Whitefyst Trial and ErrorDraenor-US585.5
22Strewdle ReforgedDraenor-US585.5
26Tenzi Trial and ErrorDraenor-US585.3
27Swëetcheeks ReforgedDraenor-US585.2
27Altorisen ReforgedDraenor-US585.2
27Syby Trial and ErrorDraenor-US585.2
27Egotistic ReforgedDraenor-US585.2
27Xfighter ReforgedDraenor-US585.2
32Zurri Mostly DeadDraenor-US585.1
33Onslaught Trial and ErrorDraenor-US584.9
33Lintilla Mostly DeadDraenor-US584.9
35Gabiral The Flaw of MortalityDraenor-US584.7
36Llamalock The Flaw of MortalityDraenor-US584.6
37Phattotems Trial and ErrorDraenor-US584.5
37Qewqew The Flaw of MortalityDraenor-US584.5
37Pops Praetorian GuardDraenor-US584.5
40Dynik PrestigeDraenor-US584.4
41Freyjas The Flaw of MortalityDraenor-US584.3
42Rashis PrestigeDraenor-US584.2
42Derpchao Mostly DeadDraenor-US584.2
42Jaycen PrestigeDraenor-US584.2
42Mieme Manifest DestinyDraenor-US584.2
46Asra Trial and ErrorDraenor-US584.1
46Beijingbeef Trial and ErrorDraenor-US584.1
46Squeakity ReforgedDraenor-US584.1
46Illio PrestigeDraenor-US584.1
50Necai DiscordDraenor-US584.0
51Errya Praetorian GuardDraenor-US583.9
51Superfear Mostly DeadDraenor-US583.9
51Galletas  Draenor-US583.9
54Saintbalius ParadoxDraenor-US583.8
54Anheg Manifest DestinyDraenor-US583.8
56Gideion The Flaw of MortalityDraenor-US583.7
56Flashlyght Trial and ErrorDraenor-US583.7
56Smashing DiscordDraenor-US583.7
59Jartrielas Praetorian GuardDraenor-US583.6
59Charliecxie HossDraenor-US583.6
61Ecthrong DiscordDraenor-US583.5
62Moonras Manifest DestinyDraenor-US583.3
62Tambon Praetorian GuardDraenor-US583.3
62Imphand DiscordDraenor-US583.3
65Regandea Praetorian GuardDraenor-US583.2
66Dameprimus Praetorian GuardDraenor-US583.1
66Mistiaa DiscordDraenor-US583.1
66Amáterasu Chocolate DiscoDraenor-US583.1
69Shiranui Rising PhoenixDraenor-US582.9
69Doppleganger The SanctuaryDraenor-US582.9
71Rasar Praetorian GuardDraenor-US582.8
72Leonidaz Trial and ErrorDraenor-US582.7
73Reixy ReforgedDraenor-US582.6
74Havoctide Mostly DeadDraenor-US582.5
75Ingvlar Manifest DestinyDraenor-US582.3
75Elfcrusader Mostly DeadDraenor-US582.3
75Predatordk ParadoxDraenor-US582.3
78Drpvp CtrlAltEliteDraenor-US582.2
79Dekin Chocolate DiscoDraenor-US582.1
80Andriana ParadoxDraenor-US582.0
80Kerrex PrestigeDraenor-US582.0
82Periwinkle Trial and ErrorDraenor-US581.9
82Kockenhouzen DiscordDraenor-US581.9
84Balloons Praetorian GuardDraenor-US581.8
85Bloodyknife Chocolate DiscoDraenor-US581.6
85Kaljuutaan Praetorian GuardDraenor-US581.6
85Noktal Trial and ErrorDraenor-US581.6
88Surikin Praetorian GuardDraenor-US581.5
88Lotte ReforgedDraenor-US581.5
90Malarlo DisdainDraenor-US581.4
90Firadin DisdainDraenor-US581.4
92Beako Praetorian GuardDraenor-US581.3
92Ignicus Manifest DestinyDraenor-US581.3
94Aerizara The Flaw of MortalityDraenor-US581.2
94Drkill DisdainDraenor-US581.2
94Ec DisdainDraenor-US581.2
94Thedead ReforgedDraenor-US581.2
98Fris DisdainDraenor-US581.1
98Xenulol Praetorian GuardDraenor-US581.1
98Torkers Drama LlamaDraenor-US581.1

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