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Draenor-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Zunjithuwa Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU574.2
2Gizzo Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU574.1
3Narity Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU573.8
4Kelindir Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU573.1
5Lamei Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU572.9
6Veilaria Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU572.7
7Slimylimbs Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU571.8
8Trilby Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU570.1
9Foolock Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU569.4
10Aventurina Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU569.2
11Dorkknight Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU568.7
12Jenthe Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU568.1
13Toastedbuns Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU568.0
14Zobou Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU566.8
15Niesas Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU563.8
16Lights Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU563.4Not updated
17Oceaner Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU562.8
18Kelbamboo Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU561.5
19Soldor Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU561.3Not updated
20Taorajo Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU560.9
21Grimé Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU559.1
22Icygirl Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU558.2
23Caytun Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU557.9Not updated
24Yanar Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU557.5Not updated
25Lahannya Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU554.5
26Kallien Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU554.3
26Wambaz Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU554.3
28Katsuk Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU553.0
29Jaffina Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU552.7Not updated
30Gurthag Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU551.8
31Xzatzin Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU549.1
32Deathdine Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU547.5Not updated
33Origami Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU546.7Not updated
33Vinxi Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU546.7
35Bomaew Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU545.7
36Thebarney Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU544.1Not updated
37Rødhull Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU543.9
38Xergolath Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU542.2
39Xinvi Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU541.6
40Faust Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU540.4Not updated
41Foudre Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU539.5
42Wildmonk Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU539.1
43Botong Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU538.1
44Kelestra Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU537.6
45Pumps Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU537.4
46Shangpoo Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU536.6Not updated
47Caýra Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU534.9Not updated
48Triwell Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU534.7
49Starblaze Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU534.2Not updated
50Crazyskíllz Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU534.1Not updated
51Pérséphone Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU533.2
52Urjin Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU531.7
53Vuzyambi Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU530.2
54Tanktop Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU530.1
54Gjinlo Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU530.1
56Buffah Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU530.0
57Resolutex Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU529.6
58Disaronno Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU529.0
59Cemalia Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU528.9Not updated
60Tuppenny Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU528.6Not updated
61Cäligulär Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU528.5
62Saffronne Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU527.8
63Veleriani Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU527.1
64Skarhead Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU525.9Not updated
65Fenkine Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU525.8
66Cromag Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU525.1Not updated
67Hullaballoo Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU525.0Not updated
68Kelajin Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU524.8
69Nokse Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU523.7Not updated
70Thebarnical Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU523.0Not updated
71Drixell Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU521.9
71Chendak Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU521.9Not updated
73Toekie Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU521.2Not updated
74Gémméll Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU520.6
75Kinomoto Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU517.3Not updated
76Aethelflaed Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU515.5Not updated
77Latido Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU513.9Not updated
78Kyoshie Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU513.6Not updated
79Arzhel Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU513.5
79Tiffer Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU513.5Not updated
81Silani Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU512.8
82Zeppa Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU512.4Not updated
83Windo Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU512.1
84Bouzo Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU511.5
85Patche Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU508.5Not updated
86Calibain Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU508.2
87Barnical Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU507.5Not updated
88Alkyl Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU507.1
89Alýria Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU506.4Not updated
90Oakenfayre Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU505.9Not updated
91Shirker Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU505.2Not updated
91Dicedream Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU505.2
93Whipsnade Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU505.0Not updated
94Hottentotti Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU504.3
95Sanguínary Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU504.0Not updated
96Bonah Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU503.6Not updated
97Gothrath Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU503.1
98Gooms Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU502.5Not updated
99Rinascita Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU502.0Not updated
100Isalda Blurry When RaidingDraenor-EU500.9Not updated

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