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Draenor-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Héavydk Ad ElysiumDraenor-EU589.5
2Peachblossom Fifth SinDraenor-EU589.1
2Healdruidess LuceDraenor-EU589.1
2Capryce Forgot to WipeDraenor-EU589.1
5Delìlah AscendanceDraenor-EU589.0
5Karqon LuceDraenor-EU589.0
5Thoríl Fifth SinDraenor-EU589.0
5Meltmachine Old SchoolDraenor-EU589.0
5Munki LuceDraenor-EU589.0
5Dakushisai LuceDraenor-EU589.0
11Samerius LuceDraenor-EU588.7
12Evilkyro LuceDraenor-EU588.6
12Voshnaak InfamyDraenor-EU588.6
12Judgee Carnage IncDraenor-EU588.6
12Warriorsarri AscendanceDraenor-EU588.6
12Gramno LuceDraenor-EU588.6
12True Forgot to WipeDraenor-EU588.6
18Xehnz Wiping As IntendedDraenor-EU588.3
18Crohuna LuceDraenor-EU588.3
18Kiraous LuceDraenor-EU588.3
18Sunshinecame LucidDraenor-EU588.3
18Nanlith MystDraenor-EU588.3
18Viano Wiping As IntendedDraenor-EU588.3
18Astur AscendanceDraenor-EU588.3
18Neurotoxìn Ad ElysiumDraenor-EU588.3
18Zuzuly The UniqueDraenor-EU588.3
18Seth LuceDraenor-EU588.3
18Lycà MystDraenor-EU588.3
29Barake AscendanceDraenor-EU588.2
29Flim AscendanceDraenor-EU588.2
29Arzashgul Old SchoolDraenor-EU588.2
29Jonner Fifth SinDraenor-EU588.2
29Renoster Fifth SinDraenor-EU588.2
29Punq Old SchoolDraenor-EU588.2
29Barradus The UniqueDraenor-EU588.2
29Ahou LuceDraenor-EU588.2
29Shinoh The UniqueDraenor-EU588.2
29Dohralsi MystDraenor-EU588.2
29Fúnx Wiping As IntendedDraenor-EU588.2
29Eiden Old SchoolDraenor-EU588.2
29Nishiva Old SchoolDraenor-EU588.2
29Ankita Old SchoolDraenor-EU588.2
29Kelráz MystDraenor-EU588.2
29Dewy MystDraenor-EU588.2
29Bobtastic Forgot to WipeDraenor-EU588.2
46Qqlimax New World OrderDraenor-EU588.0
46Kordoba LuceDraenor-EU588.0
48Affinìty InfamyDraenor-EU587.9
48Orby AscendanceDraenor-EU587.9
48Maitoz AscendanceDraenor-EU587.9
48Dicatelol Old SchoolDraenor-EU587.9
48Hoskuldur Ad ElysiumDraenor-EU587.9
48Verith Wiping As IntendedDraenor-EU587.9
48Dukuna LuceDraenor-EU587.9
48Ripfatpanda MystDraenor-EU587.9
48Steadyshots The UniqueDraenor-EU587.9
48Derwinn AscendanceDraenor-EU587.9
48Treeoflife The UniqueDraenor-EU587.9
48Berssan Wiping As IntendedDraenor-EU587.9
48Maebybabe AscendanceDraenor-EU587.9
48Aerinx The UniqueDraenor-EU587.9
48Beastlike InfamyDraenor-EU587.9
48Chambérlain Wiping As IntendedDraenor-EU587.9
48Evilltouch Fifth SinDraenor-EU587.9
48Rastislav ProminenceDraenor-EU587.9
48Ottah LuceDraenor-EU587.9
48Reiken Forgot to WipeDraenor-EU587.9
48Weakthor Fifth SinDraenor-EU587.9
48Mindjushard Forgot to WipeDraenor-EU587.9
48Beastruvall Old SchoolDraenor-EU587.9
48Thisisaknife Wiping As IntendedDraenor-EU587.9
48Freixenet LuceDraenor-EU587.9
48Vexxe Old SchoolDraenor-EU587.9
48Sshiva LuceDraenor-EU587.9
48Millithriel The PantheonDraenor-EU587.9
48Nemaneth Old DogzDraenor-EU587.9
48Perlemör Wiping As IntendedDraenor-EU587.9
48Bouwa Wiping As IntendedDraenor-EU587.9
48Aquios The UniqueDraenor-EU587.9
48Tramzh Forgot to WipeDraenor-EU587.9
48Jinzoh MystDraenor-EU587.9
48Phobic Ad ElysiumDraenor-EU587.9
48Svenoz LuceDraenor-EU587.9
48Zulhath Old SchoolDraenor-EU587.9
48Kongozuna MystDraenor-EU587.9
86Bladey Old SchoolDraenor-EU587.8
86Ragma The UniqueDraenor-EU587.8
88Derpstard Old SchoolDraenor-EU587.7
88Toiletbrush LuceDraenor-EU587.7
90Racnarage  Draenor-EU587.6
90Karnatron Old SchoolDraenor-EU587.6
92Nighthaze AscendanceDraenor-EU587.5
92Huntorz MystDraenor-EU587.5
92Stebus Forgot to WipeDraenor-EU587.5
92Gzc The UniqueDraenor-EU587.5
92Mcbean The AftermathDraenor-EU587.5
92Larentias InfamyDraenor-EU587.5
92Shroomy The UniqueDraenor-EU587.5
92Sevenzip IllusionsDraenor-EU587.5
92Fugl Wiping As IntendedDraenor-EU587.5

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