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Dentarg-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Tystnad Bad OmenDentarg-EU586.4
2Gobtain Bad OmenDentarg-EU586.0
3Darmor Bad OmenDentarg-EU585.6
3Mips Bad OmenDentarg-EU585.6
5Kazzuo Bad OmenDentarg-EU584.9
6Drakestalker Bad OmenDentarg-EU583.3
6Archstanton Bad OmenDentarg-EU583.3
8Citronsaft The Hex PistolsDentarg-EU582.4
9Ashthar Bad OmenDentarg-EU582.1
9Gicu The Hex PistolsDentarg-EU582.1
11Puddy Bad OmenDentarg-EU582.0
11Lockalike  Dentarg-EU582.0
13Darthix Bad OmenDentarg-EU580.8
14Arlena Bad OmenDentarg-EU580.4
15Bebals ConsiderationDentarg-EU580.3
16Apocalypcys The Hex PistolsDentarg-EU580.1
17Krokkodriljo ConsiderationDentarg-EU579.6
18Haraske Avatar TrustDentarg-EU579.5
19Keine Bad OmenDentarg-EU579.3
20Vejsinii Bad OmenDentarg-EU579.2
21Hanta Bad OmenDentarg-EU579.1
21Fóxxy The Hex PistolsDentarg-EU579.1
21Hazzle ConsiderationDentarg-EU579.1
24Dots Bad OmenDentarg-EU579.0
25Ofelio ConsiderationDentarg-EU578.9
26Thasillia ConsiderationDentarg-EU578.6
27Maali Bad OmenDentarg-EU577.6
28Hummelgum Bad OmenDentarg-EU577.4
29Vejsaa Bad OmenDentarg-EU577.3
30Backslash The Hex PistolsDentarg-EU577.2
31Monki Bad OmenDentarg-EU577.1
32Mattacate The Hex PistolsDentarg-EU576.6
33Kairi  Dentarg-EU576.5
34Tastina ConsiderationDentarg-EU576.3
34Coffinboffin The Hex PistolsDentarg-EU576.3
36Möonclaw PenanceDentarg-EU576.1
37Nargacuga The Hex PistolsDentarg-EU575.7
38Gorrilas Bad OmenDentarg-EU575.6
39Elvenmystery The Hex PistolsDentarg-EU575.5
40Nomesexi ConsiderationDentarg-EU575.4
41Honks Bad OmenDentarg-EU575.3Not updated
42Misslyckad ConsiderationDentarg-EU575.1
43Crave PenanceDentarg-EU574.9
44Sargonas Bad OmenDentarg-EU574.8
44Benita Bad OmenDentarg-EU574.8
46Tazc TemptedDentarg-EU574.7
47Zandig PenanceDentarg-EU574.6
48Bubisaur Bad OmenDentarg-EU574.4
49Zedisdead The Hex PistolsDentarg-EU574.1
49Spellslayer  Dentarg-EU574.1
49Felhide ConsiderationDentarg-EU574.1
52Dekio The Hex PistolsDentarg-EU574.0
53Reddiamond PenanceDentarg-EU573.6
54Önyx  Dentarg-EU573.3
54Raszagal MugetsuDentarg-EU573.3
56Yrzla ConsiderationDentarg-EU573.2
57Lancednyx FromTheGraveDentarg-EU573.1
57Firekisser Legends Of The ForgottenDentarg-EU573.1
59Stonelock ConsiderationDentarg-EU573.0
60Misslittle ConsiderationDentarg-EU572.8
60Atena PenanceDentarg-EU572.8
62Haiku PenanceDentarg-EU572.5
62Näzgul TemptedDentarg-EU572.5
64Krokkobriljo ConsiderationDentarg-EU572.3
64Grunh  Dentarg-EU572.3
66Divination Bad OmenDentarg-EU572.2
67Sinch Bad OmenDentarg-EU572.1
68Rød TemptedDentarg-EU571.8
68Mikru PenanceDentarg-EU571.8
68Locknodan The Hex PistolsDentarg-EU571.8
71Alisi  Dentarg-EU571.7
71Prednemis The Hex PistolsDentarg-EU571.7
73Earendil Bad OmenDentarg-EU571.3
74Dupuh The Hex PistolsDentarg-EU571.2
75Kanerria ConsiderationDentarg-EU570.9
75Derpkitty  Dentarg-EU570.9
77Yuzzi TemptedDentarg-EU570.7
78Horrorless Legends Of The ForgottenDentarg-EU570.6
78Juvion Bad OmenDentarg-EU570.6
80Riollu Bad OmenDentarg-EU570.3
80Swartkat The Hex PistolsDentarg-EU570.3
80Horhan ConsiderationDentarg-EU570.3
83Snehulienka ConsiderationDentarg-EU570.2
84Tyrygosa  Dentarg-EU570.1
85Genee Bad OmenDentarg-EU569.6Not updated
86Pappzh ConsiderationDentarg-EU569.5
86Tzaid PenanceDentarg-EU569.5
88Riyah PenanceDentarg-EU569.2
89Lookalike Bad OmenDentarg-EU569.0
90Terrá ConsiderationDentarg-EU568.9
90Sharlotte The Hex PistolsDentarg-EU568.9
90Rejuvinator TemptedDentarg-EU568.9
90Jinkala PenanceDentarg-EU568.9
94Grahztark PenanceDentarg-EU568.7
95Skriaga ConsiderationDentarg-EU568.6Not updated
96Roosevelt PenanceDentarg-EU568.4
97Quarg Chaos TheoryDentarg-EU568.3
98Shangshung Ðevil May CryDentarg-EU568.1
98Moonfíre TemptedDentarg-EU568.1
100Prwteas ConsiderationDentarg-EU567.7

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