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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Demon Fall Canyon-TW ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1伊織 Minutes to MidnightDemon Fall Canyon-TW596.1Not updated
2薩爾菲斯 溫馨家園Demon Fall Canyon-TW595.8Not updated
2冰沙 Minutes to MidnightDemon Fall Canyon-TW595.8Not updated
2楓色遐想 不死皇族xDemon Fall Canyon-TW595.8Not updated
5炯七 溫馨家園Demon Fall Canyon-TW595.7Not updated
5紫音之王 狗狗俱樂部Demon Fall Canyon-TW595.7Not updated
5村上 God of DragonDemon Fall Canyon-TW595.7Not updated
5Sallysly  Demon Fall Canyon-TW595.7Not updated
9Ohpipi  Demon Fall Canyon-TW595.4Not updated
9風之情 狗狗俱樂部Demon Fall Canyon-TW595.4Not updated
9把褲子穿好 Minutes to MidnightDemon Fall Canyon-TW595.4Not updated
9身高破兩米 Minutes to MidnightDemon Fall Canyon-TW595.4Not updated
9洛冰 Peace of DefiersDemon Fall Canyon-TW595.4Not updated
9鬼爪隱劍 God of DragonDemon Fall Canyon-TW595.4Not updated
15Divinity 浩劫重生Demon Fall Canyon-TW595.3Not updated
15馬吉小熊  Demon Fall Canyon-TW595.3Not updated
15華麗撞牆 魔獸學院Demon Fall Canyon-TW595.3Not updated
18癖歷大檸七  Demon Fall Canyon-TW595.2Not updated
19氣中懋  Demon Fall Canyon-TW595.0Not updated
19約翰康納 逆襲Demon Fall Canyon-TW595.0Not updated
19熊貓簡 狗狗俱樂部Demon Fall Canyon-TW595.0Not updated
22死影聖經 浩劫重生Demon Fall Canyon-TW594.9Not updated
22琥珀斷刀 God of DragonDemon Fall Canyon-TW594.9Not updated
22Lizy Minutes to MidnightDemon Fall Canyon-TW594.9Not updated
22光明怪頭 海派Demon Fall Canyon-TW594.9Not updated
26天旦之尊 不死皇族xDemon Fall Canyon-TW594.6Not updated
26死神夜引弓 Thunder StormDemon Fall Canyon-TW594.6Not updated
26濠大大牛排 God of DragonDemon Fall Canyon-TW594.6Not updated
26樹熊貓  Demon Fall Canyon-TW594.6Not updated
30鱔魚高高麵  Demon Fall Canyon-TW594.5Not updated
30無聲蕪息  Demon Fall Canyon-TW594.5Not updated
30激情遠手  Demon Fall Canyon-TW594.5Not updated
30慕蓉凝雪  Demon Fall Canyon-TW594.5Not updated
30愛啦 Minutes to MidnightDemon Fall Canyon-TW594.5Not updated
30突破音障 海派Demon Fall Canyon-TW594.5Not updated
30精準之弓  Demon Fall Canyon-TW594.5Not updated
37一迷幻一 溫馨家園Demon Fall Canyon-TW594.4Not updated
38微笑拿鐵 God of DragonDemon Fall Canyon-TW594.3Not updated
39一顰一笑  Demon Fall Canyon-TW594.2Not updated
40普魯桑邪教僧 God of DragonDemon Fall Canyon-TW594.1Not updated
40打洞之王  Demon Fall Canyon-TW594.1Not updated
40克里斯浩兒  Demon Fall Canyon-TW594.1Not updated
40我本來叫咒怨 狗狗俱樂部Demon Fall Canyon-TW594.1Not updated
40星玥楓  Demon Fall Canyon-TW594.1Not updated
40冰雪銀羽 溫馨家園Demon Fall Canyon-TW594.1Not updated
46Magnvm Peace of DefiersDemon Fall Canyon-TW593.9Not updated
46幽遊 Evil GraceDemon Fall Canyon-TW593.9Not updated
46一蒼狼一 God of DragonDemon Fall Canyon-TW593.9Not updated
49板橋山下智久  Demon Fall Canyon-TW593.8Not updated
49硬將軍 吾將Demon Fall Canyon-TW593.8Not updated
51Creed Peace of DefiersDemon Fall Canyon-TW593.7Not updated
52癖歷大檸樂 沃夫集團Demon Fall Canyon-TW593.6Not updated
52京準真武  Demon Fall Canyon-TW593.6Not updated
54楓色怒雷 首席Demon Fall Canyon-TW593.5Not updated
54酷羅諾 Minutes to MidnightDemon Fall Canyon-TW593.5Not updated
56街邊  Demon Fall Canyon-TW593.4Not updated
56變態門準門主 Evil GraceDemon Fall Canyon-TW593.4Not updated
58呆丸麻豆  Demon Fall Canyon-TW593.3Not updated
59七月夏天 End of NightmareDemon Fall Canyon-TW593.2Not updated
59欖椒桃大髮濕 溫馨家園Demon Fall Canyon-TW593.2Not updated
61祈祈術士 魔鬼軍團Demon Fall Canyon-TW593.1Not updated
61回憶那時  Demon Fall Canyon-TW593.1Not updated
63咪嚕咪嚕楓 溫馨家園Demon Fall Canyon-TW593.0Not updated
64迪米特  Demon Fall Canyon-TW592.9Not updated
64Nanamizuki  Demon Fall Canyon-TW592.9Not updated
64Consulhawk God of DragonDemon Fall Canyon-TW592.9Not updated
64Mehandsome God of DragonDemon Fall Canyon-TW592.9Not updated
68西佬闆 無情屠殺Demon Fall Canyon-TW592.8Not updated
69南極冬甩 End of NightmareDemon Fall Canyon-TW592.7Not updated
69戀小希  Demon Fall Canyon-TW592.7Not updated
71Jerryng God of DragonDemon Fall Canyon-TW592.6Not updated
72五福臨門 魔獸學院Demon Fall Canyon-TW592.5Not updated
72几米的樹葉  Demon Fall Canyon-TW592.5Not updated
72瘋狂基友 End of NightmareDemon Fall Canyon-TW592.5Not updated
72名指亂亂取 幸福天堂Demon Fall Canyon-TW592.5Not updated
72鳳凰羽 一土 匪 窩一Demon Fall Canyon-TW592.5Not updated
77沒魔囉 不死皇族xDemon Fall Canyon-TW592.4Not updated
77Sta iDream TxDemon Fall Canyon-TW592.4Not updated
77蒼白之骨  Demon Fall Canyon-TW592.4Not updated
80堡爺 闇夜星光Demon Fall Canyon-TW592.3Not updated
80雪落無聲  Demon Fall Canyon-TW592.3Not updated
80柩小夜 不死皇族xDemon Fall Canyon-TW592.3Not updated
80倉木悠 幸福天堂Demon Fall Canyon-TW592.3Not updated
84色影師 魔獸學院Demon Fall Canyon-TW592.2Not updated
85薩靈 God of DragonDemon Fall Canyon-TW592.1Not updated
85Davidst 寒冰霸權Demon Fall Canyon-TW592.1Not updated
85花森小桃 Minutes to MidnightDemon Fall Canyon-TW592.1Not updated
85大影帝蒼騎士  Demon Fall Canyon-TW592.1Not updated
85恐懼的浪漫 Thunder StormDemon Fall Canyon-TW592.1Not updated
85Woobiboy 不死皇族xDemon Fall Canyon-TW592.1Not updated
91欣夜舞  Demon Fall Canyon-TW592.0Not updated
91姬小潼 Thunder StormDemon Fall Canyon-TW592.0Not updated
91一凰呀一 溫馨家園Demon Fall Canyon-TW592.0Not updated
94癖歷大檸水 沃夫集團Demon Fall Canyon-TW591.9Not updated
94不讓妳睡 幸福天堂Demon Fall Canyon-TW591.9Not updated
94Resurgam God of DragonDemon Fall Canyon-TW591.9Not updated
94訊影殺手 God of DragonDemon Fall Canyon-TW591.9Not updated
98東瀧 溫馨家園Demon Fall Canyon-TW591.8Not updated
98加藤  Demon Fall Canyon-TW591.8Not updated
98小芸兒騎士 魔鬼軍團Demon Fall Canyon-TW591.8Not updated

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