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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Deathwing-KR ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1데오바인 BLUE OCEAN DEATHWINGDeathwing-KR597.3Not updated
1드루쫑이 살펴보기그만좀해줄래 부럽냐 마우스치워라Deathwing-KR597.3
1블링스톤 I Trouble Maker IDeathwing-KR597.3Not updated
1Blmaster PlayerDeathwing-KR597.3Not updated
1만월을기리며 mcDeathwing-KR597.3Not updated
1프리스트무드 IXDeathwing-KR597.3Not updated
7Tenure NoDDang HordesDeathwing-KR597.2Not updated
8곽정은 ThugZ MansionDeathwing-KR597.1Not updated
9Smite 소머리교Deathwing-KR596.9Not updated
9Bansoest 살펴보기그만좀해줄래 부럽냐 마우스치워라Deathwing-KR596.9
11소울엠페러 전문 고고학자Deathwing-KR596.5
11란테트 빵굼터Deathwing-KR596.5
11원상화  Deathwing-KR596.5
11적이다도망쳐 U CanT C MeDeathwing-KR596.5Not updated
11모리스화이트 입와우 좀비들Deathwing-KR596.5Not updated
11Ahmin 둔 촌 동Deathwing-KR596.5Not updated
11잇츠아워히어로즈  Deathwing-KR596.5Not updated
11심방벽 So Far So GoodDeathwing-KR596.5Not updated
11드루지지 The DripperDeathwing-KR596.5Not updated
11엔디숫자 NoDDang HordesDeathwing-KR596.5Not updated
11Ritsan 살펴보기그만좀해줄래 부럽냐 마우스치워라Deathwing-KR596.5
11Coolenjoy PlayerDeathwing-KR596.5
11야만푸딩 PlayerDeathwing-KR596.5
11불굴의 꼬챙마트Deathwing-KR596.5
11Destino 봄날Deathwing-KR596.5Not updated
11데오곰 BLUE OCEAN DEATHWINGDeathwing-KR596.5Not updated
11고은아 ThugZ MansionDeathwing-KR596.5
28은하수주술 은하수연합Deathwing-KR596.1Not updated
28큐티제니 mcDeathwing-KR596.1Not updated
28Thruster 미안하다 누나 생각보다 나이 많다Deathwing-KR596.1Not updated
28방구아티스트 빵굼터Deathwing-KR596.1
28냥낭냥낭냥낭냥낭 미안하다 누나 생각보다 나이 많다Deathwing-KR596.1Not updated
28스카이드루 NEO GenesisDeathwing-KR596.1Not updated
28쫑쫑히 살펴보기그만좀해줄래 부럽냐 마우스치워라Deathwing-KR596.1
28강녁뽄드 Back to the Old SchoolDeathwing-KR596.1
28슈크림악마 빵굼터Deathwing-KR596.1Not updated
28기사린츠 Stranger Than ParadiseDeathwing-KR596.1Not updated
28전쟁노래광전사 길드냥Deathwing-KR596.1
28케루악 싹쓰리파Deathwing-KR596.1Not updated
28클레마티스 하 루 애Deathwing-KR596.1Not updated
28페네르바체 봄날Deathwing-KR596.1
28Warnews Fist Of FuryDeathwing-KR596.1Not updated
28생초보드루이드 널보면 내 맘이 아파Deathwing-KR596.1Not updated
28Grimzo L I F EDeathwing-KR596.1Not updated
28Olga 용가리통뼈Deathwing-KR596.1Not updated
28회베 OMGDeathwing-KR596.1
28불굴으 꼬챙마트Deathwing-KR596.1
28눈물은 ThugZ MansionDeathwing-KR596.1
28썬더에이지 IXDeathwing-KR596.1
28장돌진 ZODIACDeathwing-KR596.1Not updated
28폐인화랑 싹쓰리파Deathwing-KR596.1Not updated
28새래니스 소원Deathwing-KR596.1
28개의시체 Back to the Old SchoolDeathwing-KR596.1
54전사김뽀뽀 Warlords of DraenorDeathwing-KR596.0
54매뜨 미안하다 누나 생각보다 나이 많다Deathwing-KR596.0Not updated
56Sol ZeNDeathwing-KR595.8Not updated
56히스토리안 여보우리레이드관두고타우렌키우며농사나짓고살아요Deathwing-KR595.8Not updated
56Draco ZeNDeathwing-KR595.8Not updated
56Continuum  Deathwing-KR595.8Not updated
56핑크제니 mcDeathwing-KR595.8Not updated
56폭대불 ZODIACDeathwing-KR595.8Not updated
56뽀끄 막가는세상Deathwing-KR595.8Not updated
56샤를로아 mcDeathwing-KR595.8Not updated
56참여우 레드문Deathwing-KR595.8Not updated
56생초보성기사 하 루 애Deathwing-KR595.8Not updated
56Veelzebub  Deathwing-KR595.8Not updated
56펠미스트 와이번조련사Deathwing-KR595.8Not updated
56저수지의개들 ZODIACDeathwing-KR595.8Not updated
56조레인 입와우 좀비들Deathwing-KR595.8Not updated
56닛산느 살펴보기그만좀해줄래 부럽냐 마우스치워라Deathwing-KR595.8
56영심너구리 NoDDang HordesDeathwing-KR595.8Not updated
56Areslluna PlayerDeathwing-KR595.8
56만취푸딩 PlayerDeathwing-KR595.8
56야수포 RosencreutzDeathwing-KR595.8Not updated
56다크샤잉 A re SDeathwing-KR595.8Not updated
56로즈혼 봄날Deathwing-KR595.8Not updated
56마법사김뽀뽀 Warlords of DraenorDeathwing-KR595.8Not updated
56다이버강 ZODIACDeathwing-KR595.8Not updated
56고대의불꽃 불 꽃Deathwing-KR595.8Not updated
56흑마법사김군 누나를 쓰러뜨린 자Deathwing-KR595.8Not updated
56김새롱 So Far So GoodDeathwing-KR595.8
56엘루나리안 미안하다 누나 생각보다 나이 많다Deathwing-KR595.8Not updated
56오빠스타일 IXDeathwing-KR595.8Not updated
56동생스타일 IXDeathwing-KR595.8Not updated
56카츠라코토노하 살펴보기그만좀해줄래 부럽냐 마우스치워라Deathwing-KR595.8Not updated
56Erill 살펴보기그만좀해줄래 부럽냐 마우스치워라Deathwing-KR595.8
56김성미 대답해 미친게 아니라고Deathwing-KR595.8Not updated
56저주가너의육체를 길드냥Deathwing-KR595.8Not updated
56카초콩 mcDeathwing-KR595.8Not updated
56잉기잉기 꼬챙마트Deathwing-KR595.8
56개뒤 살펴보기그만좀해줄래 부럽냐 마우스치워라Deathwing-KR595.8
56수도가 IXDeathwing-KR595.8Not updated
56랜서 ZODIACDeathwing-KR595.8Not updated
56대꿀 HedonistDeathwing-KR595.8Not updated
56생초보전사 널보면 내 맘이 아파Deathwing-KR595.8Not updated
56Kekeby mcDeathwing-KR595.8Not updated
56Akai mcDeathwing-KR595.8Not updated
56아기쟈기별님 ThugZ MansionDeathwing-KR595.8
56Shadowblades PlayerDeathwing-KR595.8Not updated
56날개핀고자왕 Abas N ShoutDeathwing-KR595.8Not updated

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