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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Deathwing-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Crelam PúlseDeathwing-US590.2Not updated
2Halfamazing Red StaggerDeathwing-US589.5Not updated
3Pokadut Red StaggerDeathwing-US589.4Not updated
4Gnkd PixelatedDeathwing-US588.8Not updated
5Tacomaster ARE YOU KIDDING MEDeathwing-US588.7Not updated
6Sozoh Red StaggerDeathwing-US588.6Not updated
7Damarisalynn PixelatedDeathwing-US588.4Not updated
7Nightwish Unbridled ApathyDeathwing-US588.4Not updated
7Beastr ARE YOU KIDDING MEDeathwing-US588.4Not updated
7Vincorus Red StaggerDeathwing-US588.4Not updated
11Delonius Red StaggerDeathwing-US588.3Not updated
11Valandrea ARE YOU KIDDING MEDeathwing-US588.3Not updated
11Jister Red StaggerDeathwing-US588.3Not updated
11Asunder Red StaggerDeathwing-US588.3Not updated
15Grims PúlseDeathwing-US588.2Not updated
15Milkmanx Red StaggerDeathwing-US588.2Not updated
15Volgaia Red StaggerDeathwing-US588.2Not updated
15Darkzyrklord Red StaggerDeathwing-US588.2Not updated
15Simplejakk Red StaggerDeathwing-US588.2Not updated
20Iyzbel PixelatedDeathwing-US588.0Not updated
20Darkkaos PúlseDeathwing-US588.0Not updated
22Vincerus InertiaDeathwing-US587.9Not updated
22Alori Red StaggerDeathwing-US587.9Not updated
22Expërt Red StaggerDeathwing-US587.9Not updated
22Caleron PúlseDeathwing-US587.9Not updated
22Twixsz PúlseDeathwing-US587.9Not updated
22Graíven Red StaggerDeathwing-US587.9Not updated
22Durgga ARE YOU KIDDING MEDeathwing-US587.9Not updated
29Nootau Red StaggerDeathwing-US587.5Not updated
29Sillygurl InertiaDeathwing-US587.5Not updated
29Dyami InertiaDeathwing-US587.5Not updated
29Confine Red StaggerDeathwing-US587.5Not updated
29Yoshy Red StaggerDeathwing-US587.5Not updated
29Seyge Red StaggerDeathwing-US587.5Not updated
35Ithaka PixelatedDeathwing-US587.2Not updated
35Docdominion Thunder BilliesDeathwing-US587.2Not updated
35Elementzerø ARE YOU KIDDING MEDeathwing-US587.2Not updated
38Zanzuri PúlseDeathwing-US587.1Not updated
38Rakshassa PúlseDeathwing-US587.1Not updated
38Rutherferd ARE YOU KIDDING MEDeathwing-US587.1Not updated
38Aethilus PixelatedDeathwing-US587.1Not updated
38Ultimate DiscordDeathwing-US587.1Not updated
38Wynds PúlseDeathwing-US587.1Not updated
38Lefftnut ARE YOU KIDDING MEDeathwing-US587.1Not updated
38Meníon PúlseDeathwing-US587.1Not updated
38Shupani Red StaggerDeathwing-US587.1Not updated
38Amarelis PixelatedDeathwing-US587.1Not updated
48Negrato ARE YOU KIDDING MEDeathwing-US586.8Not updated
48Keepdreaming InertiaDeathwing-US586.8Not updated
48Leonidas PixelatedDeathwing-US586.8Not updated
48Víndicated PúlseDeathwing-US586.8Not updated
48Scivation PúlseDeathwing-US586.8Not updated
48Mineko PixelatedDeathwing-US586.8Not updated
54Lerdon PúlseDeathwing-US586.7Not updated
54Saturnèin PúlseDeathwing-US586.7Not updated
54Sentra The ORLY FactorDeathwing-US586.7Not updated
54Ellan InertiaDeathwing-US586.7Not updated
54Arcticzêro ARE YOU KIDDING MEDeathwing-US586.7Not updated
54Auyadi Red StaggerDeathwing-US586.7Not updated
54Kurral ARE YOU KIDDING MEDeathwing-US586.7Not updated
54Noix PixelatedDeathwing-US586.7Not updated
62Pharmakeiá Red StaggerDeathwing-US586.6Not updated
62Yokai Red StaggerDeathwing-US586.6Not updated
62Hankhill DiscordDeathwing-US586.6Not updated
62Kitténsmash PúlseDeathwing-US586.6Not updated
66Limit Legen WAIT FOR ITDeathwing-US586.4Not updated
66Saralin PixelatedDeathwing-US586.4Not updated
66Smexyheala Red StaggerDeathwing-US586.4Not updated
66Smexysap Red StaggerDeathwing-US586.4Not updated
66Frobozz PúlseDeathwing-US586.4Not updated
66Derfsmash ARE YOU KIDDING MEDeathwing-US586.4Not updated
72Hankscorpio InertiaDeathwing-US586.3Not updated
72Raiu Red StaggerDeathwing-US586.3Not updated
72Narama PúlseDeathwing-US586.3Not updated
72Chivver PúlseDeathwing-US586.3Not updated
72Barkshunt PixelatedDeathwing-US586.3Not updated
72Stackeddeck Thunder BilliesDeathwing-US586.3Not updated
78Exante ARE YOU KIDDING MEDeathwing-US586.1Not updated
79Zakru Red StaggerDeathwing-US586.0Not updated
79Fethris PixelatedDeathwing-US586.0Not updated
79Dorck ARE YOU KIDDING MEDeathwing-US586.0Not updated
79Arkarku PixelatedDeathwing-US586.0Not updated
83Tyrandras InertiaDeathwing-US585.9Not updated
83Iceyshock Red StaggerDeathwing-US585.9Not updated
83Sacredhero Weekend WarriorsDeathwing-US585.9Not updated
83Martheral Legen WAIT FOR ITDeathwing-US585.9Not updated
87Fjeenzy Quit Your JobDeathwing-US585.7Not updated
88Dirtycambo InertiaDeathwing-US585.6Not updated
88Ricepaddy Red StaggerDeathwing-US585.6Not updated
88Clvd PixelatedDeathwing-US585.6Not updated
88Rowdy PúlseDeathwing-US585.6Not updated
88Promised ARE YOU KIDDING MEDeathwing-US585.6Not updated
88Alternity Red StaggerDeathwing-US585.6Not updated
94Cordrenn PúlseDeathwing-US585.5Not updated
94Capturedsoul ARE YOU KIDDING MEDeathwing-US585.5Not updated
94Belaganor PúlseDeathwing-US585.5Not updated
94Neckrotic InertiaDeathwing-US585.5Not updated
94Icynips Thunder BilliesDeathwing-US585.5Not updated
99Helfury PixelatedDeathwing-US585.4Not updated
99Pallyránger PixelatedDeathwing-US585.4Not updated

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