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Dark Iron-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Pillsberry ThrustDark Iron-US588.3
1Cobee ThrustDark Iron-US588.3
3Ashmore ThrustDark Iron-US587.9
3Bopcommander ThrustDark Iron-US587.9
3Chonchzilla ThrustDark Iron-US587.9
3Methanize ThrustDark Iron-US587.9
3Êxo ThrustDark Iron-US587.9
3Ibandit Gag ReflexDark Iron-US587.9
9Bangarrang Gag ReflexDark Iron-US587.5
9Neurlock ThrustDark Iron-US587.5
9Holyslayer ThrustDark Iron-US587.5
9Midiañ ThrustDark Iron-US587.5
9Shirasa ThrustDark Iron-US587.5
14Tyrnyx Gag ReflexDark Iron-US587.1
14Hardtix ThrustDark Iron-US587.1
14Acertante ThrustDark Iron-US587.1
14Dahno ThrustDark Iron-US587.1
14Humorplz Gag ReflexDark Iron-US587.1
14Cheebaa ThrustDark Iron-US587.1
14Skillzson ThrustDark Iron-US587.1
21Superstar  Dark Iron-US586.8
21Irule ThrustDark Iron-US586.8
21Angistar ThrustDark Iron-US586.8
21Atomicb AxisDark Iron-US586.8
21Athená AxisDark Iron-US586.8
21Venith Gag ReflexDark Iron-US586.8
21Elzar ThrustDark Iron-US586.8
28Klimmers AxisDark Iron-US586.7
28Oskee ThrustDark Iron-US586.7
28Nypheria Gag ReflexDark Iron-US586.7
31Mariaka ThrustDark Iron-US586.5
32Kuruptions JuggernautDark Iron-US586.4
32Cangri Gag ReflexDark Iron-US586.4
32Quesadillia ThrustDark Iron-US586.4
32Ocêanus ThrustDark Iron-US586.4
36Sereanth AxisDark Iron-US586.3
36Andaloryna ThrustDark Iron-US586.3
38Lediv Gag ReflexDark Iron-US586.2
39Zettsuei AxisDark Iron-US585.9
39Aujirnuhm ThrustDark Iron-US585.9
41Nerifes ThrustDark Iron-US585.7
42Yarini ThrustDark Iron-US585.6
42Micàh AxisDark Iron-US585.6
44Mooga ThrustDark Iron-US585.5
44Hecklr AxisDark Iron-US585.5
46Slugger Gag ReflexDark Iron-US585.3
47Gewitter AxisDark Iron-US585.2
47Hogar Gag ReflexDark Iron-US585.2
47Neevyn ThrustDark Iron-US585.2
47Ricklan AxisDark Iron-US585.2
47Erlyne AxisDark Iron-US585.2
52Tortellini ThrustDark Iron-US585.1
52Milade AxisDark Iron-US585.1
54Chipmonk AxisDark Iron-US584.9
55Cendanwo Strong Like BearDark Iron-US584.8
56Daahno ThrustDark Iron-US584.7
56Odus AxisDark Iron-US584.7
58Kelandros Knights of ArcadiaDark Iron-US584.6
58Forcefaith  Dark Iron-US584.6
60Teska BleaChDark Iron-US584.5
60Grif Gag ReflexDark Iron-US584.5
60Mariketa AxisDark Iron-US584.5
63Hovy Gag ReflexDark Iron-US584.4
64Kaylith AxisDark Iron-US584.3
65Oranges ThrustDark Iron-US584.2
65Amaristo Strong Like BearDark Iron-US584.2
67Rayband Gag ReflexDark Iron-US584.1
67Josiewales Knights of ArcadiaDark Iron-US584.1
67Beyonçe EternityDark Iron-US584.1
70Bahalnd Gag ReflexDark Iron-US584.0
71Eviloldgnome  Dark Iron-US583.9
72Narva The RebellionDark Iron-US583.8
72Griip Knights of ArcadiaDark Iron-US583.8
74Jane Gag ReflexDark Iron-US583.7
74Magpagaling  Dark Iron-US583.7
76Heartlily Strong Like BearDark Iron-US583.6
77Ellecee Gag ReflexDark Iron-US583.5
78Ltsmash ThrustDark Iron-US583.3
79Kaathe Gag ReflexDark Iron-US583.2
80Frostraven Strong Like BearDark Iron-US583.1
80Lilthief  Dark Iron-US583.1
80Reighven AxisDark Iron-US583.1
80Droodpile Gag ReflexDark Iron-US583.1
84Eyebtrollin ThrustDark Iron-US582.9
85Syrenseven Gag ReflexDark Iron-US582.5
86Nightslayer ThrustDark Iron-US582.4
87Vanesha Knights of ArcadiaDark Iron-US582.3
87Kahlan Gag ReflexDark Iron-US582.3
89Dagoober Knights of ArcadiaDark Iron-US582.1
89Insy ThrustDark Iron-US582.1
89Postrnutbag EternityDark Iron-US582.1
89Shizamus EternityDark Iron-US582.1
89Phagemage EternityDark Iron-US582.1
89Seks ThrustDark Iron-US582.1
95Sarry EternityDark Iron-US581.8
95Wulfric ThrustDark Iron-US581.8
97Feoress ThrustDark Iron-US581.7
97Nicholas Gag ReflexDark Iron-US581.7
99Lyudmilà Gag ReflexDark Iron-US581.6
99Cárty EternityDark Iron-US581.6

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