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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Dalaran-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Skwodrun OuroborosDalaran-US589.5Not updated
2Alliedon KaizenDalaran-US589.2Not updated
3Ultimusmagus OuroborosDalaran-US589.0Not updated
4Raf LegitimateDalaran-US588.8Not updated
5Sarcows OuroborosDalaran-US588.7Not updated
5Busey OuroborosDalaran-US588.7Not updated
7Pericolo ReloadDalaran-US588.4Not updated
7Softblanket KaizenDalaran-US588.4Not updated
7Spiritshock ReloadDalaran-US588.4Not updated
7Bellanca KaizenDalaran-US588.4Not updated
11Incìnerate ReloadDalaran-US588.3Not updated
12Gordygohard ReloadDalaran-US588.0Not updated
12Crysus Victorious LegionDalaran-US588.0Not updated
12Rawkus  Dalaran-US588.0Not updated
15Magedogg OuroborosDalaran-US587.9Not updated
15Hathora OuroborosDalaran-US587.9Not updated
17Paksanghyuk OuroborosDalaran-US587.8Not updated
18Karadoros Rabid PandasDalaran-US587.6Not updated
18Daluran Crimson Moon RisingDalaran-US587.6Not updated
20Berisha KaizenDalaran-US587.5Not updated
20Bujai OuroborosDalaran-US587.5Not updated
20Bladejay KaizenDalaran-US587.5Not updated
20Obeygiant Natural AffinityDalaran-US587.5Not updated
20Hurst KaizenDalaran-US587.5Not updated
20Bilbolagins ReloadDalaran-US587.5Not updated
20Piscary OuroborosDalaran-US587.5Not updated
20Shumiao KaizenDalaran-US587.5Not updated
28Eragonia The Great AdventureDalaran-US587.2Not updated
28Sweetsong ReloadDalaran-US587.2Not updated
30Kidster OuroborosDalaran-US587.1Not updated
30Krusnik OuroborosDalaran-US587.1Not updated
30Lifesaver ReloadDalaran-US587.1Not updated
30Elidra KaizenDalaran-US587.1Not updated
30Obscuris ReloadDalaran-US587.1Not updated
30Lilim KaizenDalaran-US587.1Not updated
30Scarletwitch OuroborosDalaran-US587.1Not updated
37Nymerias KaizenDalaran-US586.8Not updated
37Káli KaizenDalaran-US586.8Not updated
39Pérseus OuroborosDalaran-US586.7Not updated
39Varagon SpartansDalaran-US586.7Not updated
39Beefcakess Natural AffinityDalaran-US586.7Not updated
39Chillaayy AscendDalaran-US586.7Not updated
39Hetoric ReloadDalaran-US586.7Not updated
39Thorple Natural AffinityDalaran-US586.7Not updated
39Skulcracker ReloadDalaran-US586.7Not updated
39Grtwhthunter ReloadDalaran-US586.7Not updated
47Vaalyn OuroborosDalaran-US586.6Not updated
48Shanananana KaizenDalaran-US586.4Not updated
48Realysm ReloadDalaran-US586.4Not updated
50Gadjetz Six Feet UnderDalaran-US586.3Not updated
50Hylete ReloadDalaran-US586.3Not updated
50Serene Moment of SilenceDalaran-US586.3Not updated
50Misao Crimson Moon RisingDalaran-US586.3Not updated
50Cammy KaizenDalaran-US586.3Not updated
50Regency ReloadDalaran-US586.3Not updated
50Yomike AscendDalaran-US586.3Not updated
50Leval ReloadDalaran-US586.3Not updated
58Cöffee OuroborosDalaran-US586.2Not updated
58Seliza  Dalaran-US586.2Not updated
60Iceyviens LegitimateDalaran-US586.0Not updated
60Sunã OuroborosDalaran-US586.0Not updated
60Seteh First Point AriesDalaran-US586.0Not updated
63Ezzyz Crimson Moon RisingDalaran-US585.9Not updated
63Weatherlight Hammer Of ArthasDalaran-US585.9Not updated
63Alvin ReloadDalaran-US585.9Not updated
63Synthetics KaizenDalaran-US585.9Not updated
63Dascius Dawn SlayersDalaran-US585.9Not updated
63Sýndromè ReloadDalaran-US585.9Not updated
69Tacocostume Crimson Moon RisingDalaran-US585.8Not updated
69Vizionary OuroborosDalaran-US585.8Not updated
71Rougeenlight Natural AffinityDalaran-US585.6Not updated
71Vixnix Six Feet UnderDalaran-US585.6Not updated
71Iliketurtlês Crimson Moon RisingDalaran-US585.6Not updated
71Callmehoss ReloadDalaran-US585.6Not updated
71Symphøny LegitimateDalaran-US585.6Not updated
76Jakegylnheal KaizenDalaran-US585.5Not updated
77Berbet First Point AriesDalaran-US585.4Not updated
77Réign KaizenDalaran-US585.4Not updated
79Barial OuroborosDalaran-US585.3Not updated
79Skittypoiu Natural AffinityDalaran-US585.3Not updated
81Annjacreed ReloadDalaran-US585.2Not updated
81Trelawny Rabid PandasDalaran-US585.2Not updated
81Wat AscendDalaran-US585.2Not updated
81Elörie First Point AriesDalaran-US585.2Not updated
81Urugly Crimson Moon RisingDalaran-US585.2Not updated
81Rhymetrinla KaizenDalaran-US585.2Not updated
87Ðarko First Point AriesDalaran-US585.1Not updated
87Gulmen LegitimateDalaran-US585.1Not updated
87Inostus LegitimateDalaran-US585.1Not updated
87Jhanos Crimson Moon RisingDalaran-US585.1Not updated
87Frostypriest Crimson Moon RisingDalaran-US585.1Not updated
92Destrom KaizenDalaran-US585.0Not updated
92Skidzboppest ReloadDalaran-US585.0Not updated
92Tanimal OuroborosDalaran-US585.0Not updated
92Windscythe Six Feet UnderDalaran-US585.0Not updated
92Lunaea Natural AffinityDalaran-US585.0Not updated
92Devspriest ReloadDalaran-US585.0Not updated
98Zoka OuroborosDalaran-US584.9Not updated
98Viridious LegitimateDalaran-US584.9Not updated
98Soulédge ReloadDalaran-US584.9Not updated

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