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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Dalaran-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Vaniilia Larmes de HadèsDalaran-EU593.0Not updated
2Hazap Bloody TearzDalaran-EU591.5Not updated
3Dànny Bloody TearzDalaran-EU589.4Not updated
3Blazphem Larmes de HadèsDalaran-EU589.4Not updated
5Khaldie AndrasteDalaran-EU589.1Not updated
5Aans Larmes de HadèsDalaran-EU589.1Not updated
7Dydymøuth AndrasteDalaran-EU588.8Not updated
7Tueurdeff CreepDalaran-EU588.8Not updated
7Caøs Aho MatsuriDalaran-EU588.8Not updated
7Draïken Aho MatsuriDalaran-EU588.8Not updated
11Ëlde Larmes de HadèsDalaran-EU588.6Not updated
11Aryes Larmes de HadèsDalaran-EU588.6Not updated
13Wày Aho MatsuriDalaran-EU588.4Not updated
13Deewan Larmes NébuleusesDalaran-EU588.4Not updated
13Kaylïs Bloody TearzDalaran-EU588.4Not updated
13Levríette Triad InfiniteDalaran-EU588.4Not updated
13Missadique Total FracassDalaran-EU588.4Not updated
13Tisman Bloody TearzDalaran-EU588.4Not updated
13Remaelthas CreepDalaran-EU588.4Not updated
13Meishi ApothéøseDalaran-EU588.4Not updated
21Azallie Bloody TearzDalaran-EU588.3Not updated
21Áshh lapin røseDalaran-EU588.3Not updated
21Karambolage Heroes SanctuaryDalaran-EU588.3Not updated
21Valkotiikeri Larmes de HadèsDalaran-EU588.3Not updated
21Nomade Larmes de HadèsDalaran-EU588.3Not updated
21Rûkya KnockoutDalaran-EU588.3Not updated
21Èowyne Bloody TearzDalaran-EU588.3Not updated
21Caliban Larmes de HadèsDalaran-EU588.3Not updated
21Qaashor Bloody TearzDalaran-EU588.3Not updated
30Bàbàs Larmes de HadèsDalaran-EU588.2Not updated
30Júne Larmes de HadèsDalaran-EU588.2Not updated
30Júnette Larmes de HadèsDalaran-EU588.2Not updated
33Krystia Chirurgiens De La MortDalaran-EU588.0Not updated
33Vayne Game WoverDalaran-EU588.0Not updated
33Lûffÿy KnockoutDalaran-EU588.0Not updated
36Henrickk Bloody TearzDalaran-EU587.9Not updated
36Toghar Larmes de HadèsDalaran-EU587.9Not updated
36Castoramix Larmes de HadèsDalaran-EU587.9Not updated
36Mythos Bloody TearzDalaran-EU587.9Not updated
36Kalinox  Dalaran-EU587.9Not updated
36Sïltor ApothéøseDalaran-EU587.9Not updated
36Ghorzak CreepDalaran-EU587.9Not updated
36Eléäna ApothéøseDalaran-EU587.9Not updated
44Pattraque La Horde de DalaranDalaran-EU587.8Not updated
45Nymfea ApothéøseDalaran-EU587.6Not updated
45Flingboy AdasträDalaran-EU587.6Not updated
45Nonio Larmes de HadèsDalaran-EU587.6Not updated
45Trikshop ElyzionDalaran-EU587.6Not updated
45Lugarf CreepDalaran-EU587.6Not updated
45Laziia Bloody TearzDalaran-EU587.6Not updated
51Xalltesse Blood and burstDalaran-EU587.5Not updated
51Dastol KnockoutDalaran-EU587.5Not updated
51Zulardos La Horde de DalaranDalaran-EU587.5Not updated
51Vaxxym Larmes de HadèsDalaran-EU587.5Not updated
51Keytann Larmes de HadèsDalaran-EU587.5Not updated
51Wythel AndrasteDalaran-EU587.5Not updated
51Kenseii Larmes de HadèsDalaran-EU587.5Not updated
51Hâva ApothéøseDalaran-EU587.5Not updated
51Alfonsio Bloody TearzDalaran-EU587.5Not updated
51Gridbårg Red WeddingDalaran-EU587.5Not updated
51Lÿxae Aho MatsuriDalaran-EU587.5Not updated
51Arkandae ExøsDalaran-EU587.5Not updated
51Örion Larmes de HadèsDalaran-EU587.5Not updated
51Serrandras Bloody TearzDalaran-EU587.5Not updated
51Dotoupas KnockoutDalaran-EU587.5Not updated
66Patifafa Larmes de HadèsDalaran-EU587.4Not updated
66Naylz Bloody TearzDalaran-EU587.4Not updated
68Aodren AndrasteDalaran-EU587.2Not updated
68Yshue ApothéøseDalaran-EU587.2Not updated
68Turrican AndrasteDalaran-EU587.2Not updated
68Ehvn Aho MatsuriDalaran-EU587.2Not updated
68Choriz Blood and burstDalaran-EU587.2Not updated
68Bookh Heroes SanctuaryDalaran-EU587.2Not updated
74Gimliseur VirusDalaran-EU587.1Not updated
74Pheñix ElyzionDalaran-EU587.1Not updated
74Laelis Aho MatsuriDalaran-EU587.1Not updated
74Klimou AndrasteDalaran-EU587.1Not updated
74Élinore Larmes de HadèsDalaran-EU587.1Not updated
74Malcoo ExøsDalaran-EU587.1Not updated
74Starfall AndrasteDalaran-EU587.1Not updated
74Klyvian Larmes de HadèsDalaran-EU587.1Not updated
74Tihocan La Horde de DalaranDalaran-EU587.1Not updated
74Elaïa Larmes de HadèsDalaran-EU587.1Not updated
74Lumí Les Gardiens du LysDalaran-EU587.1Not updated
74Heïsenbërgg KnockoutDalaran-EU587.1Not updated
74Leemubaï Larmes de HadèsDalaran-EU587.1Not updated
74Arctôsa Larmes de HadèsDalaran-EU587.1Not updated
74Krysî AndrasteDalaran-EU587.1Not updated
74Suzukaze AndrasteDalaran-EU587.1Not updated
74Amändra AndrasteDalaran-EU587.1Not updated
74Sybarïte Bloody TearzDalaran-EU587.1Not updated
74Daïmôn RebelionDalaran-EU587.1Not updated
74Sõly Bloody TearzDalaran-EU587.1Not updated
74Furäax Bloody TearzDalaran-EU587.1Not updated
74Ärämis Larmes de HadèsDalaran-EU587.1Not updated
74Darkberu TransfugeDalaran-EU587.1Not updated
97Khorkan AndrasteDalaran-EU586.9Not updated
98Noraliam Larmes de HadèsDalaran-EU586.8Not updated
98Didji Larmes de HadèsDalaran-EU586.8Not updated
98Wolforis Larmes de HadèsDalaran-EU586.8Not updated

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