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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Crystalpine Stinger-TW ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Tyozs 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW595.8Not updated
2Chante 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW595.7Not updated
3天空致遠 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW595.4Not updated
4Fayea 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW595.0Not updated
4玄尛魚 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW595.0Not updated
4諸神的黎明 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW595.0Not updated
7怒風西元 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW594.9Not updated
7潔琋雅 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW594.9Not updated
7閃開我來射 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW594.9Not updated
7寂寞相伴 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW594.9Not updated
7她是自願的 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW594.9Not updated
12Sharice 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW594.8Not updated
13Sharleen 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW594.5Not updated
13愛莉希拉 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW594.5Not updated
13薩斯貝爾 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW594.5Not updated
16影后的逆襲 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW594.4Not updated
17黑大嬸 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW594.3Not updated
18撒妮亞克 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW594.2Not updated
18浩瀚繁星 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW594.2Not updated
18Destrucion 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW594.2Not updated
18靈魂佔據 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW594.2Not updated
18鹹魚沒死 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW594.2Not updated
18Superm9CA0C7 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW594.2Not updated
24葬月鳳舞 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW594.1Not updated
24Hunterwolf 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW594.1Not updated
24Mistia 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW594.1Not updated
24傳承榮耀 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW594.1Not updated
28地獄暴風 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW593.9Not updated
29熊猫燒稥 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW593.8Not updated
29Shadowpan 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW593.8Not updated
31潔希雅 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW593.7Not updated
32火舞龍騰 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW593.6Not updated
33公輸宇 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW593.5Not updated
34喬巴滿賽 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW593.3Not updated
35你敢再蠢點嗎 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW593.1Not updated
36影帝的逆袭 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW593.0Not updated
37巨龍狩獵 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW592.9Not updated
38Jadd 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW592.8Not updated
38中華嬌子 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW592.8Not updated
40Angilcus 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW592.7Not updated
41Myohom 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW592.5Not updated
42Shariah 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW592.4Not updated
42靜夜星晨 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW592.4Not updated
44咫尺回憶 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW592.3Not updated
45災難的使者 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW592.2Not updated
46誰說我很粗 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW592.1Not updated
47五仗光牢 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW591.9Not updated
47憨豆大媽 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW591.9Not updated
47Assfairy 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW591.9Not updated
47Tyana 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW591.9Not updated
51Tpzshtyh 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW591.6Not updated
52嗑藥 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW591.4Not updated
53玄魚未央 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW591.1Not updated
54Dcontinue 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW590.7Not updated
55晴天喵喵 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW590.6Not updated
56衛愛 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW590.2Not updated
56湘妹紙 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW590.2Not updated
58乜爾只若初見 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW590.1Not updated
58錵錵幼稚園 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW590.1Not updated
58Huntermemory 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW590.1Not updated
61Reddington 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW590.0Not updated
62Angilcuss 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW589.5Not updated
63鳳舞雲翔 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW589.1Not updated
64惡魔贊禮 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW589.0Not updated
65狐美美 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW588.5Not updated
66Superlucky 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW588.2Not updated
66漂泊的閃電箭 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW588.2Not updated
68按套路出牌 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW587.5Not updated
68Fy 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW587.5Not updated
68風雅殘影 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW587.5Not updated
71美樹焰 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW587.4Not updated
71雙面北野武 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW587.4Not updated
71媚魔的翅膀 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW587.4Not updated
74貝莉瑪德什 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW587.3Not updated
75Tigerbee 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW587.2Not updated
76珍塔瑪莎誒 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW587.0Not updated
77小小奶薩 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW586.9Not updated
77Windysa 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW586.9Not updated
79Rinoaheart 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW586.7Not updated
80毒島伢子 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW586.6Not updated
81牧裏尼奧 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW586.5Not updated
82一朵嬌椛 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW585.7Not updated
83萌萌的泡泡兒 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW585.6Not updated
84你說什麽 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW585.5Not updated
85沉默的賊 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW584.5Not updated
86牛蹄花 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW584.1Not updated
87我忘記説了 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW583.8Not updated
88絕對能扛上 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW583.7Not updated
89凹凹曼 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW583.2Not updated
90九幽小怪 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW583.0Not updated
91小小軟妹子 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW582.2Not updated
92迪斯尼叁代 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW582.0Not updated
93Jokerface 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW581.9Not updated
93絕對能插上 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW581.9Not updated
93菲麗莎 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW581.9Not updated
96火晶雪燼 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW581.8Not updated
97熊貓阿姨 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW581.7Not updated
97還差一點點 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW581.7Not updated
99Hunterroll 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW581.6Not updated
100空空翼 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW581.5Not updated

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